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Jul 25, 2016 9:06 AM ET

Archived: Fiber International exports debarked of Southern Yellow Pine logs via containers into the Asian marketplace (China & Vietnam).

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2016

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FiberInternational LLC

Jacksonville, FL 32218, US

Fiber International exports debarked of Southern Yellow Pine logs via containers into the Asian marketplace (China & Vietnam). To date, Fiber has shipped 3500+ containers of debarked SYP (totaling in excess of 228,000 SYP logs/100,000m³).

Debarking is the most common style of log export operation utilized both in New Zealand and the Pacific Northwest from where large quantities of softwoods are exported every year. By removing the bark, we (i) load 10% more wood into each container (versus exporters that fumigate); and (ii) recapture 40% of the cost of the bark by selling it to an industrial mulch operation.

Furthermore, the cost of debarking is significantly less expensive than fumigation and, most importantly, we avoid any environmental and regulatory issues resulting from the use of Methyl Bromide. Under the Montreal Protocol and Clean Air Act, the EPA has banned the use of Methyl Bromide in the United States except for critical use exemptions (saw logs are not a part of that exemption).

Since we began operating in late November 2013, Fiber International has experienced exceptional growth and shipped in excess of 3500+ containers to customers in China and, more recently, Vietnam. Based upon this export volume, Fiber International continues to be the largest container exporter in the Jacksonville area and the largest log exporter along the East coast.

In 2016, Fiber International plans to double its annual exports to over 3600 containers. Although the majority of this volume will be delivered to its customers in China, Fiber has been exploring other potential SYP log export markets such as Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines in Asia along with the UAE and Dubai in the Middle East.

Products / Services

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) log exports

Containerized shipments of SYP logs primarily into Asia (China & Vietnam).



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Brian Morrison


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