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Jul 22, 2016 5:27 PM ET

Archived: Weighitz: Weigh Smarter – Miniature smart scales designed to weigh anything in the home

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2016

Weighitz: Weigh Smarter

Weighitz are miniature smart scales designed to weigh anything in the home.

About this project

Weighitz are smart, portable, modular and high precision. They can be used individually or combined to weigh just about anything.

Use Weighitz as a single scale or as a set. Alone, they are ideal for home kitchen use. When combined, a set of Weighitz can weigh heavier or more oddly shaped objects.

A set of Weighitz can replace all your home weighing scales. Weighitz have no platform, so you’re no longer constrained by size or shape. Calibrate any container to weigh whatever you like. Need to weigh your Labrador? Turn their dog bed into a smart scale. 

Weighitz are designed to be easy to use. Just squeeze on, place them under whatever you need to weigh, open the app and begin weighing.

Weighitz output to the Weighitz smartphone app. The app makes weighing smart and simple.


When using more than one Weighitz, the app will combine the readings from all the scales into a single reading.

We have been amazed at the number of suggestions for Weighitz applications. We encourage backers to tell us how Weighitz might solve one of their weighing problems. Here are the top apps we have created so far: All of the below are part of the main Weighitz app.

App Examples

App Examples


Sensitive enough to weigh herbs and spices. They also have a wide range, so you can weigh heavy things like flour and rice. Planning a party for twenty guests? Combine Weighitz to weigh just about anything. Weighitz can do a lot of other cool things, like convert metric to imperial units. Even convert non-standard units like cups to grams.

Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale


The Weigh-Anything app allows the user free range over Weighitz. Users can see the combined reading. The readings from each Weighitz or even the raw uncalibrated units. The Weigh anything app is ideal for those with unique weighing needs, below are a few of our favorite uses.

  • Pet, baby & infant Scale – Turn the bed into a scale
Weigh pets and babies with ease

Weigh pets and babies with ease
  • Sample Scale (compare sample weights in real time)
Compare Samples

Compare Samples
  •  Weigh Packages (0-270lb)
Weigh Packages

Weigh Packages


The app connects to a large database that contains the nutritional content of a wide range of foods. This data displays when weighing and records the nutrients in each meal.

Portion Control

Portion Control
  •  Portion control is vital for those on strict diets, like athletes and diabetics. 
  • The portion control app will integrate with a larger health application – including – calorie and diet recommendations.
  • This will also be integrated into the automatic baking and smoothie making apps – with healthy recipe alternative and suggestions (update 1).

Combine Weighitz, to create a portable smart body scale.

Weigh yourself or family members

Weigh yourself or family members
  • The body weight app will allow tracking of your weight, BMI and will eventually be part of the healthy living app – this app will combine with the kitchen and automatic baking app to suggest healthy ways to achieve weight loss, gains or more specific goals – like muscle building. 

Our luggage app turns your whole suitcase into a smart weighing scale.

Weigh Luggage

Weigh Luggage

See the weight adjust in real-time as you pack your luggage. Receive a warning when approaching baggage limits.

We are building apps based on the needs of our backers. In addition to the above-mentioned apps, we are producing two cool new apps our backers will love:  

Automatic Baking:

Baking based on weight is a simple yet precise method of baking. We are creating an app that will contain a variety of recipes based on the automatic baking concept. 

Smoothie Maker/Cocktail Maker:  

Like automatic baking. Follow simple weight-based recipes for delicious and healthy cocktails and smoothies.

What’s your favourite?

We love to hear from our backers. We are going to take a poll after the campaign to determine our backers favorite apps. Then make them a reality.

When an object is placed on the surface, the top layer deforms. Weighing sensors under the cover detect slight deformations in the material.The force experienced by each Weighitz is measured and sent to the smartphone.

Depending on the app module you choose, the individual weights, combined weight or just raw readings can be viewed.

Single Scale        ____________________        Set of Weighitz
Single Scale ____________________ Set of Weighitz

We designed Weighitz to be attractive in any kitchen whilst being sturdy enough to be thrown in a gym bag.

We have optimized the dimensions to be sleek enough to fit into your pocket. A wide enough surface to hold the average kitchen plate/bowl & high enough to hold up a fabric suitcase

0.90″/2.3cm high – Required to keep larger pots/bowls and fabric suitcases from touching the ground when weighing.  

3.19″/8.1 cm Wide – Designed to be wide enough for a single unit to hold an average sized plate, bowl, large glass.

Designed for use in the kitchen and on the go. Weighitz are water resistant to IP4 level. This means you can wash them with a wet sponge but not submerge them in water.

The miniature design and magnetic base make for easy storage. Place them on the fridge for easy access.

Low power consumption and high capacity batteries combine so you rarely have to recharge. When required, plug in the micro USB cable and attach to your computer or wall socket. An indicator will light up when charged.

Micro-indents in the top and bottom surfaces make Weighitz non-slip. This makes it easy to place larger dishes on Weighitz with confidence.

BLE allows communication between the Weighitz and your smart device. BLE uses little energy which gives Weighitz a long battery life. BLE has a large range (approx 100m) which allows for remote weighing.




Each Weighitz scale can weigh a wide range of weights with high accuracy and resolution. Each Weighitz can weigh up to 90lb with a resolution of 0.0002lb. 

Range and Resolution
Range and Resolution



 project video thumbnail

Place a weight on a Weighitz and it sends that measurement to our application on your smart device. Our app will display the readings in both metric and imperial units. 

 project video thumbnail

Weighitz connects to your smart device through Bluetooth low energy (BLE). This allows us to connect multiple devices at once.

 project video thumbnail


Each Weighitz will come in a choice of colors. Red, Blue, Green and Black. 

Choose a single color or a variety of colors for sets. You will then receive.

 A set of Weighitz will come with a single micro USB cable and plug. Request extras during the post-campaign survey. 





Alan Kelly, is a clinical physicist and product developer. Having more than ten years experience in the medical field. He has now turned his mind to product development. Alan has advanced degrees in physics. He is also a graduate of the Intel & Haas School of business hardware development programs.

Dr. Poornima Kumar, is a world renowned neuroscientist and engineer. Poornima spends most of her time trying to understand the mechanisms behind depression. She still loves building things and used her engineering skills to help develop Weighitz.

 “We’ve been at this for a while: we came up with the idea for Weighitz two years ago and, green but enthusiastic, jumped into Kickstarter. That didn’t work out, but since then we’ve pushed forward all the way to LA, bringing the product to the TBS show America’s Greatest Makers. We were selected as one of the top 24 makers in the USA and got the support and advice of U.C. Berkeley, Haas School of Business, and some of Intel’s best engineers. With their help, we’ve developed this to the point that we’re finally happy and ready for a full product launch.”

Original Product Video:

 project video thumbnail

We spent a long time refining and testing Weighitz.



 And finally came up with an amazing product. 

Now we need your backing to help us bring this product to life and mass manufacture – so don’t forget to take advantage of our excellent early bird prices and back us now.





Risks and challenges

“There are risks and challenges in all hardware projects, but we are mitigating them by working with some excellent manufacturing consultants.

For instance, our devices use Bluetooth and will need certification in all the regions we sell in. Certification is government run so can often be a complex process, we are minimizing these issues through careful engineering processes. There are also challenges in manufacturing and supply chain logistics, and there is always a chance that unexpected changes or issues may arise during the execution. But we are more than confident in our amazing manufacturer, who has extensive experience with kitchen and home products.”

Contact Information:

Alan Kelly

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