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Jul 22, 2016 12:00 PM ET

Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat: California droughts, 3 times demand to supply organics and the Chinese market opening to high-demand for Canadian organics present a ripe market opportunity for BC organic farms

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2016

Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat Logo

Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat

Cawston, BC V0X1C3, Canada
Consumer Products

92% of California is in its 4th year of extreme drought, set to continue for up to decades. BC imports 70%+ of its produce from California, 86% of its salad greens. Coupled with 3 times demand to supply, now is the time to invest in BC organic farms.

With California experiencing record droughts, anticipated to continue for possibly decades, and over 70% of BC produce being imported from California, including over 86% of our organic salad greens, coupled with general demand for organics increasing rapidly with 3 times demand to supply, and the Chinese market opening to high-demand for Canadian organics, this presents a ripe market opportunity for BC organic farms.

Acquisition of land, buildings, equipment & business -fully operational and profitable 50-acre certified organic farm in South Okanagan, B.C. with well-established distribution channels in the greengrocer networks across BC and Alberta. The property is easily accessible by highway, making it ideal for crop transportation, only 45 min from US border, and optimally located on the wine country trail, an incredibly popular tourist destination, recently voted the #2 wine region in the world.

Security includes real estate assets with strong valuation to protect investors.

Currently operating at adjusted 45% margin, strong efficiencies. Takeover includes rapid expansion – engaging other farmers to grow product on our behalf, leveraging already established, distribution channels, cold storage, shipping and distribution. Farm is a hub for shipping and distribution, and bringing our total cultivated acres to 350 in our first 3 years, up to 500 acres.

Acquisition includes land, buildings, equipment & business, a new off-grid (solar/geothermal) 6,000 sq. ft. Wellness Retreat that would open Summer 2015.

Our expansion plans are to follow a similar model to Earthbound Farms, a US organics producer, who recently had a $600 million exit.

Current operations team will work in perpetuity to allow for a seamless transition, preservation of operations efficiencies, and overall success.

Acquiring an existing operation, we also maintain the strong reputation, quality of product and relationships in the organics industry.

Products / Services

Organic Produce: Core Business

Organic Produce – Beets, carrots, onions, shallots, sunchokes, cabbage, squash, parsnips (all highly predictable and low risk crops)
Greenhouse products – peppers, lettuce, etc
Farm to Wholesale Distribution – direct distribution to large scale green grocers in BC & Alberta
Farm to Retail Distribution – farm-to-chef table & farm-to-retail distribution with high margin offerings
Expansion initiatives – CPG market for farm goods (ie. mixed salad greens boxes, preserves, organic baby food, etc)
Exports – China and/or US markets possibility past 2018 year strategy (export distribution channels already in place)
Centralized production for neighbouring farmers to process goods for distribution through our established green grocer chains & retail fruit stand. Production facility for our own product.

Eco-Retreat: Wellness & Agri-Tourism

The Thompson Okanagan is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. In 2010 tourism generated over $1.7 billion to the regional economy, attracting 3.5 million visitors per year & growing.

Accommodations (6 bedroom Bed & Breakfast with expansion plans to add 10 eco-cottages) for tourists in our off-grid Eco-retreat with naturopathic & wellness services, detoxification programs, rejuvenation & reconnection to nature.
Specialized programs for detoxification, brain health, vitamin therapy and general wellness (2 day – 21 day programs), working in collaboration with Agora Wellness Centres programs
Alternative health therapies
Farm & sustainability education – farm tours, education on organic farming
Participation Programs for Global Students – room and board provided for students to apply for, stay and work on farm.
Events – local musicians, Harvest Dinners in fields, corporate retreats, team building retreats, hosting yoga retreats and other events on-site

CPG – Farm to Retail Branded Products

Utilizing our strong distribution relationships to launch organic salad greens – global brand with regional distribution model, working with micro-farm locations. This is a unique offering – keeping delivery within 100 mile radius, maintaining nutritive value of product, supporting local farmers & immediate path to market.

First product in 2015 is organic, mixed salad greens. Currently, Canada imports over 86% of our salad greens from the US market. Organic salad greens have 39% of the market share in the organic pre-packaged goods market, in BC alone, this market segment is almost double the national average. This presents a unique opportunity for our green grocers to support local farms & for us to disrupt the US pre-packaged salad greens market.

Smart Farm Software and Net Zero Greenhouse Technology

Integrating seed-to-sale software in a collaborative relationship with a farm management software firm to provide a dashboard platform for investors, management and customers in 3 phases:
* Phase I: allows customers to interface and track their product back to the field/date picked by entering barcode information. Ensuring freshness of product;
* Phase II: farm management software for operations team (automation controls linked to iphone applications & more). Increasing efficiencies and tighter management controls through expansion;
* Phase III: investor integration – through dashboard functionality, investors can track real-time progress of inventory levels, sales contracts and farm conditions.

Greenhouse technology – net zero water/net zero energy greenhouse tech for our salad greens division. Prototype already successfully executed in New York, re-engineering for Western Canada climate and base-model to be constructed as part of our salad greens launch.



Chief Executive Officer
Krystine McInnes

Krystine McInnesWith over 11 years’ in sustainable development, finance & high-level project management, law, strategic planning & financial feasibility, 10 years’ in Chief Executive function. Krystine is a highly strategic thinker & visionary. Conscious of the triple bottom line (Planet, People, Profit), she is fiercely committed to creating efficient, profitable business models that are holistic, sustainable, nurture the planet & focused in Urban Farming/Urban Agr integration. She was one of the youngest ever members of T.E.C., a high-level CEO program & has chaired the board for the Economic Development Committee & Chamber of Commerce.
She has been the CEO of BNS Lakeshore Developments from 2004 – 2013 when she left that role to start her own firm, dedicated to creating sustainable projects.

Her first role was at the age of 23 when she successfully co-founded, designed, equity-raised, financed & built a $5 million development & has since been running budgets from $1.2 million to $25 million.

Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Tumbach

Thomas TumbachThomas Tumbach is an innovative and hard-working entrepreneur from the Okanagan region, with a double-major degree in Agriculture and Sustainable Land & Food Systems from UBC, having graduated with honours. Thomas has spent most of his life involved with farming, and has helped to develop numerous local food distribution networks that connect organic farmers with consumers in the Interior regions of BC.

He is highly experienced with a strong reputation in the local community and has been integrated into the property for the past few years. He is an excellent farm manager and visionary.

Thomas believes that the current paradigm shift towards “knowing where our food comes from” ultimately stands to benefit our society as a whole, because as people spend more time growing, cooking and eating together, the more likely they are to be happy and healthy. Thomas is also enjoys playing music, and is the founder of the non-profit Jam Camp Society.

Consulting Operations
Lorne Barker

Lorne Barker: Relief Foreman

Lorne is a Superintendent with Tolko Industries & has been with Tolko for over 30 years, having started in his early teens working the line at the sawmill. Lorne is incredibly well-respected as a site superintendent & has been running the Lumby Tolko mill as a key executive for decades. He is nearing early retirement & will be providing relief management, key managerial insights & operations support to the farm team over the summer seasons and as me move into rapid growth and scale of operations.

Director Marketing
Jenn Lowther

Jenn LowtherJenn is an award-winning digital marketing strategist with over eight years of experience in corporate and campaign strategy at some of North America’s leading digital agencies.

Coupled with her experience in social and mobile marketing, Jenn’s business admin credentials and degree in Business and Economics from Simon Fraser University contribute to her stellar track record in traditional online marketing and analytics strategy.

Consulting Operating Officer
George Manz

George is the current owner of the farm, who we are acquiring the property from. George will stay on for 1 year in a consulting position to facilitate the transition of the farm operations to our team. In addition to facilitating a smooth transition of the operations, he will continue to be available in an advisory & mentorship capacity to ensure the healthy transition, growth and transition of current client relationships. His knowledge of the property, farming & business operations will be invaluable moving forward.

General Business Development
Chris Rowland

Chris RowlandAgri-tourism
Chris has strong experience in tourism, business development and community building. She currently operates a farm to table culinary enterprise delivered in creative partnerships with wineries, attractions, community events and corporations/NGO’s. She is a Food, Wine & Culinary Tourism Development Contributor & Facilitator.

With International, National, Regional and Local Experience in:
Economic & Strategic Development
Community Planning, Development & Capacity Building
Business Development and Consulting
Marketing & Special Events Management
Partnership Development & Facilitation

In her previous role Business Development Bank of Canada she managed large multi-disciplinary consulting team and positioned wide ranging business development programs and consulting contracts across the Thompson, Okanagan and Yukon including ISO, Aboriginal Economic Development and Community Planning; Strategic and Marketing Planning and HR Management.

Acting/Interim Financial Officer
David Goldsmith

David GoldsmithActing/Interim CFO

David founded Goldsmith & Poulos with Peter Poulos in 2004. The two were formerly accounting associates at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, where David focused on tax planning for corporations and individuals.

David continues to specialize in providing financial and tax advice to clients, including in buying and selling businesses. His easy-going and friendly approach creates a comfortable relationship with clients. He also has a knack for explaining potentially complex issues in an uncomplicated way. David’s philosophy is that taxes should not be taxing.

David graduated from UBC with a BA in History. An interest in finance took him back to school to obtain a diploma in Financial Management at BCIT, and soon after he obtained his CA designation in 1998.

Director Physician/Medical Officer
Maggie Gold

DIrector – Wellness Clinic/Operations/Management Maggie has diverse business experience in project and business development, strategic planning, consulting, marketing and promotion, real estate development, specializing in hotel and health facilities in the tourism and hospitality industries.
She has a degree in Nutritional Medicine from the UK, and founded and operated the first natural and integrated health clinics in Madeira, Portugal as well as consulting for clinics in South Africa, Spain, Lisbon, and the UK.
Maggie has been involved with a holistic web magazine, the Social Entrepreneur Society, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, and One Earth Radio and Broadcasting, developing a new model of health delivery.
She was Chair of Health and Wellness for the Institute for Ethical Leadership, as well as founder of the Integrated Medical Association of B.C.

Consulting Advisor
Peter Doig, MSc, PAg (Associate)

Peter Doig, MSc, PAg (Associate)Peter is a Professional Agrologist with over thirteen years of experience in bio-resource engineering and organic agriculture. He specializes in the development of crop-specific growing media and soil fertility and the development of bio-process technology for horticulture, composting, wastewater treatment and nutrient reclamation and reuse. From 2006 through 2010, Peter directed a team of six scientists and engineers to develop the growing technology for the largest organic greenhouse producer in North America. This work focused mainly on the development of bio-processes and bio-products as well as integration of organic growing processes into an intensive greenhouse environment. In parallel, Peter consulted to commercial production on four remote sites for a total of 40 acres of high-tech organic production.


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