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Jul 22, 2016 3:07 PM ET

490 Entertainment: Seasoned real estate investor with a “minor” in gentlemen’s club operations looking to create a small empire of actual gentlemen’s clubs in strategic locations beginning in New York

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2016

490 Entertainment

Smithtown, NY 11787, US

I’m a seasoned real estate investor with a “minor” in gentlemen’s club operations. I’m merging the two talents and looking to create a small empire of actual gentlemen’s clubs in strategic locations beginning in New York. None of the investments will be lease-hold clubs….all will be equitable real estate with an attached gentlemen’s club that will be turned into an efficient revenue machine. The goal is to create “double-threats”, or equity strong real estate with a consistant revenue stream boasting a 35-45% annual profit margin for long term viability while building a brand and reputation on the way. Gentlemen’s clubs are mathematically consistant, almost recession proof, and predictable from a projection standpoint as long as you are able to read and adapt the golden rules to the club’s current surroundings. Each club has a numerical ($) annual gross capacity which is given to you by the fire marshall in the form of the maximum patron capacity….It’s that clear and much easier to obtain than operators make it look. The ultimate business goal is to create a high class “chain” in desireable geographical surroundings and focus on maintaining a steadfast commitment to keeping revenues at club capacity and meanwhile compounding smart real estate equity. It’s very similar to the approach of Rick’s Cabaret uses but on a much smaller per investment goal. Instead of looking for 15,000 square feet in Manhattan for 10Mil minimum, I’d target surrounding areas with 50,000 plus cars per week traffic flow, median incomes, real estate market stability, and initially target gross investments to full operation at under 3Mil….there are plenty of deals out there right now that are at 60% or less PTV, with equity there for the taking .Alot of these already have a 500k+ revenue streams. How many other business/real estate combos can you think of with all these safety and upside attributes?? Lose the words “titty bar” or “strip club”….let’s re-create the Gentlemen’s Club.


Products / Services

Gentlemen’s Club & Commercial Real Estate Investment Packages

Sound real estate investments with on-site high revenue stream potential for long term holding and wealth building.



President Operations
Shawn Dare

I’m a hands-on owner operator. I won’t hand on management until at least the 3rd property is operational and at that time I will start departmentalizing and build a board of managers.

Contact Information:

President Operations - Shawn Dare

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