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Jul 21, 2016 8:04 AM ET

Archived: TRIANGLE COLLECTION – HIGH QUALITY ASSEMBLING FURNITURE: Our design philosophy is to only produce solid wood furniture that is completely collapsable. All our furniture pieces can be packed away when you need to move.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2016


Triangle Collection - High quality assembling furniture

About this project



With an understanding of our current, fast and modern way of living our design philosophy is to only produce solid wood furniture that is completely collapsable. All our furniture pieces can be packed away when you need to move. We believe that sustainable solid wood furniture is the future of furniture production. Rather than wasting and buying a new piece every other year, your investment should be done only once and done correctly. Our mission is to make well designed, comfortable, beautiful furniture that you can carry with you wherever you go.

You don’t need a glue or a screwdriver to put the parts together. Legs just enter into wooden stiffeners and the whole assembling process lasts 15 seconds.

Triangle Chair
Triangle Chair


Triangle Table L
Triangle Table L


Triangle Table XL
Triangle Table XL


Our Triangle collection represents a new way of living. It is a combination of modern design, natural materials and a high level of practicality.

Man always returns to nature. That’s why our furniture is based exclusively on natural materials of the highest quality. Solid wood furniture represents exclusivity and classic in furniture design. We are always trying to make a relation between traditional and modern design. In that way we combine the power of the past with visions of the future.

There’re many reasons why assembling furniture is better solution than the regular furniture:  

  • You can put it in your closet when you no longer need it.
  •  Easy to move to a new apartment. 
  •  Cheap and fast shipping anywhere in the world.

We’re always trying to find the best way for our assemblable structure. All our models looks great even when they’re dismantled.

We invested a lot of time and energy to have 5 key segments in every piece of our furniture. 

  • Best Design 
  • High quality materials 
  • Asseblable structure 
  • Comfort 
  • Stability 

 All our models of dismantling furniture can be assembled within minutes. Digital cutting and demanding programs allow us to make parts that fit into each other with maximum precision. Besides mechanical cutting, all parts of our furniture are hand sanded, painted or stained.

For our production, we’re using ash tree. Ash tree is considered to be the best for furniture production. It is very strong and gives numerous processing capabilities and possible finishes. 

Triangle Chair Stained
Triangle Chair Stained


Triangle Table Stained
Triangle Table Stained


First-class finishing of our wooden elements is something that we pay special attention. All parts are carefully processed before applying the final protective strain.


Solid wood furniture fits easily into all types of interior designs and gives warmth and joy to the space.

 Our chief designer, French architect Charlie Pommier made sure that every piece of our furniture has a unique, beautiful and distinctive design developed in France.

Charlie Pommier
Charlie Pommier

 If you like our concept and want to change the philosophy of furniture production, please back this project. 

Thank you all! We can’t do it anything without your help! 

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