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Jul 21, 2016 1:33 PM ET

Archived: Tony G Pizza Ovens – Portable backyard wood fired oven

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2016

Tony G Pizza Ovens

Portable backyard wood fired oven.

Short Summary

Tony’s Pizza Ovens was created out of the love for family and good quality food. Our love for Pizza and wood-fired foods started the development of a regular sized portable oven that creates one of the best Pizzas you’ll ever make.  Giving you a way to cook high-end quality foods in your own backyard.  You’ll never go out for Pizza again.  

  • I’m Tony G, my family and I want you to be able to enjoy cooking in your backyard as much as we have.
  • We’ve designed and tested our portable backyard wood fired oven and we’re ready for the next step.
  • It’s time to get our wood fired ovens into production with your help.

What We Need & What You Get

Reaching our goal of $125,000.

  • Will allow us to finish R&D on our 1st generation oven.
  • Manufacture a sizable inventory to bring our oven to the general public.
  • Develop a marketing program for large box stores.  i.e. Home Depot, Costco, Sam’s Club.
  • Set up a warehouse to store inventory for fast and easy delivery.
  • We’ve got perks from personal pizza peels all the way up to letting us cook for you  in your very own Tony G Pizza oven.
  • Every dollar raised will go into the final development and manufacturing of our 1st 100 units.

The Impact

  • When you select a Tony’s Pizza Oven Perk, you will receive one of the finest outdoor ovens on the market.
  • Smaller Perks will include some of the best recipes for anything from pizzas, steaks, to roasted vegetables and salmon.  
  • We have successfully created (what we feel) is the most user-friendly outdoor oven available today.   
  • Our passion in delivering the highest quality oven and the best possible food recipes to our Contributors is truly Tony’s Pizza Ovens mission.

Risks & Challenges

Our biggest challenge is creating a market that currently does not exist.  There are many outdoor options for cooking food, most revolving around the grill, not an oven.  We have created an option that has been accepted by all those we have cooked for and sold several of our unique oven and interest around Tony’s Pizza Ovens is growing.  This gives us the confidence we need to formalize Tony’s Pizza Ovens as the leader into a new market.  

Other Ways You Can Help

For those who are interested in Tony’s Pizza Ovens but cannot contribute all we ask is that you forward this campaign to as many people as possible.  We will appreciate any and all of your support and can add you to our email list for updates.  We look forward to delivering  Tony’s Pizza Ovens quarterly progress reports everyone interested.












Contact Information:

Tony Goiburn

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