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Jul 21, 2016 1:03 PM ET

Archived: Randy’s Remedy products include oral health supplements and topical skin creams. When taken together, they support a healthy inflammatory response by providing both systemic benefit and immediate relief to affected areas.

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Randy’s Remedy

San Diego, CA 92014, US


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Randy’s Remedy

Randy’s Remedy products include oral health supplements and topical skin creams. When taken together, they support a healthy inflammatory response by providing both systemic benefit and immediate relief to affected areas.
The leading causes of age-related declines in quality of life are neurological and inflammatory conditions. Chronic inflammatory conditions are often incurable and their symptoms are treated with a variety of prescribed drugs. Over half of those who suffer will turn to complementary and alternative treatments (CAM) to relieve symptoms and reduce the severity their conditions.
The challenge of managing these conditions with CAM is a leading market opportunity. GR&S Inc. was formed to take advantage of that opportunity by creating botanically complete cannabinoid products that deliver effective dietary cannabinoids, along with essential terpenes to support a healthy inflammatory response and central nervous system. Our unique ingredient is Cannaka.



Vice President
Linda Strause

Linda StrauseI bring a 360 degree perspective to the drug development industry. I have served as a principal investigator, a senior level manager, as a vice president, as in a senior level position within the biotechnology industry, as chair of an independent hospice and palliative care IRB. I have worked in the pharmaceutical development industry for over 25 years and have held senior positions in a variety of functional areas.

My broad experience includes operational planning as well as global accountability for developing and managing clinical sites. In those roles I developed and implemented processes to ensure efficient and timely approvals, contract and budget negotiations, and compliance with both ethical and data privacy regulations.

My unique senior-level experience in the biotech, CRO and site segments of the pharmaceutical development industry has enabled me to develop winning enterprise strategies for providers to conduct high quality and cost-effective clinical research.

Tyler Strause

Tyler StrausePrior to founding GR&S, Tyler gained experience and knowledge of advanced botanical extraction and analytical techniques alongside Ph.D. analytical and physical chemists. In 2012 Tyler founded Randy’s Club, a California non-profit serving the needs of qualified patients participating in the California State Medical Marijuana Program. Recognising that most medical cannabis products are non-standardized, have few quality controls, and are often laden with significant side effects due to the psychoactive effects of THC, he conducted extensive research about the effects of cannabinoids and became a “subject matter expert”, ultimately producing RC 1:1. Tyler continues his work to ensure safe, affordable access to medical marijuana as a board member of ARMA, the Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access. ARMA works with local elected officials, patients and the community to find common ground and build a broad consensus around the principles of safe, affordable access to medical marijuana.

Brendon Strause

Brendon StrauseBrendon Strause is the Co­Founder of G. Randall and Sons, Inc. Brendon worked to develop processes and documentation to ensure smooth operations during the launch of the company. As Managing Director, his responsibilities include devising and maintaining all corporate systems, maintaining and updating websites and internal databases, managing and maintaining budgets and invoicing, and overseeing the growth of the company as it pertains to new hires and resources.
Prior to GR&S, he joined his brother, Tyler, at Randy’s Club, a non­profit under the California State Medical Marijuana Program. Brendon’s responsibilities included managing the resources, educating members of Randy’s Club, and overseeing the documentation and finances for the organization. This required developing extensive knowledge regarding both the science of cannabis and the unique process of extraction. Brendon continues his advocacy by being on the board of Monterey County NORML.


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Linda Strause

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