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Jul 20, 2016 6:06 AM ET

Archived: An online shopping destination that focuses on style-conscious women. Lolli Couture gives customers the best of both worlds, combining the low prices of Asian companies with the friendly and fast service of US companies.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 20, 2016

Lolli Couture

An online shopping destination that focuses on style-conscious women.



Customers are the heart of Lolli Couture, and we believe that they deserve the latest and greatest fashions and the best online shopping experience available. We offer low prices on the latest trends, friendly customer service, and fast and reliable shipping.

Lolli Couture gives customers the best of both worlds, combining the low prices of Asian companies with the friendly and fast service of US companies.


Online shopping is amazingly convenient, but it isn’t perfect. Online shoppers know that there are two kinds of online retailers, and both have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

  • Online China retailers:

Sure, the prices are low, but so is the quality of the products. Not to mention, the shipping is frustratingly slow and the customer service is non-existent. If you have no problem with waiting a month to receive a product that will fall apart after one wash, then this is the way to go

  • Online US retailers:

Online shoppers seeking high quality products and exceptional service tend to select US-based online retailers. This option allows shoppers to purchase products that will last, and it provides customers with fast shipping and easy returns. However, all of this comes at a cost, which is reflected in higher prices.

Until now, customers had to choose between these two less than ideal options.

Lolli Couture is changing this by combining low prices with quality products, fast shipping, and great service.


Lolli Couture is trying to combine both advantages from China and US e-commerce competitors which is definitely doable. 

Most of start-up e-commerce business in China will not keep any inventory. They will rely on cheap logistics inside China (which is about 1-2 days) and vast amount of China manufacturers and doing buy-as-go model.

The good thing is that the website can easily keep up very big amount of product catalog but very low overhead and cheap cost.

The bad thing is that since they do not really have inventory. The product may be not as described or out of stock when they have orders. And also they won’t offer any return. Even the shipping cost they offer could be cheap but very unreliable.

Most of the successful US competitors must offer fast shipping and easy return. And since we have more easier access to more variaties of marketing channels, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram…

However, US sourcing will have higher pricing. And faster and more reliable shipping need all products must be in stock which will increase more business overhead.

Lolli Couture is giving customers the best of both worlds by offering the hottest styles at low prices, and throwing in high quality, fast shipping, and great service. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s Lolli Couture!

Lolli Couture is able to combine the pricing of Asian companies with the service and quality of US companies, because:


At Lolli Couture, we’re proud to be different from other online retailers. From our lower prices and higher quality to our faster shipping and better customer service, we’re happy to stand out in the crowd.

Take a look at the Lolli Couture difference:

We have a better inventory system and more sourcing connections. Lolli Couture’s inventory system is mature, and we have reliable logistic and sourcing channels. This results in a supply chain that’s effective and efficient.

We have an experienced team. Our team includes the Founder of AMIClubwear.com and the former SEO Director of Milanoo.com. Lolli Couture benefits from our team’s vast experience in logistics, operations, and marketing.

We provide a variety of quality products with low costs and fast shipping. Lolli Couture believes that providing quality products and a satisfying shopping experience promotes brand loyalty and trust. We want lifelong customers, not one-time customers.


Lolli Couture was founded in 2012, with our website launching in March 2014. Since then, we’ve reached some impressive milestones.

Lolli Couture’s accomplishments are impressive, but it’s only the beginning. We want to continue to grow, and become a go-to online retail destination for the latest fashions at the best prices.

Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where Lolli Couture is going and how you can help us get there.


Hugh is a busy man. As COO, he’s in charge of daily operations and all company systems for Lolli Couture. As the Founder of AMIClubwear.com, Hugh has extensive experience in managing online retail sites. He also has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Colvin is Lolli Couture’s Marketing Director. In this role, Colvin lets the world know about Lolli Couture by running our SEO campaigns and managing our online marketing. He has vast experience with marketing, as the former SEO Director of Milanno.com. Colvin has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics.

Angela is Lolli Couture’s Purchasing Manager and President. She handles purchasing and sourcing of our products. This law school graduate has 10 years of fashion purchasing experience.

Alfonso is Lolli Couture’s Art Director, and he handles control and graphic design issues. Lolli Couture benefits from his 10 years of graphic design experience and 5 years of photography experience.

Amibeth is responsible for Lolli Couture’s social media and public relations. Having once handled PR and purchasing for J-Valentine, Amibeth has 7 years of fashion purchasing experience.

Contact Information:

Hugh Hu - COO

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