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Jul 20, 2016 12:22 PM ET

Archived: BONX: Outdoor Sports Group-Talk Technology – Combining a rugged Bluetooth earpiece and unique group-talk app, BONX is the way we talk on the go.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 20, 2016
BONX: Outdoor Sports Group-Talk Technology
Combining a rugged Bluetooth earpiece and unique group-talk app, BONX is the way we talk on the go.


Outdoor athletes. We’ve always had our own style. Our own rules. Our own community and culture. And definitely our own language. But we never had wearable group-talk technology that could keep up with us.

Until now.

The BONX Grip enables group conversations between outdoor athletes. It was built for the places we go. For the performance we need. For the way we talk.


BONX Grip offers the most robust group-talk system designed especially for outdoor sports enthusiasts. All you have to do is speak. Within a fraction of a second, the earpiece picks up your voice with built-in dual microphones, passes it to the smartphone app via Bluetooth, and the app sends the voice data to everybody in your group via cellular network.Because wherever you go—terrain parks, 14ers, Class IV rapids, open roads—you’ve been there. You’ve had that moment, of total outdoor sports exhilaration, when you wanted to talk to your buddies. But the technology was inadequate. Or your friends were out of range. Or you didn’t want to get your phone (maybe because you were racing down moguls).

That all changes here. With your help, that is.


We did. We love outdoor sports. We love the exhilaration and the freedom. But what we love most is the community—bonding with our friends on the mountain or river or road. We developed the BONX Grip because we wanted a product like it.

We were founded in 2014 by Takahiro Miyasaka, a Japanese entrepreneur and passionate snowboarder. He had the idea for the BONX Grip one day on the slopes in Nagano, and started building our team of veteran hardware and software rockstars.

After spending a year on development, we completed one of the biggest ever crowdfunding campaigns in Japan raising upwards of $200,000 on GreenFunding.jp—and produced and shipped units to 1,344 backers in early 2016.

We’ve since made steady progress fine-tuning the product and are now ready to bring the BONX Grip to the rest of the world. Come join us!

Is the BONX smartphone app required, or can the earpiece be used standalone?The free BONX app is required for group conversation, and is available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play.
Which smartphones are supported?iPhone 5 or newer (> iOS 8) and select Android devices with Android version 4.3 or greater
How many BONX users can join a conversation simultaneously?The BONX app currently supports up to 10 simultaneous group members.
What is the effective range between BONX users?As long as you have cell phone reception, members in your group conversation can be on opposite sides of the world!
Is cell phone reception required to use BONX Grip?Yes, BONX Grip uses your smartphone’s data connection to transmit voice data. The earpiece and your phone communicate via Bluetooth and can be up to 10 meters away.
Can I use BONX Grip as a regular Bluetooth headset or headphones?Certainly! You can use BONX Grip for everyday phone calls or to listen to music at home.
Can I use BONX Grip underwater?BONX Grip is rated IPX5 water resistant, which means you can use it above and around water, but not while submerged (i.e. scuba diving, snorkeling).
Does BONX Grip come with a warranty?BONX Grip comes with a 1-year warranty against defects and malfunction. If anything goes wrong, we will replace the unit free of charge with proof of your pledge.




Find out more about BONX




BONX Gripはアウドドアスポーツをしながら仲間と会話することを可能にする。リアルなフィールドのために、求めるパフォーマンスのために、そして自分たちが気持ちよく話すために、BONX Gripは作られている。BONX Gripの頑強なグループトークシステムは様々なシーンで使えますが、アウトドアスポーツには特にピッタリです。とにかく話せばいいだけ。瞬時に本体内臓のデュアルマイクがあなたの声を拾い、Bluetoothでスマホアプリに送信。そしてアプリが3G/4G経由でグループ内の全員にあなたの声を届けます。スノーパーク、険しい山、クラス4の急流、どこまでも続く道…あらゆるフィールドに繰り出し、絶頂の瞬間を味わう。それを仲間と共有したいと思った瞬間があったはず。ただ、テクノロジーが追いついていなかった。もしくは電話を手に取りたくなかった。(コブ斜面で競走してる最中とかね)




アウトドアスポーツへの情熱を共有する私たちがBONX Gripを作りました。




2014年、日本人のスノーボーダーで起業家の宮坂貴大が当社を設立。宮坂は長野の雪山でBONX Gripのアイデアを思いつき、熟練ハードウェアエンジニアやスーパーソフトウェアエンジニアを集めてチームを作りました。


一年の開発期間を経て、我々は日本のクラウドファンディング史に残る2,500万円超を集めたキャンペーンをGREEN FUNDINGにて成功させました。1,344人の支援者に対して、2016年2月までに製品を出荷しています。

その後、地道にプロダクトの改善を重ね、ついにBONX Gripを世界に発信する準備が整いました。さあ、BONXコミュニティに加わろう!




BONXアプリは必須ですか?BONX Gripイヤフォン単体では使えないのでしょうか?BONXトーク(BONXのシステムを使ったグループ通話)にはBONXアプリがインストールされたスマートフォンが必要です。
電波がない場所でも使えますか?BONX Gripはスマートフォンの3G/4G回線を使って通信するため、携帯電波の圏内でしか使うことができません。なお、イヤフォンとスマートフォンはBluetoothで接続し、10m程度まで離れることができます。
BONX Gripイヤフォンは通常の音楽再生や電話にも使えますか?使用して頂けます。通常のBluetoothヘッドセット同様に、電話や音楽を聴くのに使えます。
BONX Gripイヤフォンに保証はつきますか?一年間の製品保証期間を設けています。なお、製品の修理・交換が必要になった際には、①製品購入を証明できるもの(メール等でも可)、②製品に同梱されている保証書 の2つが必要となります。
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