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Jul 18, 2016 8:12 PM ET

Archived: SHORTCUTZ VISEU, 3RD ANNIVERSARY: A small part of the much bigger Shortcutz network spread all around the world. Next September we will reach around 80 screening sessions. That’s more than 25 per year and every year we love to award those who have marked us with fantastic short films.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016


We’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary, but we need you to make this possible.

Next September we will reach around 80 screening sessions. That’s more than 25 per year and every year we love to award those who have marked us with fantastic short films.  In 2016, we want the ceremony to be closer to our audience than ever, so we will fill the 5 rooms of Carmo’81 with cinema, exhibitions, and lots of invited guests.



3 September of 2016, at 22h. That’s when the ceremony will begin in Carmo’81, in Viseu, Portugal.We have a couple of surprises ready, but for now we can assure we’ll be giving awards to the Best Movie of the Year; Best Director; Best Screenplay; Best Actor, Best Actress; Best Photography; Best Sound. All the nominees will be invited and we expect then to be present. Of course, we’ll screen some of the winners.



In this day, at Carmo’81, it will start a movie poster’s exihibit titled “Classic Figures of Horror Cinema”, comissioned by Bruno Caetano (EasyLab, Col.A, Comic Heart).


It would be great to extend the party through the night. If we reach the 3333€ mark, we’ll have the presence of an amazing DJ.



Maybe is, probably not. We’re known for our criative ways, so don’t be suprised if we make up something more to amuse you on September 3rd.


Shortcutz Viseu is a small part of the much bigger Shortcutz network. Spread all around the world, you can view one of our events in London, Berlin, Amesterdam, Santa Catarina (Brasil), etc. but the origin is portuguese.

It all started in Lisbon. Soon, it we’re available in Porto, Faro, Viseu, Vila Real, Funchal, Guimarães and, most recently, Figueirós dos Vinhos.

In Viseu, the event is organized by Carlos Salvador (Curator and Producer); Luís Belo (Designer and Producer); José Crúzio (Photographer). The screening sessions have been going non-stop for almost 3 years now.

With us, between directors, producers and actors, we had more than 250 guests. We’ve made more than 80 screenings and shown more tha 370 shortfilms.

In total, more than 5000 came to see us.


All the work we’ve put in organizing the sessions through out the year is free. We’ll, not for us, but for the public. Fortunately we’ve partnered with Cervejaria Cacimbo and Hotel Moinho de Vento who’ve been a great help.

For this 3rd anniversary, we are looking to raise at least 2.500€. From that, 500€ will go directly for the compensations we’re giving to contributors. another 500€ will for the awards for the winners; with 30 guests will spend 480€ in meals and 800€ in accomodations. The rest of the money will go for expenses with the poster exihibition, noise and exihibition licenses. Futhermore, 5% of the total raised, around 153,75€ will go to PPL for providing this platform.

If we happen to reach the 3333€ mark, 833€ will be used in renting a PA; pay the DJ, his meals and accomodations.

All the compensations for the contribuitors who aren’t delivered by hand on that day will be sent with no cost through mail in the next couple of days after the event.


Contact Information:

Shortcutz Viseu

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