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Jul 18, 2016 7:00 PM ET

Archived: NestingUp – Media Cover Letter for Home Buyers & Sellers: Promote yourself with a short video and words to increase the odds of getting your offer accepted or home sold quickly.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016

NestingUp – Media Cover Letter for Home Buyers & Sellers

by Evan

Promote yourself with a short video and words to increase the odds of getting your offer accepted or home sold quickly.

About this project

NestingUp is a real estate product that creates a social media cover letter  to supplement Buyers’ offers and/or Sellers’ marketing. Every home seller and buyer has a story. Their story is unique and influential. It can affect whether your offer is accepted, what the final sales price will be and other terms of real estate transaction. This is a chance to connect with others and promote yourself over real estate. Elevate the human component in real estate.

Evan created cover letters to help buyers get their offers accepted on homes.  He understood how beneficial it was for agents to talk about their buyers and sellers; to utilize emotion.   A picture combined with a few short sentences about the consumer, their interest in the property, and/or their goals can go a very long way.  So why not make it easy for buyers, sellers and their agents to promote themselves? It enhances the emotional connection between everyone in the real estate transaction.  Whether we agree it’s good or not, the emotional component plays a large role in real estate buying and selling and we want to get people the opportunity to market themselves. 

Step 1. Login to your account through Facebook or create a profile.

Step 2: Upload a photo, record a video and write a few sentences about yourself. 

Step 3. Share your profile. Export to other sellers/buyers/agents. 

Risks and challenges

The current challenges are with the web platform development. We’re currently using WordPress and it looks like there are some limitations. The web development of the platform requires planning, designing, testing, and testing. I anticipate that it will take several more weeks (we’re already a few weeks into it with the developer) to process the design changes and make sure the platform is functioning.

The other challenge will be to get Agents and the Buyers/Sellers to record a video or write a small bio about themselves. Many people are private and like to remain anonymous, but the ever important role of social media is a indication that there will be market for this.

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