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Jul 18, 2016 7:18 AM ET

MiMax – Display processing and data security technologies for Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Enterprise Gaming, Industrial Control & Monitoring, Defense, and Mobile vertical market segments.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016


Kirkland, WA 98034, US
Computer Peripherals

Display processing and data security technologies for Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Enterprise Gaming, Industrial Control & Monitoring, Defense, and Mobile vertical market segments.

MiMax leverages common components including Graphics Processor Units (GPUs), and programmable devices in new and innovative ways resulting in greater efficiencies and lower costs.

MiMax IP includes existing patents. Their impact on MiMax designs and products for Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service is that of greater efficiency. New implementations enable a greater number of network client displays to be connected to shared servers for the increasing demands of productivity, entertainment, and multi-connected-device applications.

Gaming devices receive increased connectivity and visual performance for everything from home users to arcades.

Transportation platforms gain shared, high performance displays while consuming dramatically less power.

Target Technology Environments:
• Cloud and Defense computing of secure high speed docker containers
• Enterprise connected gaming
• Accelerated shared display for remote networked clients
• Data Centers remote desktop docker containers
• Transportation, data, and communications centers
• Industrial plants SCADA based fast data sharing
• Casinos gaming display compressed recording
• Shared networked displays in ground, marine, and airborne vehicles


Products / Services

Machine Vision Aquisition with Low-Latency, Low-Power-Consumption, & Loss-Less Compression

Existing Machine Vision Cameras rely on H264 or similar compression. This compression type is inappropriate to the needs of industry, military, commercial, science, and security because:

* Fine details of video frames are lost. H264 and similar compression methods lose too much detail, even when set to highest detail settings.

* The process of compression takes too long (high latency) for certain applications.

* Compressing at high frame rates uses excessive energy. This creates a major gap in situations where cameras are needed in an off-grid, mobile, or remote situations.

MiMax patented compression methods save enormous electrical power, reduce costs, can be completely loss-less. Miniaturization increases hallmarks of SWAP (size, weight, and power)

Early discussions with the defense industry, NASA, and machine vision retail customers show that MiMax patent-backed methods are uniquely positioned to resolve major pain points these customers currently experience.

NedVic Network Display Accelerator Card

NedVic is in design phase. It has the lowest power consumption for compression, with low & optionally zero-latency (unwanted added processing delay time) in the data stream to the network.

DaaS [Desktop as a service] is a fast growing market for mobile computing (like Androids) & remote computing from server farms that need accelerated performance.

NedVic display hardware acceleration to networks offloads MIPS (millions of instructions per second) from servers. Nedvic is also for common PC’s for peer-to-peer work-at-home that saves both on employee travel, & better suits an agile workforce.

DaaS infrastructure market is still immature, & needs NedVic. Google TM, alone has 900,000 servers. Networked gaming machines, such as modern slot machines number 7.5M, world wide. Nedvic is also for industrial & scientific users, seeking image change pixels at very high frame rates per/sec (FPS).

Improved display compression and connectivity across networks are core competencies of MiMax.

Soon to be announced

Watch here for exciting new products that will be announced soon in the areas of unifying gaming consoles and special high security processing devices for military and mobile markets.

These products will further leverage MiMax core competencies and IP.



Vice President Business Development
Paul Jimenez

Paul JimenezPaul Jimenez is a serial entrepreneur with a computer science, business, and accounting background. He has owned four small businesses, and was involved in a prior tech start-up with a focus on AI and machine learning. He has also worked in a variety of fortune 500 companies with software development and big data experience leveraged into accounting, investing, HR, and project management aspects.

Director Marketing
Matthew Allard

Matthew AllardMatthew Allard has 30 years of experience in digital media and broadcast with product marketing, product management, partner management, business development, and sales.

He has worked at Microsoft, Intel, Grass Valley, Ross Video, Chyron…

Matt is technical business to business marketing specialist for developing new solutions- in one case building to $80M annually. He has experience in creating and producing marketing content, communications, and events. He has a BA in Radio Television Film from California State University Long Beach and is an industry writer and presenter.

Associate Advisor
Scott McGowan

Scott McGowanScott McGowan designs of communications networks, computer systems, and commercial/ government/ military display systems for both vehicles and aircraft.

Firms worked at: Intel, Microsoft, General Dynamics, Pulnix, Sarnoff, Teledyne, Medtronics, Spacelabs.

Director Advisor
Michael Stein

Michael SteinMichael has 9 years of commercial real estate experience in property management, overseeing a portfolio valued at more than $450 million. He used this experience to launch his own real estate technology company in 2008, raising $2 million during one of the most challenging markets and economic backdrops this country has ever seen. The experience lead him to various banking connections where he now serves among only a few Business Specialists hand-picked by Wells Fargo Bank.

Director Finance
Patrick Howard

Patrick HowardInvestment Banking & financial advisory expertise.

Structured finance, advisory, leasing, securitizations, mergers & acquisitions, research, real estate, contract negotiation, muni bonds, private placements, entrepreneur, strategic planning, development, consumer lease-option financing program, Reg-D 504, 505, 506c technology firm investment, stock classes common, preferred & loan conversion, destination resorts & economic development company.

President Executive Officer
Bob Berry

Bob BerryThirty plus years as engineer, degreed physicist, and technical writer
Developed, modeled, coded software, and systems operation, modification, maintenance with in-depth knowledge of stocks, bonds, and commodities.

Bob has done validation, requirements, qualification, and performance benchmarking for software testing. He is a technical writer for test plans and procedures, along with general documentation.

Director Advisor
Stephan Byrd

Stephan ByrdI am native of eastern Washington who graduated a Husky. I have worked professionally in the construction, real estate and lending industries for most of my career and became involved with Tridium (predecessor to MiMax) back in 1996 as an angel investor. I continue to live in Spokane with my wife and two adopted children both age 10. I am very excited for the new horizons MiMax will become involved with.

Director Engineering
Sato Teruyama

Sato TeruyamaBSEE (BS of electrical. engineering)
University of Japan

Design lead for machine-vision industrial camera group at Pulnix America and JAI (Sunnyvale CA), for CMOS and CCD cameras. Expert with video circuits and Camera-Link.

Lead designer for NTK Inc. (of Japan) for ultra high speed mini-printed circuit boards for Intel and AMD processors. Consulting designer projection displays. Entrepreneur for real property and fast food.

Assistant Engineering
Ken Richter

Ken is a Chemist and IT specialist with other educational concentrations in math and physics who received his degrees in the early 2000’s. He is a Cisco Certified Network Engineer and has worked at places such as IBM, Avocent, and Gadget Technologies with tasks ranging from managing teams supporting KVM devices to NOCs to Network administration. Ken is a man of many talents with a plethora of experiences.

Originally from Alaska, Ken navigates the cold, snow, and ice with such skill that it surpasses that of any known human living in the northwest.

Director Advisor
T.J. Woosley

T.J. WoosleyT.J. was born and raised on a ranch until age 8. Grade school in Bellevue, WA, junior and senior high in Hawaii, degree in Economic Geography from U. of Washington. Worked throughout Alaska in transportation and advertising sales.

He is president of Hal Woosley Properties, Inc. in Bellevue. Active in property management, and is a licensed Real Estate Broker.

He is heavily involved with family, church, community, public service and local business affairs in Bellevue and eastern King County.
He has served on various local business, community, and public affairs boards and commissions.

He is especially close to his wife, twin sons, and extended family.

Contact Information:

Vice President Business Development - Paul Jimenez

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