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Jul 17, 2016 5:27 PM ET

Archived: Walk to Topaz, A solo dance work that explores how time in a Japanese Interment Camp has impacted the lives of the succeeding generations.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 17, 2016

Walk to Topaz

A solo dance work that explores how time in a Japanese Interment Camp has impacted the lives of the succeeding generations.

About this project

Walk To Topaz

Like a pebble dropped into a pond, this work begins with a reimagining of a young person’s walk into a Japanese Internment Camp. It then ripples outward exploring how this event impacts the lives of the succeeding generations, as they try to comprehend the weight of this experience on their existence and identity.

This work began in 2015 with the question of making autobiographical solo work as part of Jesse Zaritt’s Solo Studies Project. I found myself curious about my family’s history, specifically the history of two of my grandparents, who spent their teen years in Japanese Interment Camps. I wonder how their lives as well my life and my mother’s have been shaped due to this experience. 

Now a year and a half later Walk to Topaz is close to being ready for its premiere and I will need your help to finish it.

What I Will Need…

This work will be premiering September 19-23 as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival. Producing a show, even for only 5 performances is very expensive. I will need your help to make this dream possible. 

37% Production Costs

28% Rehearsal and Performance Space 

15% Production Assistant

10% Photographer and Graphic Designer

5-10% Kickstarter Fees

Stretch Goal..

This goal only fulfills the absolute minimum amount required for this work to be produced. Anything raised beyond the $1850 will absolutely transform this work.

Additional Marketing Opportunities

Additional Rehearsals

Greater Production Value

Paying myself and my assistant more for our work on this project

More showings in the future (touring this work to other cities, presenting this work again in Philadelphia)

Opportunity to create more new work in the future 

Creating performance is financially an impossible task with out the help of others, especially when you are a young independent artist. Anything you can give is extremely appreciated and will go to good use! 

Love always!

Brendan & Rhiannon

*Special thank you to Marc and Stephanie Crousillat for the dance footage shown.

Risks and challenges

There are many risks that are beyond our control when making this project, illness, injury, family emergencies could all be factors that could interrupt the completion of the project.

As this work is still not completed and is a living experiment, it could always take a turn away from the projected content, but this is the reality of art making.


Contact Information:

Brendan Tetsuo

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