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Jul 15, 2016 4:27 PM ET

Archived: Apollo, Inc. is a mobile software development company startup, designed to build and sell mobile applications to users worldwide

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2016

Apollo, Inc. Logo

Apollo, Inc.

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, US
Packaged Software


We are Apollo, a mobile application development company.

Mobile devices are becoming omnipresent across the globe. Apollo, Inc. is a mobile software development company startup, designed to build and sell mobile applications to users worldwide. The company is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are aware that the startup failure rate is estimated to be between 80 and 90 percent and that only 47 percent of the retail companies continue to function after their fourth year of operations. We believe that transparency in addressing these issues and our care to create effective financial plans designed for preempting risks will help us succeed. We are also aware that the current market growth in the domain of mobile apps offers us a unique opportunity to start and develop out business. Experience shows that this type of business can fail through not properly addressing the target market. Apollo, Inc. will overcome these problems through an efficient distribution system.

Apollo, Inc. aims to deliver a great gaming experience for the ‘strategy’ niche. We will never forget that our customers are the motor of our business and we will work constantly to offer them the best consumer experience. This why we will offer multiple platforms for our public to use and we will offer delivery of high quality entertainment products.

Products / Services

Match 3: Wizard of Oz

Mobile game on Android and iOS.



President Executive Officer
Andrew Carter-Czyzewicz

The current CEO and President, Andrew Carter-Czyzewicz has 11 years of experience in business and finance. He launched his career in 2005 when building ADC Investment, Inc, a brokerage and commodities company. Soon after, he ventured into programming, where he built a series of mobile applications in 2010. Currently, he has an application on Android and iOS that is ranking the top 10 for the app’s keywords.


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Apollo, Inc.

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