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Jul 14, 2016 7:06 PM ET

Archived: JMP SUMMER ACADEMY : Juventude Monárquica Portuguesa is a youth political and cultural, non-profit and non-governmental association with over two thousand associates

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 14, 2016




The main goal of this campaign is to gather a total sum of 1500€ in order to cover the estimated costs of food, boarding, travel, and various activities to be performed by 30 associates during a weekend in Vila Franca de Xira. Watch our video and learn more about the project!

JMP – Juventude Monárquica Portuguesa, is a youth political and cultural, non-profit and non-governmental association created in 2013, and today has over two thousand associates.

From the very beginning of the association, it has been our main aim and dream to organize a Summer Academy in order to offer, to a minimum of 30 associates, a weekend of various political and civic seminars to further educate and prepare our members to serve the Community in the future.

JMP financial income only results from few donations, symbolic membership annual fees; and that is exactly why your contribution is critical!

We believe that the success of this activity also regards the best interest of the Community, as it allows youth from various political and ideological quadrants to gain and develop critical thinking about their country.  

The goal is to accommodate our activity in Quinta da Subserra, in Vila Franca de Xira, which offers the essential needs intended: a canteen, a dormitory, a conference room, and  public grounds ideal for brakes and interaction.

The location, 30 km distanced from Lisbon, guarantees a perfect environment of focus and commitment to the activity at hand, and does not generate any excessive or unnecessary costs to both promoters and participants.

Quinta da Subserra is a beautiful and peaceful place and full of History. In the 3 day activity, we intend to organize various conferences with lecturers, in and out of the monarchist setting, on subjects regarding sovereignty, culture, language and civics.

On the second day of the activity, we intend to have a sunset and summer dinner with all the participants and supporters that wish to be with us, allowing free interaction of ideas and views, thus encouraging bonds.


Juventude Monárquica Portuguesa (JMP) is a youth political and cultural non-profit and non-governmental association, that stands for an alternative political representation in Portugal with the reinstitution of the Monarchy.

Our activity though, goes well beyond this main goal, as we try to give various training tools and conferences in order to have youth better informed and prepared to serve our Community in both an individualized and global world that we live in.

We regularly perform this commitment by having several cultural visits, trending and History lectures, conference dinners, popular fairs, among others, aimed to interact with the Community.

The association has members from all the political spectrum, thus the main result of exchanging ideas among the participants in the activity intended, will be an extraordinary contribution for a more informed, plural and tolerant society.  

The video of our first congress. 


Our budget is 1.500,00€, which*:

– 502,00€ accommodation

– 332,00€ training room rent

– 591,00€ cafeteria

– 75,00€ campaign commission

*rounded values

We wish our campaign to begin on July, 12th and to end on August, 26th (45 days).


Contact Information:


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