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Jul 12, 2016 11:22 AM ET

Archived: Schiller Bikes: Hailed by Forbes as “the world’s most radically redesigned bicycle” the Schiller S1 is the world’s best water bike

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 12, 2016

Schiller Bikes



Hailed by Forbes as “the world’s most radically redesigned bicycle” the Schiller S1 is the world’s best water bike. Its iconic design features striking curves, bold colors, anodized aluminum frame and stainless steel precision engineered parts. A proprietary drive train employs carbon and kevlar belts, flexible shafts, and propulsion system that enables riders to easy create forward thrust with a high degree of maneuverability. Rugged, inflatable pontoons ensure maximum rider safety on the water. The S1 drive train is requires very low maintenance and are serviceable by bike mechanics around the world. The S1 can achieve speeds on the water of over 8 mph depending on rider ability. The S1 is ergonomically designed with interchangeable bike components (saddle, handlebars, cranks, and pedals) and a variety of system features to ensure maximum safety on the water. And with a compact footprint, the S1 easily transports inside most cars. Assembly time is under 10 minutes. Bike a blue planet!













Judah Schiller, Founder & CEO


In 2013, Judah Schiller became the first person in history to bike across the San Francisco Bay and Hudson River. What started as a socially innovative statement to the biking community spurned the pioneering idea that water sport enthusiasts and cyclists alike could enjoy water biking purely for sport, recreation and fun. And so Schiller Bikes was launched to design and manufacture the most advanced water bike ever created, giving people an entirely new way to enjoy oceans, seas, lakes, canals and rivers around the globe. A water sports enthusiast at heart, Judah was a CEO and co-Founder of both …
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Bobby Frick, VP, Design


Bobby was raised on the shores of San Francisco Bay . A lifelong mariner and watersports fanatic, Bobby was behind the tiller of an outboard motor almost before he could walk. An early innovator in the kite boarding industry, Bobby was one of the first designers of lightweight composite kite boards renowned for their excellent light wind performance. Bobby brings to Schiller Bikes a passion for all things aquatic, an entrepreneurial spirit and natural gift of transforming product design challenges into opportunities. Bobby holds a BA in Industrial and Product Design from the Academy of Art University and lives in …
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Robyn Cathey, VP, Operations


Robyn brings 15 years of practical experience in project direction with an emphasis in industry and business demographic analysis. As a former Director, Operations for GIS, she successfully guided over 50 communities in leveraging their business attraction and economic development programs, utilizing deep data, market analysis and geographic information systems (GIS). Along with her community development background, she also has extensive experience in high tech, luxury and lifestyle marketing and public relations. She is committed to the mission of championing the world’s most advanced water bike. Robyn is a licensed Pilates instructor, avid surfer and cycling enthusiast.

Heather Bei, Sr. Director of Sales


Heather brings over 15 years of sales experience across a variety of sectors. A results driven professional, Heather has been a competitive athlete for decades. She holds a Masters in Genetics.


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Judah Schiller, Founder

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