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Jul 12, 2016 7:51 AM ET

Archived: Freezylist.com – THE FIRST AND ONLY REAL ESTATE MARKETPLACE! We provide real (estate) solutions to “By Owner” problems

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 12, 2016

The First and Only Real Estate Marketplace!




Thank you for your interest in our Project.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Freezylist.com, the first and only real estate marketplace!

We provide real (estate) solutions to “By Owner” problems! Our services offer unique and patent pending technologies for listing platforms, real estate contract automation, a fun learning platform, and networking structures. Our marketplace spans a wide array of options from Sale/Rent/Vacation Rentals and Timeshare Exchange!

Many families in the US may feel trapped in a home they no longer want or need, due to their mortgage being higher than their homes value. To make matters worse, the real estate commissions (6 – 8%) account for thousands of dollars more, and homeowners are left with no viable alternatives to avoid these costs!

The current options do not solve the needs of many in the market…

Current Option A) Use a Real Estate Broker

Using a Real Estate Professional to sell your home is a worthwhile option, but the cost cannot be afforded by everyone (A $250K home requires a $15K in fees!)

Also, currently these are mutually exclusive / Only one option at a time.

Option B) Attempt the Current FSBO Platforms

Current “By Owner” channels are insufficient to meet the needs of everyday people. (See for yourself @ Fizber.com, Owners.com, ForSaleByOwner.com, etc)

  1. They charge an upfront listing fee, which does little more than place your listing on the Realtor network. (What they don’t advertise is that you will still have to offer a 3% commission to generate any interest.)
  2. You do not have time between work and kids to research all the required forms and processes, and receive hundreds of random calls. Simply purchasing some real estate templates does not alleviate the stress and complications of selling your own home.


After experiencing these struggles first-hand, we decided enough was enough and built a platform that addresses ALL the needs of real people, with common sense solutions.

Freezylist.com is multifaceted, it includes:

A Listing Platform, a simple and easy to use platform which allows you to list and browse our listings. We even send your listing to the national syndicates (Zillow, Trulia, etc.).

A Negotiation and Communication Center, Under traditional Real Estate, offers must go through the agents, which often take days to complete and make people reluctant to negotiate. With Freezylist, you can instantly negotiate offers to find the price that suits both parties.

A Professional Network, Real Estate is an industry ripe with contacts – lawyers, builders, interior designers, contractors, etc – the list could go on for ages. Freezylist aims to allow you to easily connect with professionals in these fields and more to ensure easy access to the people power required.

Free and Easy to Use Contract Software, once you have agreed on a price, you can use our propreiteary contract software to create safe and secure contracts which would normally cost you thousands from a Real Estate Agency. We made this process complete with E-Signatures!

You immediately become an expert without any prior knowledge through our simple to use technologies that provide homeowners with the options you need!

So where does Kickstarter come in? Freezylist is fully functional right now, the website is built out and ready for action- Our issue is that a network is dependent on people. In order for our network to be successful, we need to have a marketing blitz to give us the big push we need to have users. 

Tell us your story on our blog and be entered to win our $100 visa card giveaway!

In addition, let us help you by supporting us as we grow! Like us on Facebook!and join our mailing list on join our mailing list as we prepare to deliver top-notch services to you!

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