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Jul 11, 2016 10:00 AM ET

Ministry of Villas – Think you can’t afford a luxury villa? Think again. Crowdfund Your Own Priceless Villa Holiday Experience, Join up with your friends and family to build the ultimate villa holiday!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2016

Crowdfund Your Own Priceless Villa Holiday Experience

Ministry of Villas

Flexible Funding


Crowdfund your very own holiday! 

Think you can’t afford a luxury villa? Think again.image

The team at Ministry of Villas have come up with a way to harness the power of your crowd to help make luxury travel affordable for your next holiday!

For a limited time, you, your family and friends can purchase discounted Ministry of Villa vouchers here for 10% off your booking and include LUXURY bespoke perks like all-day tours, an in-house masseuse, private chauffeur, helicopter tours and more. 

But that’s not all… you can pool all the funds with these vouchers together with family and friends in order to build the ultimate luxury villa holiday AND earn additional credit on your next holiday for any purchases generated as a result of your shares. 


So WHO is Ministry of Villas? 

Ministry of Villas is growing to be one of the leading providers of villa holidays in Asia, in an age where cattle-call hotels are fast becoming a thing of the past. Why spend your holiday with a million other people in a busy pool and a mediocre buffet line? It’s time to up your expectations on what you can afford and what is out there for unforgettable holidays! It’s time for private pools, beachfront access, butlers, chauffeurs, and personal chefs in your villas! 

Bali, Lombok, Koh Samui, Phuket, Niseko, Fiji and Sri Lanka 


WHY was Ministry of Villas started?

After multiple disappointments searching for villas while on holiday, founding couple Alastair Loxton and Sara O’Shea realised just how challenging it was as travellers to find the right property. There was a complete lack of quality checks, little-to-no service provided, inefficient back-and-forth via emails trying to coordinate with numerous property owners, all resulting in a wasted investment of both time and money.


Therefore, they formally launched Ministry of Villas to usher in a new dimension of service for private accommodation bookings, with a commitment to help travellers find the perfect villa! Designed as an ideal combination of marrying sophisticated booking technology with exceptional personal service, Ministry of Villas is providing the human touch for an exclusive and unforgettable travel experience!

The villas are in the most stunning destinations around Asia; Bali, Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand, even Japan in Niseko and Hakuba if you want to do a snowboarding and skiing holiday. It’s time to live!


Now that you’ve digested WHO we are and WHY we do what we do, lets add the other slice of heaven to the mix!

‘Ministory of Villas links with Crowdfunding so people can harness the Power of their Crowd to help pay for their luxury holiday!’ 

What this means for YOU is this;image

In a nutshell:

You and your family and friends can purchase discounted Ministry of Villa vouchers here and pool funds together to build the ultimate holiday, as well as earn credit for your next holiday too!  Importantly, by sharing this offer with your friends and family, you can all earn bespoke holiday perks for your booking, such as day trips, an in-house chef, or a helicopter tour.   


Step 1. Choose a Voucher

Buy a discounted holiday voucher right here that can be redeemed on our website for your next accomodation and travel experience from Ministry of Villas.  You can go BIG or small in value, depending on your plan and earn extra credits to add experiences to your holiday.



Pool your vouchers together with friends or family and then apply the total credit to a Villa experience – that can add up to one BIG holiday experience!

See Step 2 to learn how to share…


Step 2. Share 

Start sharing this offer with friends and family – using your unique sharing link and social media links found at the top of this page or on the thank you page when checking out.  Just make sure you are logged into your ReadyFundGo account when grabbing the link, as it will add a unique identifier associated with your account.  

Additional credits you can earn by sharing:

Raise $250 through sharing: Earn $25 credit

Raise $500 through sharing: Earn $50 credit

Raise $1000 through sharing: Earn $100 credit

Raise $5000 through sharing: Earn $500 credit

You can use email, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ and more to share! The more you share with friends and family that purchase vouchers, the more holiday perks you can all earn.  

Example:  Sally pledges for a $1,000 Ministry of Villa voucher here. Then  Sally shares the campaign page link with all of her friends and family she wants to holiday with.  Her friend Mary buys a $500 voucher.  Sally and Mary now have together $1575 in credit to use for their booking, a chauffuer pickup from airport, champagne on arrival, and in-house masseuse for all guests….AND Sally also gets additional $100 credit for hernext booking by sharing the campaign page link with Mary! Imagine the possibilities if they continue to share the link with another 5-10 people!*

*Please note: Credit vouchers maximum 1 per booking and not to exceed 10% of total booking cost. Scroll down to find out more details on how sharing works.  


Step 3. Arrange your Villa and Perks

Ministry of Villas is on hand to help you book your villa and redeem your voucher credit and holiday perks. Simply redeem your voucher(s) within 12 months of date of purchase.  

Perks are our bespoke luxury experiences that make the holiday go to the next-level; privately negotiated extras just for you and for no extra cost.

Try the feeling of a chauffeured pickup at the airport, a bespoke guided day trip, a bottle ofchampagne waiting on arrival, or your own personal in-villa chef cooking up an amazing local BBQ for the whole family, or maybe, just maybe, a helicopter tour for the day?

Our team at Ministry of Villas are here to help you with arranging and redeeming your earned credits and perks on your holiday.

This is what holidays are meant to be about.


How To Earn Credits by Sharing:

First, in order to track your shares make sure you are logged into in order to generate trackable shares or links.  You can grab your unique sharing link from social media share buttons at the top of this page or after you have pledged on the thank you page. You can also copy and paste your unique sharing link somewhere safe and use it at a later date before the campaign ends.  

Then simply start sharing! For example, post the link on social media or in an email and when someone clicks on it and purchases a voucher, its counted as a share in the My Referralssection of your account!


How many credits have I earned?

You can see your own realtime sharing results by logging into your ReadyFundGo account at any time.  Simply select the dropdown menu in header and select the My Referrals link.  It will take you to a dashboard showing all the shares you’ve done using your unique campaign page link.

Ministry of Villas will also be chanting and cheering on the sidelines and email you on funding milestones (every $300) to keep you informed!  We’ll also help you with redeeming your credits, when you’re ready.



1.     I don’t think I can afford a villa.

They are less expensive than you think! Luxury can be yours, especially if you just grab a few friends together, and the next-level of experiences you receive above and beyond standard hotels will astound you. Our rewards mean that every little bit of crowdfunding counts, and putting your cash contributions (no matter how small) together with our credit on top gets you closer towards your trip! We’ll help you get there and we have a massive collection of villas for incredible value… private butler anyone?


2.     I’m organising the trip, but I don’t want to deal with having to put in the large deposit on my own on behalf of everyone and then have to chase them for cash later.

This is where crowdfunding really makes perfect sense, and it is amazing that it hasn’t been done before! You can treat the booking as a “Digital Wallet” – we will pool everyone’s contributions in one spot, and then everyone receives the benefits from it. There is no worry about who puts down the deposit, or has to put it on their credit and get everyone to pay them back. There is no hassle and no pressure. We’ll take care of it.


3.     I usually book holidays online with other providers. Why should I book a trip by crowdfunding with Ministry of Villas?

Personalised service, quality accommodation, and oh, how about amazing luxury experiences that are unavailable anywhere else at no extra cost? We work directly with villa owners, meaning that booking with us gives you additional perks we have privately negotiated with them for our customers. If you are looking for that added X-factor to upgrade your trip and  make it truly unforgettable, then check out the Crowdfunding Holiday Perk Thermometer’s phenomenal list of perks that come only when booking with us.

4.    What are the terms and conditions for the vouchers?

Vouchers for credit you’ve purchased can be redeemed at any destination on the Ministry of Villas website within 12 months of date of purchase. Only 1 voucher per person per booking, and not more than 10% of the total booking cost. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions [email protected]

Our Support

Ministry of Villas are on-hand for you to remove any challenges or complications that may arise on your holiday. We have on-the-ground teams in all our locations to ensure a smooth experience from beginning to end, and all of our properties have been personally inspected by our villa specialists ensuring only high-quality offerings are available through our site. The voucher credit earned and that you have pooled in this unique crowdfunding platform is YOURS to use for any villa holiday with us you wish!

Our Mission

At Ministry of Villas, we have made it our mission to ensure as many people as possible get to experience the life-changing shift of staying in a luxury villa on their holiday. Like we always say: Stay just one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again… and we mean it!

Raising $40,000 of crowdfunding holidays through our business is for people who originally didn’t think they could afford a luxury villa holiday, and we hope it will help redefine the travel industry. This is a never-before-done microfinancing initiative purely for holidays! And we won’t stop there – we want to replicate this exact campaign offer again with no foreseeable end date, as THE new way for everyone to save for travel (and get benefits for doing so)!


 Pledge today and start sharing with your crowd! It’s time to live!


Contact Information:

Ministry of Villas

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