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Archived: PROJECT PRINCIPE 2016: We dream and make education and sustainable development happen in Portuguese-speaking African countries.

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We dream and make education and sustainable development happen in Portuguese-speaking African countries.

We dream and make education and sustainable development happen at the African Portuguese-speaking countries.

This is Sonha, Faz e Acontece mission and Project Principe 2016 is another step towards that goal. We are going back to Principe for the fifth year in a row and during four months we will be implementing activities that urge to respond to that community’s needs.

We highlight the following activities:

1. Xináa Fogáa (“Learn how to play”) Summer Camp – around 100 children will be taking part of our Summer Boot Camp with leisure and training activities;

2. Gravana School – continuous training for youngsters from 12 years old onwards in the following subjects: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Computer Science, Nature Science and Maths;

3. Rebuilding the library and the school’s canteen at Porto Real – renovating Porto Real’s school library with new dictionaries and school books and improving the room where students have their meals;

4. Public space cleaning campaigns – organizing deep cleaning campaigns at the Porto Real and Évora beach settlements and involving the community;

5. School gardens – monitoring the Porto Real’s school garden, created with Príncipe Project in 2015, aiming at developing local agriculture and farming habits for community use;

6. Traineeships – promoting short internships for youngsters from 16 up to 18 years old, partnering with companies implemented on the island of Príncipe;

7. Entrepreneurship Competition – conducting mentoring sessions and follow-up business ideas developed by local entrepreneurs and financially supporting to two winning ideas, as well as providing remote monitoring;

8. Gravana University – continuing education in Management and Marketing, Development and Sustainable Tourism, Portuguese, English and Computer Science aimed at youngsters/young adults from 16 years old onwards.

Projects will be developed in the field by a team of 25 volunteers: 21 Portuguese volunteers and 4 Príncipe locals, from July till October.  For more information about the Project please check out blog (portuguese only).


In 2010, moved by the desire to create value, a group of friends flew to Principe Island in Sao Tome and Principe. There they discovered a different reality, where happiness and smiles prevailed, but dreams of a different future or an alternative reality didn’t exist. Books to read, teachers to teach, libraries to study, training in several areas… in Principe there was – and still is – a lot to do for the education of those children. Sonha, Faz e Acontece wants to actively participate in this urgent need for change. Because to educate is to take care of the future!

That was how, in April 2012, Sonha, Faz e Acontece was born. We area social entrepreneurship and volunteerism association whose dream is to promote education in Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP countries).

We started with Principe Island, our pilot project, but our intention is to expand our activity to other countries where education is still a basic need. Currently, we are focused on two lines of action – one in Portugal, the other in Principe – and all the help and money are necessary in order to achieve the projects we have outlined. It is education that we are speaking about. Education is synonymous with freedom. Education is “the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.


The crowdfunding campaign ends on July, 22nd. During the past 9 months, the volunteers organized several fundraising activities. So far, the fundraising amounts to up to 3.000 euros. Our main goal is to raise the remaining amount of money we need to develop all the planned activities through this crowdfunding platform.

This is the fourth time Sonha, Faz e Acontece finances its project through this crowdfunding platform. In 2013, Project Principe 2013 raised the amount needed to rebuild the school in Roça Abade (in Principe Island) and in 2014 and 2015  it surpassed the the initially set target



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