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Jul 8, 2016 7:51 PM ET

Archived: Katie Kuffel: Fremont Abbey Sessions: three-part, live-tracked music video series

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2016

Katie Kuffel: Fremont Abbey Sessions

by Katie Kuffel

Katie Kuffel: Fremont Abbey Sessions project video thumbnail

A three part video series of new, never before recorded material, that seeks to highlight an array of Seattle musicians and artists.


What is the project?

I want to record a three-part, live-tracked music video series. The songs would be three brand-new, never before recorded pieces, and each would highlight a different artist from here in Seattle.

Where would you record?

I’m lucky enough to have access to an amazing arts space, The Fremont Abbey. They’re an independent non-profit who “aim to create affordable and welcoming experiences where people can learn & develop through education & performance in many different art mediums.”

The abbey is non-religiously affiliated, and strive to be community and volunteer driven. Plus, the space is absolutely breathtaking, not to mention its amazing acoustics.

You can always find out more at their website http://fremontabbey.org/

Fremont Abbey
Fremont Abbey

 Why this project?

Community is one of the fundamental pillars of the arts. Without support from audiences, and fellow creators, none of what we do is possible. Music, for me, is most fun when I can get others involved, and there’s so many amazing musicians here in Seattle that I’d love to highlight in my own works. This project is a way for us to see how much stronger we are as creators when we create together using local resources.

Meet the Artists!

(This portion will be updated as more artists join the fray)



Isaac Castillo plays bass for several groups in the Seattle area and performs in his own multi-instrumental solo show, Each group he plays with is unique in style and overall approach to music. He’s excited to be sharing all of their unique music with you!


 Oliver Dye recently graduated from New Zealand’s modest and supportive music scene. Often compared with ringo, his bowl cut and “British”-esque accent only occasionally distract from his dynamic playing style. He brings to the group a musicality which far exceeds that expected of his supposed ex-convict heritage


 Cody Kilpatrick is a songwriter and producer in Seattle, WA. He is currently studying music at Seattle Pacific University, writing and collaborating with several local music projects, and working with the Fremont Abbey Arts Center. Noted as ‘all around good guy.’


 A lanky, queer, flat-picking, operatically trained Soprano gone rogue; Lana McMullen is bringing something to West Coast venues that even the talent-saturated Seattle music scene isn’t sure what to do with


Video Team
Video Team

Zack Bivins and Ian Stevens are a cinematic duumvirate currently dwelling in small caves outside of Seattle Washington. Between showings of Wickerman at the local theater, they spend most of their time engaged in high-stakes falconry, or masticating mouthfuls of supple churrasco. They both have dreams.  


Katie Kuffel is a composer and musician based in Seattle, Washington. An openly queer artist, she explores concepts of sexuality and femininity throughout her works. Loves dogs.

Risks and challenges

Coordination, scheduling, and money are always hard with projects of this size. We’ll all have to be flexible with our lives until the project is completed to make sure we are as rehearsed, and ready to go as we can be.

Making sure we have all the necessary equipment to record to the best of our abilities will be challenging, but doable, as we all have a rich pool of resources and people to draw from for help.

I really believe we can make this happen, and make it artistically rich and fulfilling for our audience and for the artists involved.

Contact Information:

Katie Kuffel

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