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Jul 7, 2016 9:11 AM ET

Archived: Jessica – Trek and Trot: The concept is “tour guides on demand.” It’s going to be a “global” app for travelers who prefer to have guides by locals rather than planning their trip extensively on their own or being subject to expensive group tours.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2016




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Jessica’s story

I am an avid traveller. I grew up in Alabama and have lived in several countries. I used to teach English in Japan and provide tours to foreigners and act as an interpreter. Now I am working on a travel tech start up. I plan to release a global app that helps bring income to locals and helps travelers find assistants more easily.





This loan is special because:

It supports this woman-owned business that expands economic opportunity all over the world.

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Business Description

The concept is “tour guides on demand.” It’s going to be a “global” app for travelers who prefer to have guides by locals rather than planning their trip extensively on their own or being subject to expensive group tours. Professionals acquire more business and locals earn extra income.

Users ping their location and get the five closest guides. They can check guide profiles and pick one. Guides can be rated 1-5 stars so that locals know the quality they are receiving and we can hold guides accountable: Anyone unable to maintain a 3+ stars profile are banned from guiding, So there will never be any 1 or 2 stars in the pool anyway.

Immediate reservation: flat rate so they always know what they are paying. Users can choose some categorized tours: Family-friendly, Nightlife, Hiking, Museums, Cultural or something…

Users can also just do a blind tour – This mean they don’t care what the category is. Let the guide choose. This is more spontaneous with a sense of adventure. Guides can provide their own tour experience or through an algorithm, the guide can be given the best route to follow based on location and interests of the user profile for nearby points of interest.

Advanced reservation: Users can search specific requirements for a guide by location, availability, language skills, gender, etc. Users can see a schedule of the guide and what dates are blacked out. User can book a guide over multiple days. 1 day is 6-8 hours. Advanced reservations are not flat rate. The guide can charge whatever they want for their day or hourly rate.

What is the purpose of this loan?

The loan will help me to achieve this goal of developing and marketing the product. Why would people use this?

1. I have personally put advertisements to serve as a tour guide for visitors in the various countries I have lived in and acted as their translator. I received several calls.

2. I take spontaneous trips all the time and hit walls if I do not plan or book tours 24+ hours in advance. Exploring on my own is sometimes useful but I am a different kind of traveler where I like to meet locals (without “expectations…”) and want to serve those who are similar to me. The issue I want to solve is scheduling in advance with other platforms, dating apps, and websites.

3. Business people on random trips sometimes do not have time to find online friends to show them around.

4. This application can eventually provide more jobs especially in lower income countries that people love visiting.

5. Users no longer have to wait in the airport on a super long layover. We can explore more cities by getting a tour guide on demand for a few of hours. Leave it to a guide to take you to the best places.

6. Travelers arriving too early for hotel check-in can store their luggage and explore with a tour guide on demand.

7. No more flakes or sexual favor expectations from sites and apps like Tinder and Couchsurfing.

8. This app can serve more than the younger crowd (i.e. Tinder/Party with a local). People with a kid or the older crowd will use it.

9. Search feature for language skills practically covers any language in the world. A Japanese person in Spain (with neither good English or Spanish skills) can get a guide who speaks their language and enjoy their tour more. Vice versa: a Portuguese couple in China could always search and see what guides have their language.

About Trek and Trot

Industry: Services
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year
Website: trekandtrot.com



A loan of $5,000 helps Jessica finish the technical development of the product.



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