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Jul 6, 2016 8:17 AM ET

Archived: Volant: The World’s First 3-in-1 Headphones, Giving you a solution for every listening occasion.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2016

Volant: The World’s First 3-in-1 Headphones






Volant’s headphones combine earphones, headphones and bluetooth into one device; giving you a solution for every listening occasion.



About this project





















Risks and challenges

As with any hardware startup, there are risks and challenges involved which we need to do our best to mitigate. We have partnered with Therefore Design, a product design house with over 20 years of experience in bringing new audio concepts to the marketplace.

We have also been careful to select reliable and well-established suppliers from the audio sector to ensure that high quality levels are maintained across the production of Volant Sound’s 3-1 hybrid design, and that delivery is made within the specified timeframes.

We would also like to stress that this product has been designed with a passion for the concept, not the profit. It has been designed with integrity and we do not want to let our backers and supporters down. We will make every effort to deliver what is promised.

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Volant Sound

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