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Jul 6, 2016 9:05 AM ET

Archived: ROTOR VIDEOS – A new technology for creating promotional videos in minutes

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2016


Rotor is a new technology for creating promotional videos in minutes

Rotor is a cloud-based tool for creating promotional videos quickly and easily. There’s no need to download anything and videos can be completed in just a few steps and in as little as 15 minutes. We have a selection of high-quality stock clips, effective algorithms to cut and edit videos so you don’t have to, and cool visual effects to make the videos compelling. Rotor is fast, inexpensive and simple to use.



Rotor can create all types of promotional videos – demo videos, event and business promos, music videos, live videos. For now, we are starting with the music industry so we are working on event promos, music and record label promos, music videos and live event videos. The user logs into the Rotor website, loads in their song (mp3, wav etc.), chooses a video style template from our catalogue, loads in their clips (either their own clips or clips from our free stock library) and clicks ‘Create’. Rotor creates a preview of their video in about 3-5 minutes. If they like the preview, they can buy the high resolution version – starting at £5 and up to £25 for full HD. Otherwise, they can try again


Video is becoming the most engaging and most consumed type of content there is. It’s a powerful form of communication. Videos are being sent on snapchat, musicians and businesses are on Instagram, audiences are being identified with video on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – and now music and video are the same thing.

47% of visitors to YouTube are there to watch music videos and music channels are the fastest growing of all channels – even surpassing games!

Now – everybody needs video content to engage audiences, to market themselves, to promote themselves and this is particularly true for the music industry. It’s got to be every week, every month – this takes a lot of time and money


We are currently selling our service through individual purchases. The customer creates a low-resolution preview of their video and if they like it, they can buy the higher resolution version. We have prices at £5, £10, £20 and £25. The average spend per transaction is £16.90. Next, we are implementing a tiered subscription model.

We also have a high repurchase rate – we see the technology changes behaviour of users (users make different version for the same song, make more music videos):

Sony Music has purchased eight videos in a week,
Robbie Rivera purchased seven videos in two weeks and one third of users made two or more purchases and 5% of users bought 5 or more videos.


Our exit strategy is based around acquisition. We have developed a unique technology that is acquirable as it stands. Two of our developers have built technology acquired by Google and YouTube in the past and have 3 patents under their belt. We are now looking to raise the value of our tech and will attract acquirers such as YouTube, Adobe, Spotify, Facebook. We have a powerful video content creation tool that answers demands in the current environment.


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