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Jul 5, 2016 2:51 PM ET

Archived: MAGENTO TRACK ORDER EXTENSIONS FOR YOUR ECOMMERCE STORE & IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE – A handy tool that helps online stores connect with their customers in a better fashion when it comes to coordinating package deliveries

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 5, 2016


Magento Track Order Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store & Improve Customer Service


A magento track order extension is a handy tool that helps online stores connect with their customers in a better fashion when it comes to coordinating package deliveries. Customers can check for the order status using their order number provided at the time of order placement.

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Why Businesses Need Magento Order Tracking Module?

More than one-fourth of the world’s ecommerce stores run on Magento. It is the most desired ecommerce platform since it offers an endless list of extensions that can amplify the functionality of an ecommerce store.

A Track Your Order Magento Extension Can Give a Business Visible Benefits Like:

  • Improved customer service

Magento shipment tracking extension enable store owners to give their customers prompt information about order placement, dispatch and delivery schedule. The prompt information gives customers peace of mind. They know when their package was dispatched, when it will reach their destination and by whom it will be delivered.

  • Transparent logistic solutions

Online stores are often complained to have a non-transparent logistic facility that leaves customers in the dark. Customers are not always provided information about the process flow adopted for package delivery. With Magento Track Orders extension online stores can give transparent info to their customers on a real-time basis thus saving time and resources by a long scale.

  • Improved brand image

Prompt deliveries build customer loyalty. Loyal customers act as brand advocates who spread positive reviews about the business thus bringing in more sales volumes. Magento tracking number help businesses ensure deliveries as assured to customers at the time of taking the order.

Which is the Best Shipping Tracker Extension for Magento?

It is an options galore for any online store that wants to buy a Magento shipping module? Here are some of the top performing and best selling extensions that are worth paying their price for.

1) Apptha Track Your Order

Apptha’s real time order tracking Magento extension is an online store owner’s best companion. The extension enables stores to give its customer prompt information about their placed orders, order dispatch, delivery updates, etc. All this without requiring the user to sign up or register with any website. Apptha’s Track Your Order extension comes enabled with easy order tracking feature, user friendly interface, multi domain license, email notifications, etc. to create big wins for both store owners and customers alike.

2) Mage solution Track orders

Mage Solution’s track order extension is compatible with Enterprise and Community edition of Magento. It helps customers to track the order, the payment status and beginning to end details about the order without any fuss. It shows order status in lframe and is compatible across all available browsers. Admins are also provided the facility to edit the order status label and also load information using using Ajax.

3) Biztech store Mobile order tracking Magento extension

Like most top-notch magento order status tracking extensions, Biztech also enables users to check their order status without having to enacting a login.There is also a tracking order widget which can be defined by the admin for facilitating order status tracking by users. Core features for admins include link to track order in email and widget placement customization.

4) Aheadworks Mobile order tracking

The mobile order tracking extension from Aheadworks enable users to track their orders from mobile devices as well as websites. Notable features of the Magento shipment status include direct-link based tracking, order tracking from website, mobile app based order tracking, and user/guest option for customers.

5) Xtento Tracking Number Import Module

Xtento gets ahead of competition by allowing store owners to download their order status updates, order numbers, payment details as csv or XML into Magento module. The extension also notifies customers when the order is processed and is lined for delivery. Xtento’s order shipment status tracking extension saves all manual effort that a store owner will otherwise have to otherwise spend time with.

6) Customy order tracking

Customy’s order tracking Magento extension enables users to check for order updates and delivery status without the trouble to sign in. It is compatible with Magento versions 1.3s and above and is available in single domain as well as multiple domain/developer licenses. The extensions enables users to track their orders using order number or using their email ids. It is a 100% open source code which is also compatible with third party extensions.

7) Creativeminds Magento Order status extension

The Magento order status extension gives instant order status and information. If required, the admin can edit such order information. The extensions provides for adding any number of custom payment and shipping statuses as desired by the store owner. Don’t be stuck with just processed, ordered, out for delivery messages.

8) MLX Store Magento check order extension

Available in single and unlimited license modules, the MLX Magento store extension is a must-have for every online store owner. It comes with flexible settings that can be customized by the admin to inform the customers better about order status. Also, the extension is compatible with all browsers and also W3C CSS valid.

Given the many options, which is your pick to give your customers information about their order status.


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