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Jul 5, 2016 10:37 AM ET

Archived: Your Entertainment Connection: ViewerReviews has developed a multimedia platform that members can use to view, rate and review current offerings of entertainment, and, most importantly, to connect with one another based on shared cinematic taste.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 5, 2016

ViewerReviews, Inc.



Your Entertainment Connection.





Typical pre-movie research: First you spend hours browsing movie trailers, online reviews and blogger opinions. Then you pick one, and realize twenty minutes into it that there a hundred things you’d rather be doing with your time. It’s not often we have the time to sit down and watch a movie; when it’s a bad one, the wasted opportunity is as terrible as the script you can’t connect to or the jokes that don’t make you laugh.

At ViewerReviews.com, our mission is to eliminate that wasted time – from selection to viewing, our goal is to facilitate the movie watching experience. We’re introducing a user-driven database that connects members to individuals who share their taste in movies. Ratings by a host of strangers can hardly predict enjoyability for every viewer, so we’re connecting people with similar cinematic tastes and enabling them to browse movies recommended according to their specific preferences. We also shorten the leap from “pick a movie” to “watch a movie” by connecting our users directly with streaming and ticket purchasing within our platform – we’re already working with Fandango, Amazon, and iTunes.


The glory of the digital age lies in the endless options that have come to live at our fingertips. But what we are beginning to realize is that this massive influx of information can be overwhelming to our decision-making abilities. Even picking a film for movie night can be exhausting, because the existing resources are so vast and it is hard to whittle them down according to individual taste.

Deliberately intended to make every movie appealing to every viewer, movie trailers are like buying a book according to the cover illustration. It is difficult to get a worthwhile taste of the substance of the film in the brief and busy medley of clips that make up most trailers.

Ratings end up smoothing themselves out into one overall opinion: good, bad, or somewhere in between. Unless you want to peruse through the hundreds of comments to find a few opinions that actually address the things you are looking for in a movie, you have little way of determining whether that overall opinion has any bearing on the likelihood that you will or will not enjoy the movie.

You may actually be familiar with a blogger’s taste and find that his or her reviews give you a really reliable expectation of the movie being discussed. But the odds that your favorite blogger has watched and reviewed every movie on the scene are not very high.


ViewerReviews has developed a multimedia platform that members can use to view, rate and review current offerings of entertainment, and, most importantly, to connect with one another based on shared cinematic taste.

Become a member and answer some preliminary questions.

Start using the site, and our compatibility engine will begin to learn your entertainment preferences.

Compare your compatibility score with other members, to find like-minded individuals whose reviews you can rely on.

And the best part? Your profile on ViewerReviews is fully customizable, giving you the power to maintain your own personalized panel of movie advisors and regularly access reviews that matter to you.

So take a look at where we’ve been, so you can decide if you want to be a part of where we’re going!


ViewerReviews launched their desktop application in April 2015 and have acquired over 500 members in that short time via social media. The reviews have been positive and the only thing they want is more of us! So we’re working on adding more features prior to a mobile launch. The site is averaging over 1,500 unique visitors and we cannot wait to have them as members as well!

The algorithm that supports the building of cinematic relationships within our communities has the unique expertise of Tony Karrer – CTO and Technical Advisor. Tony was previously the CTO for eHarmony for their first 4 years of business launch, so he has learned what goes into forming successful relationships.

We have affiliate relationships in place with big names like Fandango, Amazon, and iTunes so that our members have easy access to the movies they want to watch.

Going forward we will be focusing on developing and refining our mobile application. Once we’ve established our presence as a reliable source of personalized entertainment, we will break into other entertainment categories including TV, books, music, and video games.

Interested in learning more about what’s next for ViewerReviews and how you can help make it happen? Request access to the Business Plan side of this profile and let’s talk!

In February of 2016 VRI launched a companion website news.viewerreviews.com to publish original content focusing on the lastest movie news and reviews. The new site is an extension of the web-app and will help to increase traffic and user base on the application.


Tim Carpenter had been waiting for technology to catch up to his love for movies. He saw ratings sites pop up, but was continually disappointed by their inability to recognize his own preferences. Realizing that cinematic opinions were shared with some, just not all, he decided to combine the value of a larger community with an advanced relationship algorithm. With 25 years in the entertainment industry under his belt, Tim’s focus is now on new development and social media marketing.

Paul has over 30 years of board level experience at Johnson & Johnson, KAO Brands, and a variety of start-up companies.  His expertise, consumer insights experience, and record of successes plays a critical for the VRI leadership team.  He will play an instrumental role in building VRI’s user base, marketing strategies, and ensuring revenue growth.

Teri has worked for over 20 years in sales and marketing with both start-ups and established companies (including Johnson & Johnson Corp. and POM Wonderful Brands). Having successfully launched hundreds of new products to consumers, Teri lends expertise and experience to the development of market strategies and execution plans for ViewerReviews.

Tony was instrumental in assembling and supervising the development team for the MVP (desktop VR application). He brings over 25 years’ experience leading software development teams on systems that range from radar software to data-mining solutions. In addition to being CTO for eHarmony.com for their first 4 years, he has been part-time CTO and technical advisor to more than 20 other startups. Tony will ensure that the technical development of VR continues to be cutting edge.




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Tim Carpenter

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