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Jul 3, 2016 8:06 AM ET

Archived: OFICINAS DO CONVENTO – 20 YEARS, Cultural Association of Art and Communication: Support for publication / video of the 20 years of the Oficinas do Convento – Cultural Association of Art and Communication

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Support for publication / video of the 20 years of the Oficinas do Convento – Cultural Association of Art and Communication

Under this crowdfunding will be made a digital publication about art, photography and earth architecture. Summarizing the activities and creators who contributed to the 20 years of the Association. The publication will also be a subject of research for researchers in the field of art , all projects and authors will be sent to hyperlinks to articles, websites and videos.

We will also ” dig up ” the association’s files and will be done an artistic documentary video, representative of the 20 years of the association.

For publication, we have a team of designers and experienced reviewers, ensuring the quality of the final product , the same team will be responsible for the 20th anniversary of the Association brochure. For the video we will work with our employees audiovisual area that have contributed over the years to the extensive archive of the Oficinas do Convento.

The rewards offered , as well as including the digital book and video ( Original support – customized pen drive in our workshops ) , also include original pieces of ceramics and silkscreens of our artists.

Learn more about the Oficinas do Convento in  Oficinas do Convento.  



The Oficinas do Convento – Cultural Association Art and Communication , founded in 1996, NGO and UNESCO Centre , since its establishment operating under the Fine Arts , with a clear concern to rethink local conditions , to convert them into cultural gains for resident city.

The approach to cultural agents and local artists allowed àOficinas Convent expand its scope of action. The Association’s programs are of public interest and impact on city life , as they contribute to the inhabitant and the relationship with the urban space, the surrounding landscape and the traditional architecture , rescuing knowledge. They represent a programmatic supply for the city and represent to the Association , an added value for its support to the activities.

The Oficinas do Convento welcomes Artistic residences in the fields of ceramics, Traditional Architecture , Design , Sonosculpture , music , among others. It produces handmade construction materials such as brick and tile.

Promotes conferences in various fields of Plastic Arts and Photography and has a strong training component that is allowing to strengthen and consolidate national contemporary artistic production.

So in these last 20 years the activity of the Oficinas do Convento and their creators contributed to that culture was defined as a development axis of the city , and is structured to meet the needs of artists and researchers.

See our vídeos.


Total value for this project is 7896€ (Design , printing , stick , customization , file content search , fulfillment, assembly, editing, sound , content management , paging , review).

The products have started to be produced . They will be offered for sale in October / November 2016.

Revenues from sales will revert to the artistic activity of the Association.

Contact Information:

Oficinas do Convento

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