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Jul 1, 2016 3:00 PM ET

Archived: Quickie Technologies, Inc – The only on-demand platform priced for college students

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2016

Quickie Technologies, Inc.

The only on-demand platform priced for college students.

From a simple, beautiful app, Quickie users can get a ride, order food or essentials, order laundry/dry cleaning services and more for a flat monthly subscription.

Across the country, on-demand apps are taking over, but recent studies have shown that they’re only taking off among the affluent. With Quickie’s rigorous approach to efficiency and logistics, we keep costs low enough to pass on the savings to our customers: the 21.8 million students in the country who spend $50 billion every year on food alone.

Within 5 short years, Uber, DoorDash and Postmates have completely changed the way the world thinks about transportation and urban logistics. They’ve also changed the economic landscape by ushering in the gig economy. But they’re ignoring a huge portion of the world who would love to get in on the action.

College students love the convenience and instant gratification of on-demand apps. Most, though, are simply too tapped to pony up for on-demand rides, laundry and delivery services.

And that’s a shame, because college students—nearly twenty-two million of them—are extremely busy.



Social activities.

Study groups.

On-demand services are made for that kind of lifestyle. But $2.15 per pound for laundry service with a $30 minimum and $5.99 delivery fee from Washio? A $12 delivery fee during Blitz surge pricing for food delivery from Postmates?

Good luck with that.

Quickie works differently. We’ve created the first affordable on-demand platform that gives you the option of paying super-low prices à la carte, or (and this is the really exciting part):

For $4.99 per month, you can get unlimited free deliveries and discounted rides across town. That’s less than the price of just ONE Postmates food delivery that many of our customers are stuck using!

Think of it like Amazon Prime for on-demand services: it’s the perfect model for both power users and roommates who utilize collective purchasing power for increased savings. However, customers use Quickie for their everyday needs. Here’s what you get:

How did we manage to create the first affordable on-demand platform? It’s simple:

We kept everybody in mind: from our customers, to our driver and merchant partners.

Others are able to charge higher prices because they know their users are affluent.

Because we built our platform with the specific goal of affordability in mind, every step of every process used to power the Quickie experience is built with ruthless efficiency as the ultimate goal. Eliminate inefficiencies and you eliminate costs. Eliminate costs and you can pass on the savings to your customers.

It’s in our DNA
It takes more than just will to be efficient. Both of Quickie’s cofounders were born and raised in Silicon Valley, where inefficiency is a bad word. Combining an aversion to inefficiency and an extensive background in logistics, technology, and financial modeling, Quickie’s team utilizes a technology-based, data-driven model that eliminates unnecessary steps to keep costs low – while maintaining healthy profitability.

Quickie is a perfect storm for the hyperlocal marketplace, which is notoriously difficult to manage because of the ever-shifting nature of supply and demand.

Our target market naturally creates high population density within a constrained region. With Quickie, customers can request a variety of on-demand services for their daily needs. Since our drivers can focus on servicing many different needs within a small area throughout the day, the perfect logistical environment is created for us to bring down costs and pass along savings to our customers.

Additionally, our  proprietary algorithms and automated systems replace manual labor and headcount. From basic support queries to driver onboarding and operations, our automated systems allow Quickie to run far more efficiently.

That means Quickie subscription members can get rides 10 to 30 percent cheaper than UberX, while our drivers earn 9.4 percent more on that same trip. That also means members get delivered goods at more than 50 percent less than Postmates and DoorDash, while our drivers earn 20 to 40 percent more on average than their drivers per hour.

Over the course of a month, a semester, a year… all those rides, all that food, soap,  shampoo, and ice cream deliveries add up to tremendous savings – both in time and money! Parents love the fact that Quickie provides their kids with additional safety, productivity, and a “home away from home” environment for them to get what they need at affordable prices – especially during those late nights!

Our unique business model positions us to naturally create value for all stakeholders involved: from our customers and their parents, to our driver and merchant partners.

Quickie is currently ready to launch their private beta in Los Angeles at two of California’s largest universities and we’ll begin to generate revenue from day one with paying customers. We’ve capped enrollment for our private beta and we will continue to build the wait list as we operate through the summer.

We’ve meticulously crafted every aspect of Quickie to accelerate growth and entry into new markets. Ready to hear what the future holds for Quickie? Click the “business plan” tab at the top of this page to find out more!

Justin is a born-and-raised Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a former investment banking analyst with Credit Suisse’s Global Technology M&A Group in San Francisco. An economics major at UC Berkeley, he’s interned at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, worked as an angel investment analyst intern with Keiretsu Forum, and as an analyst at MergerTech and at Voce Capital. He founded Quickie in 2015. It was a passion for his father’s logistics business from a young age and a knack for problem-solving born in the financial industry that led to the creation of Quickie.

Amr is also a Silicon Valley native, with a decade of experience in tech. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University, he served as a Product Marketing Engineer for IDT, serving customers throughout Asia, the US and Europe. Amr then attended Santa Clara University, to attain his MBA. Before co-founding Quickie in 2015, Amr was a founding member and Director of Business Development & Technical Marketing of MaxPower Semiconductor Inc., which has gone on to generate double-digit millions in revenue.

DJ specializes in Linux Operating Systems, Open Source standards, Scalable  software platforms and iOS and Android mobile development. He brings more than 15 years of experience with open source and more than 20 years in software development to the Quickie team. He previously co-founded Open Source Mind, a software development and technology services company out of Dallas, Texas, doing work for both established enterprise and startups alike. He also formerly worked at renowned companies like Shell, Agip, Motorola, Nokia, The United Nations and many others including a Brazilian Federal Bank.

Contact Information:

Justin Hoffman - CEO

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