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Jun 30, 2016 2:30 PM ET

Archived: Living Power is using recycled cooking oil to quickly generate power for the grid when there is a surge in demand.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2016

Living Power



A seven year investment to supply the grid with electricity from used cooking oil.




Living Power is using recycled cooking oil to quickly generate power for the grid when there is a surge in demand.

This is an opportunity to earn a fixed return over the 7 year life of the investment by refinancing 4 operational bioliquid plants that produce electricity from high quality, low-intensity processed waste cooking oil.

There are certain periods of time, particularly in the winter months, when more electricity is needed to supply light and power to our homes and offices. Generators that are able to power up and down quickly to meet this demand are invaluable in keeping the lights on.

Living Power makes money by generating electricity for National Grid at times of high demand as part of its back-up capacity known as STOR (Short-Term Operating Reserve). This cash will go towards paying investors’ returns.



How it works

Living Power owns a portfolio of 4 operational power plants that generate energy in peak times from recycled domestic cooking oil. Investor returns are made up from the sale of the energy produced, as well as from payments under the government’s Renewable Obligation scheme for clean electricity.

Your money

Living Power is looking to raise money to refinance the remainder of an existing loan which prevents them or their shareholder from building the other biofuel projects in their pipeline.

The environment

There are regularly periods of time, particularly in winter, when there is a need for more power on the UK grid at short notice. Currently, a lot of this power is diesel generated and there are plans to build several new gas plants to meet future needs. Living Power offers a greener alternative. They use a product LF100, made by their sister company from waste cooking oil in a process that uses no chemicals or diesel and only minimal heat, to produce electricity quickly to meet this demand.

Energy security

Living Power is also increasing the proportion of home grown power on the UK grid. Rather than relying on imported energy, it uses biofuel that has been produced from recycled, domestic and industrial cooking oil. This takes an end-of use product that already exists in the UK and will continue to do so for as long as we use oil for cooking in our homes, and extends its life.




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Living Power

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