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Jun 30, 2016 4:13 PM ET

Archived: George – DigitoralMedia.NYC – affordable media services are a scarcity in the local South Bronx business community: Our ideal customer is the home-based or co-working entrepreneur.

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George’s story

I grew up in Fort Apache South Bronx, New York and began working with technology in 1984. I took on a summer job at my former Junior High School teaching BASIC programming to students. With my love for technology I sought out work in the banking industry starting at Dollar Dry Dock in the Bronx and later Freedom National Bank in Harlem as a ATM specialist and a network administrator.

In 1994 I started Ujamaa Communications, Inc. while working at Pfizer Inc. as a team member supporting 250,000 users worldwide. These experiences inspired me to donate my time building network and computer infrastructures in the South Bronx. In 1999, I was certified as a Microsoft Certified Engineer and in 2004 I joined the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation as a Technology Instructor for seniors, afterschool children, and adults pursuing computer literacy. I also operated the Media room at the Brownsville Recreation Center in one of New York toughest, yet most deserving communities. What I enjoyed most was the Youth Media team where youth interviewed the NY Mets and Brooklyn elected officials.

In 2005 my team and I Ujamaa Communications, Inc. opened its doors at 2386 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd in Harlem in 2005. We served the Harlem community for more than 5 years. In 2009 I was honored to received the Charles B. Benenson Award as Entrepreneur of the year from Project Enterprise.

Today I provide Media consulting services through my newest venture, DigitoralMedia.NYC, primarily to small business owners with five or fewer employees. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs become competent in the use of technology and media to engage their market and grow their businesses.





This loan is special because:

It supports a business that provides affordable digital video services in the Bronx, New York.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

I launched DigitoralMedia.NYC because affordable media services are a scarcity in the local South Bronx business community. The few services available are either too simple or out of reach due to complexity and cost.We provide our clients with affordable digital video production services, website creation services, and social media campaign creation services to guide viewers to various calls to actions. Our clients receive the ability to use up to date methods to brand their business, products/services. We use social media platforms to help the client engage their market over time, sharing the values that are important to the end customer.

What inspired me to find a solution to this problem is providing technology solutions to businesses, for over 20 years and thinking technology alone was the solution. I learned media is the key that opens the door to engaging the market. Small businesses cannot competitively grow using one without the other.

Our ideal customer is the home-based or co-working entrepreneur. Our goal is to train and assist a minimum of 36 entrepreneurs, over the next 36 months, to tell their compelling stories using digital and social media. I’m particularly proud I have not only overcome my fear of doing creative work, but I have taken the chance to reinvent myself as an “artist” co-writing and producing some of the most interesting stories out of NYC.

What is the purpose of this loan?

The loan will be used to purchase a new Sony AS7II camera, a rig and bag to protect it ($5,500); a Shogun digital video monitor/recorder ($1,000.00); a Zoom 8 Channel digital audio recorder and bag ($1,500). The loan will also cover the first 3 months salary for a part time production assistant ($4,000)

Our projected revenue from serving a minimum of one client per month will increase our revenue 263% to over $2,500.00 per month.

The updated equipment will help increase quality and expedite our workflow cutting setup and production time by over 1/3. this further reduces over cost making our services far more affordable than our nearest competition. The assistant will also follow up with sales leads.

I have also saved and am investing $2,000.00 of the money I have earned from the feasibility period of the business.

About DigitoralMedia.NYC

Industry: Services
Years in operation: 1 year – 3 years
Website: digitoralmedia.nyc



A loan of $10,000 helps George replace outdated media equipment with faster higher quality equipment that will decrease our setup and production time while producing the highest quality media. Also, to help employ a part time production asisstant.





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