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Jun 28, 2016 5:43 PM ET

Archived: ParaPatch : Drug-free relief from overactive bladder and urinary incontinence is finally here

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2016


Drug-free relief of female overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.


Drug-free relief from overactive bladder and urinary incontinence is finally here.

Introducing the Lady Patch – the flagship product from the talented consumer product executives at ParaPatch.  Instead of using drugs, traditional production methods, or only treating the symptoms, our product utilizes neuromodulation to trigger the pelvic muscles and provide unmatched relief to a condition that 500,000,000 women around the world suffer from.

Long-deserved relief is finally here – and so is an excellent investment opportunity!


Some of the world’s most far-reaching consumer issues are left largely unaddressed – especially in the world of healthcare.  Sufferers of certain ailments and conditions are often uncomfortable talking about their situation, leading to a lack of public knowledge and a lack of improved solutions.  Overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary incontinence, which impacts over 500,000,000 women globally, is one of these glaring issues.  About 7% of the world’s population is being forced to deal with current treatment options that are severely underperforming.

It’s caused by a combination of OAB muscles and urinary sphincter dysfunction. Primary symptoms include sudden strong urges to urinate and incontinence accidents.  It causes great inconvenience, uncomfortableness, and a litany of self-image issues for the world’s women, leaving them to deal with the following situations:

It’s not like the market opportunity isn’t there.  Current solutions include a variety of drugs, devices, and treatments, and comprise a market of approximately $5 billion.  Generally speaking, they are expensive, ineffective, and address only symptoms – not the problem (like pads).  Perhaps most importantly, however, are the adverse side effects that many solutions lead to – which frustrate an already-dissatisfied consumer even more.  Full disclosure is finally here – the time for a drug-free, effective solution is now.


Women have been waiting far too long for an OAB and urinary incontinence solution that gets the job done every time while eliminating side effects.  At ParaPatch, we’re proud to be the ones who deliver.

Our company has the sole purpose of helping women suffering from OAB and urinary incontinence to restore their dryness, freedom, and self-esteem.  Founded by a team of female executives well-versed in consumer products, we’ve developed the perfect solution to accomplish our goal – the Lady Patch.  It’s an innovative new feminine patch uniquely designed to proactively prevent leaking and overly-frequent urination, rather than react to it like current solutions.

After a very simple application, users will have increased control over their bladder and feel the urge to urinate only when they really need to.  Best of all?  It’s completely drug-free – meaning users can go about their day completely dry while not being exposed to adverse side effects.


So, how exactly does the Lady Patch create unmatched dryness without the use of drugs?  Through the magic of the human body.  Easily applied directly on the clitoris, the patch stimulates nerves throughout the pelvic region through neuromodulation and autonomic signals.  To this end, it works much like a kegel – triggering the pelvic muscles to contract and the bladder to relax.  Therefore, it provides much greater bladder control while strengthening muscles at the same time.

The Lady Patch can be used at whatever frequency the user deems necessary.  We recommend an average daytime use of every 4-6 hours and once again at night to start with; but again, this can easily be adjusted if the user wishes.  Each patch was designed for a single use.

Let’s check out just a few more features and benefits that the Lady Patch boasts:


We completed a successful clinical trial proving our product’s safety and efficacy, conducted in-market consumer research with ~500 women, and we recently launched on Amazon to further prove out our proposition.  Our next step is to garner additional market data with Amazon and then expand to other key drug retailers – fueled by the funds we receive during this raise.  But before we get ahead of ourselves too much, it’s time to look back at some of our more impressive accomplishments to date:

We’ve gained a valuable IP asset with US Patent #8,684,008, which covers broad method claims.  Global patents on future planned product features have also been filed. Additional design and utility patents have been allowed by the USPTO. Issues fees were just submitted and we’re awaiting additional patents in the next few months.

The Lady Patch has been approved safe for consumer use by the FDA and California FDB (Class 1 exempt).

Clinical research has yielded great results.  Research supports our claims of the Lady Patch being safe and extremely effective for all types of urinary incontinence.

Real-world users (over 500 to date) have been overwhelmingly positive when rating our product – with 73% saying they’d purchase it.

The execution of our comprehensive marketing plan is underway.  We launched our go-to-market tactics in May 2016 by becoming a presence on Amazon.

Moving forward, we envision the Lady Patch becoming the world’s go-to product for women seeking a drug-free, inexpensive feminine patch to control their bladder – and becoming a highly-successful global business.  To do so, we’ll execute an aggressive future development plan that has a strong emphasis on marketing; specifically, advertising and sales channel expansion.  The first step in this process is our initial go-to-market efforts – which are currently being executed through our Amazon channel.


The five women tasked with executing the ParaPatch vision relate perfectly with the female consumers we’re targeting.  With a wealth of combined experience, they also know what works and what doesn’t in the consumer products world – and have built ParaPatch accordingly.  Let’s meet our executives:

Cindy Santa Cruz, Founder – The visionary who started the company.  Natural affinity for consumer products and our current Chairman of the Board.

Suzanne Sengelmann, CEO – The experience and top-level skills she acquired as VP of Marketing & Innovation at The Clorox Company serve as huge assets for us, where she serves as top executive boss.

Heidi Bowman, CFO – Current Certified CPA and CFO at RTC Consulting LLC; resident financial expert.

Ann Thomas, Quality/Regulatory Consultant – Has held similar roles for a variety of companies, including Avinger, FoxHollow, and MedTronic.

Salima Merani, IP Counsel – Represents multiple aesthetics, orthopedics, cardiovascular, and neuroscience companies.

The ParaPatch execs are backed by a formidable Board of Advisors.  The business side is comprised of Tarang Amin (Elf Cosmetics CEO) and Eric Weider (Weider Health and Fitness President), while the scientific side is headed by three well-respected medical doctors.

Contact Information:

Cindy Santa Cruz, Founder

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