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Jun 27, 2016 5:41 PM ET

Archived: CaregiversDirect – A better way of finding caregivers for families who need them: A membership-based caregiving company where the best, most compassionate caregivers are easily searched online or via telephone

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 27, 2016


A better way of finding caregivers for families who need them.


Disintermediating the caregiving industry: CaregiversDirect is a membership-based caregiving company where the best, most compassionate caregivers are easily searched online or via telephone. CaregiverDirect empowers customers to hire caregivers directly; saving money and increasing caregiver pay. CaregiversDirect brings respect and dignity to the forefront of the caregiving industry. 

CaregiversDirect.com is a membership based caregiving company.  Caregivers are easily searched online. We connect families to trusted, compassionate caregivers nationwide without the hassle and expense of using a traditional home health, care agency. Customers can hire caregivers directly based on their loved ones’ personal needs, all the while saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Through CaregiversDirect membership, CaregiversDirect offers families direct access to our curated software platform and concierge care team hotline so that families may find caregivers directly for themselves, but never by themselves; our concierge care team will always be by their side. And because we cut out the middleman the customer saves money and the caregiver receives higher pay


Americans are worried their loved ones will be sick, old and alone. Crisis levels of chronic disease plague America with over 133 million Americans suffering from at least one chronic disease. And everyday, there are 10,000 Americans turning 65 years old. There is an epidemic need for caregivers.

Not only is there a direct need for additional caregivers, but the current process of finding one is cumbersome and cost prohibitive. While in-home care allows careseekers and their families to avoid the high cost and inconvenience of hospitals and nursing homes, the process of finding the right caregiver has become increasingly expensive and is highly impersonal. The caregiving process is one of the most personal periods in one’s life. Shouldn’t you have a caregivier that fits well with your family?

The traditional approach to hiring a caregiver has typically involved the use of a caregiver agency, which results in several customer pains:

  • No Personal Choice and Control: Agencies typically take a cookie cutter approach to caregivers. Customers want to take ownership of the caregiver hiring process so that they can find caregivers that are tailored to their family’s unique needs and situations. Traditional agencies simply do not allow for this.
  • Stress Inducing Process: The current process of hiring a caregiver through traditional agencies creates hassle, anxiety, and a feeling of powerlessness. Customers want a streamlined, easy-to-use approach that takes the stress and confusion out of the process while empowering them to help themselves and/or their loved ones.
  • Poor Quality of Care: Hiring a caregiver through traditional paths can lead to a poor quality caregiver as most agencies have minimal requirements, pay no attention to fit and compatibility, and focus mainly on the bottom line.
  • Unfair Pricing: Traditional agencies take up to 50% of a caregiver’s hourly rate. This leads to higher prices for customers and less take-home pay for caregivers. Customers want to find quality caregivers at affordable rates and pay caregivers more equitably.

Recently, online competitors have attempted to solve this market inefficiency by innovating around the problems mentioned above. However, these competitors fall mostly into two camps:

Companies that have taken the traditional agency/middleman business model and simply moved it online (thereby still costing customers thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs, paying caregivers less than they are worth, and often not addressing the customer pain in regards to quality and fit identified above), or

Companies that offer services at bargain basement pricing without making any promises towards quality, fit, or vetting of caregivers.

None of the current solutions are addressing all of the customers’ needs. CaregiversDirect does. Simply done. The best caregivers. Half the price.


When the founder of CaregiversDirect, Lisa Greer’s mother was in need of in-home care, Lisa relied on traditional agencies to find a caregiver for her mother. After countless agencies, countless caregivers and many tears over several years, Lisa and her mother were despondent.  Traditional agencies allowed Dottie no dignity, treating her with little respect.  Lisa found the process to be cold, impersonal, and resulted in caregivers who were not suitable for her mother’s specific needs. On one occasion, Lisa specifically requested an agency to send a caregiver that could take her mother to a doctor’s appointment, yet the caregiver did not have a driver’s license and Dottie missed a crucial doctor’s appointment. This incident was not isolated, and Lisa and her mother’s frustrations are not unique.

Out of this frustration, CaregiversDirect was born.



CaregiversDirect is synonymous with quality caregivers:

  • Our network only includes caregivers that we would feel comfortable bringing into our own homes.
  • We accept fewer than 10% of caregivers who apply.
  • We require a minimum of two years of verifiable prior caregiving experience.
  • We personally connect with and screen every caregiver.
  • Verify the caregiver’s references, and provide feedback to our customers.
  • We empower savvy customers to find the perfect caregiver for each specific situation by encouraging caregivers and families to connect directly before hiring.

CaregiversDirect is able to offer such high quality and personalized care while having affordable rates because we do not take a cent out of caregiver wages; we provide caregivers for direct hire:

Using CaregiversDirect, families pay less and caregivers take home 100% of their hourly pay, leading to high quality in-home care at extremely affordable costs:


Careseekers and their families are able to access the CaregiversDirect network of highly qualified caregivers by paying a membership fee. CaregiversDirect offers the following membership plans (every membership comes with free concierge service):



CaregiversDirect is currently available in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, and Houston, Texas with plans to expand to metro areas throughout the US over the next five years.

Caregiver Recruiting:
  • CaregiversDirect launched its beta website in April 2015.
  • It began onboarding caregivers in May 2015. CaregiversDirect now has over 600 active caregivers.
  • On June 3, 2016, CaregiversDirect successfully proved it can onboard 100 caregivers in 60 days or less in a metropolitan market.  CaregiversDirect began recruiting caregivers in Houston, Texas on April 4, 2016.  

Customer Membership:

  • CaregiversDirect had a 100% increase in membership signups during May 2016.  
  • CaregiversDirect is currently available to customers in Los Angeles, California and Orange County, California and Houston, Texas.
  • CaregiversDirect will begin direct response advertising to customers in July 2016 in Houston, Texas

Notable Investor:

  • During its friends and family funding round, CaregiversDirect raised a six figure sum from the founder of RealD. RealD is the company behind the current 3-D technology used in movie theaters. This investor took RealD from inception to exit. In November 2015, RealD was acquired by a private-equity firm for $551 million.

Strategic Partnerships:

  • The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Aging Life Care Association, National Care Planning Council, Jewish Sacred Aging, National Aging in Place Council, WhiteCoat, Caregiver Action Network, CareAcademy, etc.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center: CaregiversDirect is currently part of a study to be published as a white paper regarding the effectiveness of customers transitioning from a hospital to home with a caregiver.


The table below summarizes the product and technology roadmap for CaregiversDirect over the next 18 months:

Expanded Communication Tools
Deployment of a suite of notification and communication tools for caregivers, families, and administration. Tools will include customizable emails, texts, and other communication modes.

Metrics & Analytics
Development of caregiver metrics and analytics for use by internal administration and also for careseekers to improve the process of finding the right caregiver.

Care Coordination / Management
Introduction of features to facilitate coordination and management of home care by care recipient or a designated care manager, such as multiple account roles for a single account, calendar tracking/sync, automated billing, and internal tracking.

Social / Community Building
Creating an online social/community presence on CaregiversDirect for families and caregivers to exchange best practices, form friendships, and to share stories.

Website 2.0
Deployment of the 2nd version of the CaregiversDirect website, which will significantly enhance the user experience. New features will include interactive maps, customizable widgets and tools, and expanded functionality.

App / Smartphone
Rollout of companion smartphone app for CaregiversDirect. App will provide basic functionality for caregiver and families.

Expanded Smartphone / Tablet
Expansion of mobile offerings for caregivers and careseekers, including CaregiversDirect-related care tools for tablets and smartphones.


Lisa Greer, Founder
Lisa is an active philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of executive leadership experience at major corporations and startups. Lisa previously founded Beverly Hills Egg Donation, an agency that used cutting-edge reproductive technology. She also founded and served as the managing partner of Media Venture Advisors, a management consulting and strategic advisory firm. Earlier in her career, Lisa oversaw the development of the online and related business divisions of NBC, Universal Studios, and Spencer Gifts, in addition to pioneering ventures in music webcasting.

Lisa is a member of the Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors, a Board Member of Make-A-Wish of Greater Los Angeles, etc.

Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Tricia Blum, Chief Executive Officer
Tricia Blum is a senior business executive and general counsel with over 15 years experience building successful tech startups that have been acquired by companies such as Adobe, Matte, and Anthem.  Prior to moving to the business side, Tricia worked as a trasactional attorney and general house counsel. She structured and negotiated many multi-million dollar deals with several fortune 500 companies including Blue Cross, Union Bank, and Sony. Immediately prior to being hired by CaregiversDirect, Tricia worked as a turnaround CEO.  

Tricia sits on the board of Charity Wings Art Center and AEA Charter School Organization.

Tricia holds a bachelor’s degree from ASU and a JD from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Neama Dadkhahnikoo, CFO  
Neama is an entrepreneur with expertise in early-stage company growth. Previously he was the co-founder of Bruin MBA Consulting, CEO of Nikoo Energy, and a software developer at Boeing. Neama has an MBA from UCLA Anderson and BA in math, computer science, and physics from UC Berkeley.

Reva Gindi, General Manager
Reva previously co-founded and led an integrative healthy lifestyle program; helping clients to make positive and sustainable changes to their daily routines. Reva brings a passion for healthy living, and unique experience in startups and client service to her work as the head of the CaregiversDirect Care Team.

Reva also served  as the General Manager of the Tumbling River Ranch in Colorado, and the site manager for the Sullivan Canyon Preservation Association in Los Angeles.

Reva holds a bachelor’s degree from USC.  


Katie Nathan, COO
Katie previously held positions in creative development for a range of production companies, bringing her passion for storytelling to branded content campaigns in partnership with AT&T, BBDO, and Tim Kring. Katie began working with CaregiversDirect founder, Lisa Greer in 2008, Katie launched the Beverly Hills Egg Donation award-winning blog and other social media initiatives.

Katie holds a bachelor’s degree from Ball State University.

CaregiversDirect also has a robust board of advisors:

  • Suzanne Malveaux, national news journalist
  • Elie M. Gindi, M.D.
  • Pamela Schaff, M.D.
  • Susan Bass, P.T.
  • Stacy Barrows, PT, DPT, GCFP, PMA®-CPT
  • Vicki Nussbaum, BSE, C.N.
  • Rabbi Laura Geller
  • Jay R. Stein, Esq.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into CaregiversDirect!

Tricia Blum | Chief Executive Officer




Contact Information:

Tricia Blum - Chief Executive Officer

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