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Jun 26, 2016 5:12 PM ET

Archived: The Pastry Club needs The Sausage Roller, a roving, roaming trike-oven for express deliveries: The Sausage Roller is basically an oven on a bike, cruising around delivering our deliciously spiced, crispy-but-chewy, piping-hot but must-scoff-down sausage rolls to people and businesses around Plymouth, and at festivals nationwide.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 26, 2016

The Sausage Roller

A Business project Plymouth, United Kingdom


Help us fill Plymouth with sausage rolls! We need £5,000 to fund our Sausage Roller, a roving, roaming trike-oven for express deliveries.


We’re The Pastry Club, and we’re here to fill you up with sausage rolls.

For just over a year we’ve been working hard to put good food in the good people of Plymouth, delivering deliciousness to proper local events like the Plymouth Christmas Market and our beloved FlavourFest, as well as providing pastry-wrapped respite for the hungry masses at Lord Mayor’s Day.  

We have an underlying ethos of using local, organic and free-range produce to make the most mouth-watering treats imaginable, we’re proud to work with small local producers and supply some of Plymouth’s most-loved and much-needed independent  businesses:

  • Eva’s World and Cafe Be, who provide an essential city social hub for Plymouth’s mums

  • Our friends and award-winning master bakers at Jacka Bakery

  • The Hidden Olive, who are dedicated to supporting local food producers and eaters alike

As we continue to grow as part of Plymouth’s foodie family, we need to find new ways to keep delivering the freshly-baked goodness you know and love. So now, we need your help to take our next step.

Enter The Sausage Roller…..

The Sausage Roller is basically an oven on a bike, cruising around delivering our deliciously spiced, crispy-but-chewy, piping-hot but must-scoff-down sausage rolls to people and businesses around Plymouth, and at festivals nationwide.

We care greatly about our city and our environment, which is why we want to start using the power of our legs to deliver to our customers.  The Sausage Roller bike itself will be supplied by Bikespace in Devonport, who will provide a full service package to ensure we can cart delicious things around Plymouth and keep  supporting our precious local businesses, without adding another motor vehicle to the already-stretched urban infrastructure. 

With 5,000 of your graciously gifted English pounds we can get the Sausage Roller up and running and start triking sausage rolls and other baked goodies straight-from-the-oven, right to your door – without clogging up the roads and your lungs.

So see the funding goals and different rewards you can garner over to the right, and please give whatever you can.

Put something towards us, and we’ll put sausage rolls in you!

A bit more about us

We first fell in love with Britain’s Ocean City as students at Marjon and Plymouth University.  Hanna’s experience as a Youth Worker opened our eyes to the lack of food education amongst young people here, so it was with this in mind that we started The Pastry Club about a year ago. Our goal was simple. Make high quality and delicious food accessible to the people of Plymouth.

Our long-term aim is to open a premises where we can work with youth organisations and allotment associations in the city to support the existing food education movements such as Food is Fun, with whom we have already collaborated through Tamar Grow Local. 

We’re always adding new recipes and items to our menus, so check out our upcoming events and locations on our website, or get in touch to make wholesale orders or book us for an event.


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