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Jun 26, 2016 10:49 AM ET

Archived: A Midsummer Nights Yoga Jam Dream: The Floyd Yoga Jam needs help from the Tribe to be the Best Little Yoga Festival on the East Coast

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 26, 2016

A Midsummer Nights Yoga Jam Dream



The Floyd Yoga Jam needs help from the Tribe to be the Best Little Yoga Festival on the East Coast.




A Midsummer Nights Dream Campaign

Meet Laura & Shirleyann, two single Pisces moms and yoginis, from the sleepy little town of Floyd,  who conceived an improbable idea… a 3 day, Outdoor Festival full of Music, Movement, Magic & Art, nestled in the valley of a small farm in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of rural Virginia.

The duo leveraged all their savings, enlisted the help of friends and neighbors, created the Dancin’ Dakinis production company and embarked on a 5 year odyssey to build a unique, homegrown festival designed to nourish the body, heart and soul. 

Enter the Floyd Yoga Jam!  Known by followers as the Best Little Independent Yoga Festival on the East Coast, has grown from 700 to over 2500+ attendees who come together every Labor Day Weekend in early September to celebrate their love of Yoga, Dance, Art, Music, Great Food and Community!


 This is the 5th year and the theme:  A Midsummer Nights Dream.

This young startup now finds itself in an exciting place…wanting to expand the festival to be able to support quality programing for it’s goal of 5,000 attendees.  To do this the Dancin’ Dakinis need a capital investment fund to continue to build a safe, fun and exciting experience for all! 

What We Want to Achieve  


With Capital Investment of $20,000 or more, the Floyd Yoga Jam can achieve some very important goals in order of importance and priority:


  • Art Village & Kids Village teachers & material costs.   The Yoga Jam believes in Free Art for All!   Your investment will help ensure we can provide free art workshops for children and adults alike.    
  • Start Up & Production costs for the NEW  Speakeasy Shantea, a fundraising vehicle for local non-profits, who serve herbal teas and host thought provoking speakers, discussions and poetry slams to investigate topics that can effect social change. 
  • Expansion of the Parks & Recreation Department to facilitate the construction of a Frisbee Disc Golf Course as well as support more guided hiking, biking and running trails, plus orienteering and geo-caching workshops.
  • Mundane logistical needs; ie., composting stations, recycling and trash containers, Art Village tent, more Tiki Torches and Outdoor Lighting, Ambiance and Decorating items, etc.  


The more support we receive, the more we can achieve!




Great Floyd Yoga Jam Perks! 

Everyone who contributes receives a perk and our undying love gratitude plus bragging rights! You can get:


  • Handmade Prayer Flags from past Floyd Yoga Jams-unique original art infused with festival love.   
  • Donate and the Tribe will Spin the Yoga Jam Prayer Wheel in your honor!  Your name will be added to our Namaste’ Ya’ll Wall announcing all the enlightened souls who made a donation and want to see the Floyd Yoga Jam achieve its goals!   
  • Indigo Blue Yoga Jam SiliPint Beverage Cup with tokens for free beer, wine, coffee or kombucha.         
  • Healing Oasis Massage-enjoy a 60 minute massage during the event.  
  • Nirvanna Night-saturday night backstage dance party access, drinks and tapas and meet n greet MC Yogi!        
  • Enlightened Endowment-Want to make a Big Donation? Receive Big Love and Special Perks!  

Be the Change you wish to See in the World!

The World needs places like the Floyd Yoga Jam!   

The Floyd Yoga Jam is a production of the Dancin’ Dakinis, the Community of Floyd, VA and People like You! People who believe they can make a difference in a world of divisiveness, corporate greed and extractive economies.   This is an event that brings people of all ages, creeds and colors together to experience a safe place to play, grow and transform.  

This incredible journey could not have reached this point without the creative passion of Laura & Shirleyann or the Love and Support of the Yoga Jam Tribe! With continued support we can craft an even more outstanding festival and reach more souls and spread more Love! 

They said it couldn’t be done!

From the very beginning of this journey, there were people who said it couldn’t be done.   People wouldn’t come.  Local banks didn’t want to lend money.   Business didn’t want to sponsor such a crazy scheme.   Narrow minds didn’t want people practicing strange religions or speaking weird words like Namaste’ or Yoga.  County Supervisors were worried about crowds and trash. 

The Floyd Yoga Jam has been building bridges since it’s very first festival!   Taxes have been paid.  Businesses have seen increased sales.  Visitors have experienced the beauty and charm of Floyd County.   The word of this improbable event has spread and devotees have returned year after year.   

Not meeting the Capital Investment Goal means the Floyd Yoga Jam might not be able to provide special touches as soon as hoped.   But we can’t stop now…this is just too important not to work just a little harder to be the Best Little Independent Yoga Festival on the East Coast!

Namaste’ Y’all! 

If a contribution isn’t possible for you right now?   You can still help us achieve our goals!   Spread the Love!   Spread the Word!  Tell Your Yoga Class or Teachers to check us out!   Every dollar makes a big difference to the success of this endeavor!








Contact Information:

laura polant

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