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Jun 26, 2016 5:31 PM ET

Archived: Men Talk About Mother: Three men wonder about their mothers, now they are gone, in a funny, tender animated documentary by Bunny Schendler and Sheena Joughin

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 26, 2016

Men Talk About Mother

by Men & Mothers Productions


Men Talk About Mother project video thumbnail


Three men wonder about their mothers, now they are gone, in a funny, tender animated documentary by Bunny Schendler and Sheena Joughin.


About this project

Men Talk About Mother is a short animated documentary and first time collaboration between BAFTA nominee Bunny Schendler and award winning writer Sheena Joughin. 

Sheena’s interviews with three men about their mothers provide the script. Bunny’s design and animation bring poetry to the imagined life of the mother, as the men talk and wonder about their relationship with her, in life and after her death.

We are very excited to be currently in production thanks to the generous support of Film London as part of the 2016 London Calling Scheme which supports and mentors London’s new and emerging film talent.

The film is being produced by Melissa Herman and Film London and will be completed inAugust 2016

We are now seeking additional funding to do justice to Sheena’s wonderful script and Bunny’s beautiful drawings. 

Thank you for visiting our page – please pass on to anyone who is interested in men, mothers, families, animation, short films…or anything else!  Every pound counts towards our goal but we can’t access any of the backing if we don’t make our target!

What do we need the funds for?

The animation technique combines photo-collaged backgrounds and hand drawn animation. Bunny has been working with an animator to create the animation frame by frame using Adobe Photoshop. The animation is combined with the backgrounds in After Effects and edited using Adobe Premiere.

Digital software does speed up the animation process considerably compared to traditional animation on paper, but every frame is still basically hand crafted resulting in the equivalent of around 7,200 frames!!

Post Production and Sound Design

We are extremely lucky to have sound designer Tim Barker on the team. He will develop the existing interviews and weave them into a subtle and fluid soundscape. Good post production isn’t cheap. Having an experienced sound designer and finishing the film to the best possible standard will take it to another level. So we need more funding to extend our time with the sound designer and to give the film the best chance with high quality post production.

Additional Animation

We are also very fortunate to have the talent and commitment of a first class animator on board, Tom Senior! He has the skills and experience to work alongside Bunny to create delicate and humorous animation that brings the words and images to life. We want to be able to extend the time we have with him as well as one more animation assistant in order to further develop key sequences in the film.


Risks and challenges

The risks associated with this project are very small as we have the best team for this project with the talent and experience to get the film made.

Animation is extremely labour intensive so we need as many people hours as we can get at this crucial stage in the production!!

Contact Information:

Men & Mothers Productions

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