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Jun 24, 2016 3:29 PM ET

Archived: Perfect Memory: Wireless Pro Camera with AutoEdit – Save video highlights after the fact | Timelapse Photo/Video | Luxury | WiFi | Wearable | Versatile

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 24, 2016
Perfect Memory: Wireless Pro Camera with AutoEdit
Save video highlights after the fact | Timelapse Photo/Video | Luxury | WiFi | Wearable | Versatile




The Journey Behind Perfect Memory

Development began in 2015 to build the perfect camera from scratch, undergoing numerous iterations to achieve the operation and design of the finished Perfect Memory camera today.


Our team is comprised of wireless video camera manufacturing experts: industrial, electrical and computer engineers, as well as consumer product specialists and production managers, located in the USA, Asia, and Europe who have worked for Philips Electronics, IBM, AMD, Spansion and ASML. We created Perfect Memory to connect people together because photos & videos are a way to share our lives and experiences.  






1. What is Perfect Memory?

Perfect Memory is the ability to recall images with vividness bordering on actual visual perception; “total recall”; also called “photographic memory”.

2. Why did you name the camera “Perfect Memory”?

The camera allows you to save video after the fact, ie “go back in time” to save the events that already happened with the patented AutoEdit video.  Also, the camera takes the pain out of video recording on the go to help capture the perfect “moments” and perfect “memories”.

3. Are the Silver Metal and the Rose Gold Limited Edition Metal cameras the same model, apart from the different finishes?

Yes, the only difference between the two are the metal finishes.  The Limited Edition Rose Gold is more “gold” than “rose”. 

4. How do I control my Perfect Memory camera?

Either with the built in buttons that allow you to power on the camera, record video or snap photos, or with the free companion iOS/Android app.

5. How to I set the camera and are the settings saved after the camera powers off?

Yes, the settings you save to the camera using the companion iOS/Android app will be saved in the camera’s memory so you will not need to set them again upon powering on the camera.

6. Is it easy to use the Perfect Memory camera?

Yes, simply power on the camera and start recording video with a press of a button.  Or connect it to your smartphone and select additional modes to allow your camera to operate automatically so you can record hands-free.

7. What is AutoEdit and what is patented about it?

AutoEdit is a proprietary advanced mode that you can select to tap the camera to save up to the last five minutes of video (you can also change the duration). It is exclusively available only with the Perfect Memory camera under a new, recently issued United State utility patent. 

8. How do I set the camera to Timelapse modes?

You can set the camera to do Photo or Video timelapses using the companion iOS/Android app, to the time intervals of your choice.

9. What is the battery lifetime of the camera and how quickly does it recharge?

The 1,000 mAh battery take 1.5 hours to recharge.  Depending on the mode of use, you can operate the camera for several days without needing to recharge. In continuous video recording mode (no WiFi), you would have four hours.  With maximum power consumption – continuous WiFi and video recording – you would have two hours.

10. How many settings can I run at one time? 

You can set your camera to one mode of operation at any given time – for example regular recording, Timelapse, AutoEdit, car DVR loop mode.  You can always snap either a photo or record a video.

11. How do you attach the camera to different surfaces?

With the accessories, you will be able to turn any number of surfaces into a photo/video “booth”. 

12. How is the camera different from a GoPro?

GoPro has several models, its newest model is the Session.  The Perfect Memory camera is 2-3x smaller than the Session, made out of a luxury metal build, sleek, and features AutoEdit. It can be worn and used in ways the GoPro cannot, without sacrificing quality for size or versatility, while compatible with all GoPro’s line of action mounts and accessories.


13. Can it be used as a pet wearable camera and how?

Yes, it easily attachable to dogs, and even cats.  The camera lens is stable so you will be able to see in superb quality what your loved pet is up to. 

14. Is the camera lightweight and how much does it weigh?

Yes, it is lightweight, and weighs 1.8oz or about 52 grams.

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