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Jun 23, 2016 11:26 AM ET

Premier Elixirs: Unleash Your Potential – Healing frequencies in a bottle. Achieve your goals faster and easier. Try them risk free!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2016

Premier Elixirs: Unleash Your Potential



Healing frequencies in a bottle. Achieve your goals faster and easier. Try them risk free!




Would you like to achieve your goals faster and easier? 


How would your life change if it became easier to overcome the obstacles standing between you and your objective?



  • Would you have the body you have always wanted?
  • Would you have more money?
  • Would you have better relationships?
  • Would you have free time to spend enjoying life?
  • Would you have the home, car or clothing that you have always wanted?
  • Would you have more confidence, peace of mind or security?
  • Would you be happier?


What would your life be like if it became easier to have, be and do what you want in life?

Can You Relate?


If you’re reading this, you are special. You are a rare individual who doesn’t accept the status quo. You don’t accept “This is just the way things are”. You know that life can be so much more and that you can have so much more. More joy, more health, more passion, more money, more fulfilling relationships, more satisfaction, more love, more fun. 


You are a person who takes the time to work on improving your life to benefit not only yourself, but the lives of your family and your community. You are someone who has done your homework. You’ve read the books, watched the seminars, attended the workshops, listened to the audio and joined the groups. You reallywant to improve your life and you have made a significant contribution of time and money to do so. 


Yet despite all your hard work, commitment, drive and passion for bettering your life, you still don’t have everything you want. Hundreds of other people have had success, so you know that these things must work, but they just haven’t worked for you. You know it is possible to achieve your goal. You’ve never given up. Things just haven’t worked out for you the way you have hoped…yet. You’ve had some success, small or intangible gains, incommunicable effects that you feel very deeply, but your larger or more tangible goals still elude you. Or, maybe you’ve seen slow steady change, but you wish things would go a little faster. 




You have tried every tactic imaginable, every diet or workout available, every alternative medicine out there, every dating site, every money making technique and business but still find yourself stuck in the same place or only slightly better off than when you started. You know you are on the right path because you feel much better internally, more knowledgable and more confident than before. You even see more of the positive in life than you used to. However, you still don’t have the physical, tangible results you want. 


You’re getting really tired of trying new products, classes or techniques that take up your precious time and money but don’t produce results. You are looking for a better solution to help you speed up your results, get you out of “stuck” mode and onto the path of achieving your goals, dreams and desires. If this is you, keep reading. 


The REAL reason you don’t achieve your goals.


We all have things that we want. We all have goals, dreams and desires. We have all made attempts to achieve our goals, resulting in some wins and some losses. Have you ever wondered what is it that separates the wins and losses? Why are we able to achieve success in some areas in our lives and not in others?


Energy. The only thing that separates the wins from the losses is the frequency that you are emitting. The only reason that you either succeed or fail, win or lose, receive or block your goals, is because you are an energetic match to what you want, or you are not an energetic match to what you want. There is no other reason. This is the way the universe works. Everything else that you experience that seems to be a contributing factor is just an indicator of the frequency you are emitting. 


The Guaranteed Recipe for Success…


How do you go about changing the frequency you are emitting? Your brain is what transmits the frequency. Your thoughts are the basis of your frequency, Your beliefs are your thoughts on autopilot. By changing your beliefs, you put yourself on autopilot to success. The first step is to release all of the negative thoughts and beliefs that are not in line with what you are trying to attain. The second is to increase your focus on what you want and feel good about it. This is the recipe for success. this is at the core of any successful strategy to attaining your dreams, goals and desires. 


There is a plethora of information available on changing your thoughts and releasing negative energy. There are thousands of people offering books, articles, seminars, lectures, webinars, audio courses and home study programs all teaching a variety of techniques to change your beliefs such as visualizing, affirmations, rational self-analysis, etc. Some people get results from these techniques and others don’t because half of the ingredients from our success recipe are missing. 


Releasing the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions is the secret key that most success strategies are missing. Without releasing your resistance it can feel like you are trying to pull a boulder up the mountain with you. Wouldn’t you prefer to cut the cord that boulder is using to attach itself to you and climb up the mountain with ease?




The Highway to Success vs. The Scenic Route


Imagine you’re in a car that is chained to a boulder the size of your wheel. You need to get to your meeting across town, so you get in and the car won’t move. You notice that the gas tank is empty so you walk to a nearby gas station to buy gas, take it back to your car and fill up the tank. You then get back in the car and proceed to attempt to drive to your meeting. Now with the car being in relatively good shape and a full tank of gas, you can drag that boulder across town with you. You will get there eventually but it is going to be a slow and difficult process. Or, you can pull out a pair of bolt cutters, release yourself from that boulder and easily drive to your meeting. 


Trying to attain your goals by positive thinking alone, without releasing negative energy or our ‘boulders’ or ‘baggage’ will get you there eventually. Wouldn’t you rather take the highway to success rather than the scenic route?


There are a few technologies available that release resistance, but they can be overly complicated and awkward to learn. It may take many months or years to see real results. You usually need to know going in which beliefs are holding you back. That is a challenge in itself, because these beliefs have been accumulating subtly since childhood, so we are often unaware we even have them. Often you will need access to a practitioner, which may or may not be available in your area. Plus, dependancy on someone else is never ideal. Lastly, these methods can be expensive. especially over time, if like most people, you have a lot of baggage that you’ve accumulated over your lifetime.


Further still, some clearing techniques have been diluted. People have created ‘spin off’ versions so that they can promote it as their own unique method (and profit from training others to be practitioners of their method). Often the results get diluted as well. 


In addition to that, these clearing techniques don’t address the first ingredient of the success recipe, raising your vibration to match what you are trying to accomplish. You are still on your own to navigate changing your thought  habits, to focus positively on your goals through trial and error. No wonder it can seem like such an impossible task to master your thoughts and beliefs. There’s got to be an easier way!


Cut Out the Middle Men


The key is to do both, release your resistance and raise your vibration. By focusing on these two elements at the energetic level, you cut out all the ‘middle men’ and go straight to the source. This is the fast track to success in any and every area of your life. “How do I do that,” you ask? By adding a vibrational elixir to your routine. 


Imagine a simple way to let go of what’s holding you back and incrementally raise your vibration to match what you desire. Premier Elixirs address both elements of the recipe for success simultaneously. They first target the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are holding you back to release them. Secondly, they introduce the frequency that is a match to what you desire and with time and exposure, you take on this energy as your new vibrational set point. 




Easy? Yes Please!


Your time is precious, Managing work and family takes up the majority of your time. The little free time you do have gets spent on working on achieving your goal. That might mean exercising, cooking for health, working on your relationships, building a business or studying. If you do have a couple of hours free after all of that, the last thing you need is another task to add to your plate. You need solutions that will slide seamlessly into your life without causing any additional work on top of what you are already doing.  


Adding Premier Elixirs into your routine is as easy as remembering to take your vitamins in the morning. Nothing to carry around with you all day, no complicated schedules, no dietary restrictions, no changes to routine or habits. No books to read, techniques to learn, no affirmations or journalling necessary. Plus, they are completely safe, no matter what your health condition or medications you’re taking because they work at the energetic level to effect change. You don’t have to make time for appointments, sessions or check ups. Just add Premier Elixirs to your everyday routine and let the changes start taking place organically. 


The alternative of incrementally implementing the success recipe on your own will work…eventually.  You will have to notice when you hit a block, search internally for the block and release it through focus and attention. How fast it happens generally depends on your starting off point, how different your goal is from your current situation or how much baggage you have. Or, you can supercharge the process by adding Premier Elixirs to your success strategy. 


Premier Elixirs are the easiest way to get out of “stuck” mode and increase the speed at which you attain your goals. They have been designed to compliment what you are already doing. Take them along with dieting, exercising, building a business, paying off debt, looking for your sole mate, studying or manifesting. 


However, we want to make it clear that our elixirs alone will not achieve success for you. They must be incorporated in to your current process of strategy for achievement and they work in compliment to other clearing modalities. This is not going to provide you with instant gratification, but it will amplify your results, allowing you to reach your goal faster and with more ease.


Premier Elixirs puts you in charge. You are not dependant on a doctor, naturopath, practitioner or guru for your well being. The elixirs are not doing the work for you either, you are. They are nudging you energetically to encourage your body and energy system to do the work that is required. As you continue to be exposed to the vibration from the elixir, it will eventually  become your permanent set point. You will take this on as your own vibration and not have to depend on any outside sources for you alignment.





Risk Free


We know that adding Premier Elixirs to your current strategy to achieve your goal will boost your results. We stand behind our product 100% and stand behind the achievement your dreams 100%. We offer a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee from the time the product arrives at your home. If you are not seeing an improvement in your results, not making progress towards your dreams or are not happy with our elixirs in any way just email us for a full refund. What have you got to lose?


What are Premier Elixirs?


Premier Elixirs are not homeopathic remedies. They are not essential oils. They are not pharmaceutical drugs. They are not plant extracts. They are vibrational elixirs.


For centuries civilizations around the world have been using the energy of flowers, trees, crystals, gemstones, light, sound and channeled frequencies for healing. Paracelsus, the 15th century Swiss-German philosopher, physician, botanist and astrologer, wrote specifically about collecting dew from flowering plants, diluting it and using the liquid to treat imbalances in his patients. 


Ancient China has being using sound to heal with the 5 Elements Yi-Ching Music for Health. Each element of Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire and Water correspond with various musical modes, through the use of rhythm, texture, intensity and instrumentation to bring greater function to the corresponding organs. 


The Ancient Egyptians used crystals primarily for protection and health. Aryuvedic medicine in India considers crystals valuable for healing emotional and metaphysical imbalances. The use of various healing crystals is documented within the Hindu Vedas, which also covers each stone’s specific healing abilities. 


Each one of these elements offer a variety of frequencies that can help you achieve your goals. Some are balancing, some are uplifting, some are protective and some will release limitations. Each one can be harnessed to help you release resistance and raise your vibration. The solution was here all along, right under our noses.




Our Process


We start off by clearly defining the result we are looking for from the elixir. Once that is decided we are then guided to the correct ingredients that will fulfill the desired outcome. This includes flower essences, tree essences, crystals, gemstones, sound frequencies, light, reiki and our secret ingredient. We are using 170 different ingredients for our current 14 elixir collection.


The elixir is then put together by hand. We capture the high vibrations of the light, flowers, trees, crystals, and gemstones with pure spring water. Next, the mixture is exposed to healing sound frequencies. We preserve the elixir with pure vegetable glycerin rather than the traditional brandy or alcohol. We choose this option because it is clear, colourless, sweet and derived from GMO free palm. The mixture is then succussed 100 times by hand. Following this we have the high frequencies of Reiki energy channeled into the mixture. Then the mixture is potentized by dilution and successed by hand 1000 times. 


The essences are prepared in a location that is encompassed in highly focused positive energy. Careful thought goes into the name given to each elixir because we understand the energy of words. Finally, every elixir is crafted by someone who cares about every step of the process, ensuring that it provides maximum benefit to the recipient. 


No other product offers this combination of 8 different energy healing modalities into one potent elixir for maximum power and efficiency. Premier Elixirs are introducing the energy that is needed to both release your limitations and help you to start feeling more joy.


How to Take Premier Elixirs


Take 28 drops first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Drop it directly under your tongue for quick absorption into your blood stream so it starts to circulate quickly. You may also put it into any beverage of your choice. You can event put it into a hot beverage without the temperature having any negative effect on the elixir. 


Take it either for 7, 14 or 30 days depending on how far out of alignment you are with the frequency of that elixir. Most will begin with a program of 30 days. After, you may take it as needed whenever you feel you need a boost. 

Take one elixir at a time for maximum benefit. 


What We Need


In order to be able to produce these incredible elixirs on a larger scale and make them available internationally we need cash to buy our ingredients and supplies. We would like to buy our ingredients in bulk to reduce costs and simplify the process. We also need bottles, labels, containers and to rent a new space for storage and shipping and trademark our name. Plus with the increase in production and demand we need to hire people to help ship out the product and maintain daily operations. 


What You Get


We don’t want something for nothing, we want to provide you with our potent elixirs and help you make a difference in your life and the world at large. By supporting us now you will get to pre-order our elixirs at a discount! Plus a few other special perks that you can check out on the right of your screen. 

By continuing to make improvements to your own life you become a happier person. Your interactions with people and the world will now stem from this new, more positive state of being. It will have a direct effect on the people around you. You never know how your smile, friendship, caring or generosity could inspire positive change in someone else. Start with you, then pay it forward. Together we can spread more joy and one by one make this world a better place. 


Share this and you could be the reason someone else achieves their dream!

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Danielle Camacho

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