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Jun 23, 2016 2:38 PM ET

Archived: Not tech savvy? Not a problem! Meet PageRock: The innovative website-builder empowering small-businesses to create high quality, highly-functional, and fully-featured websites in a matter of minutes.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2016


Website platform with an exceptional C.E.O. and proven revenue model



Meet PageRock: The innovative website-builder empowering small-businesses to create high quality, highly-functional, and fully-featured websites in a matter of minutes.

Not tech savvy? Not a problem!

For business owners, PageRock helps them more effectively compete in the market, connect with wider audiences, and maintain relevance — ultimately translating to better sustainability and significantly larger profits.

Read on to discover how PageRock is leading the charge in nextgen website-developing technology and fostering the success of small businesses like never before.


So you run a small business and want to ensure that your company is as successful and profitable as it can be. You understand how crucial it is to establish and maintain an online presence in order to keep pace and effectively make your mark in a highly competitive market that is constantly adopting digital solutions.

The problem is, many owners don’t have the technical know-how to build a functioning website from scratch or the resources to recruit expensive consultants or design firms to do it for them.

The outcome? Many local and brick-and-mortar businesses are either failing to achieve online visibility altogether or — just as bad — they’re keeping severely outdated or poorly-designed websites. Both of these scenarios translate to countless missed opportunities to acquire valuable leads and convert them into potential sales.  

The current platforms that claim to solve these challenges are fundamentally lacking in the usability and wallet-friendly departments — resulting in substandard websites with limited overall accessibility and functionality.

Meanwhile, multinational corporations and major brands are dumping heaps of money into digitizing their practices, leaving the little guy either struggling to keep up with this breakneck pace of innovation or falling by the wayside altogether.

That’s where PageRock comes in: The faster, easier, and more effective way to modernize small businesses and enable them to plant their flag firmly in the global ecommerce space.


At PageRock, we’re helping your business tackle the ecommerce space head-on. Here’s a rundown of just a few of the key benefits that we’re providing our customers:

The internet has made it easier than ever for consumers to validate their purchases before they even reach for their pocketbooks. Gathering facts about a company’s products or services via the web ahead of time is often a key factor in determining whether or not consumers decide to take action. PageRock makes sure potential customers have that opportunity.

No matter what a business specializes in, we’re willing to bet that your core customer base has some degree of experience with online transactions, fact gathering, and information sharing over the web. PageRock gives customers valuable insights and first-hand-looks into your business and establishes credibility for your business as a functioning and competitive player in the ecommerce space.

PageRock is here to make sure business doesn’t miss out on the massive online audience segment. With PageRock’s platform, we’re giving you great way to engage with potential customers and nurture the ongoing relationships you have with your current ones.

PageRock significantly shortens the learning curve when it comes to creating sleek, polished, and highly customizable websites. PageRock allows you to manage your site using existing files and images that the majority of small business owners are already familiar with, so uploading is a snap.

The platform includes mobile and multi-lingual support, so you can reach your customers on any device and in any language to expand your reach.

PageRock offers premium services without the premium prices associated with competing platforms.


PageRock is the go-to web-building tool that small business owners have been waiting for. We’re creating compelling, ultra-navigable websites to put businesses in front of an entire world of online consumers to proclaim, “We exist. We’re awesome. And here’s why.”

PageRock delivers unprecedented simplicity of use. Here’s how it all works:

Register for an account for free on the homepage, and immediately begin setting up your website.

Upload Files
Users can add inactive domain names, then add files to those domain names, which will be instantly available. Users are able to develop custom forms, tables, stores, blogs, photo sliders, and more. Uploading images and other files is as simple as a click of a button.

Domain Name Activation
After you register for an account, and have added a domain name, click the activate button and you will be brought to our payment processor. After payment, your domain name will be registered and become active.

PageRock’s customers also get a full suite of incredible value-adding features aimed at generating the most complete and fully-realized website possible:


It’s still early in the company’s life, but PageRock is fully functional and we’re currently building on our momentum to become the next industry standard in leading businesses to major growth and success via the web. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished so far:

The initial product was coded from scratch. The application was recently re-coded to improve usability and scalability.

Patents & IP
The CEO owns the domain name and trademark for PageRock, and has submitted a very lengthy provisional patent on the technology.

PageRock has successfully validated the platform with several customers, including Corme and The Painted Piece.

Manufacturing & Distribution
The platform is coded to scale to any number of users, and runs on Amazon Web Services.

Find out how you can help PageRock continue to forge ahead by requesting access to the business plan side of our profile.


Jonathan Bannon Maher | Founder, CEO & Chairman
A tenacious entrepreneur and bona fide Renaissance man, Jonathan brings two and a half decades of programming experience to the table, having written software since he was only 8 years old. His wide range of experience includes writing software to protect classified US military networks and to trade billions of dollars at a startup hedge fund. In 2012, Jonathan ran as an independent candidate for the US Senate in New Jersey. He is also an accomplished and acclaimed author, having penned two influential books — one on global economic development that was endorsed by several world leaders — and another on building a successful organization. With PageRock, Jonathan is applying his years of programming expertise and business leadership sensibility to the ecommerce space. And he’s on a mission to deliver the most high quality, and highly effective digital solutions to today’s small business owners.

Contact Information:

Jonathan Bannon Maher | Founder, CEO & Chairman

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