The Dreamboat Health Collective is an integrative health and wellness center, classroom and apothecary that brings together practitioners and educators in order to provide comprehensive care which values the whole of the individual. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 23, 2016 7:46 PM ET

The Dreamboat Health Collective is an integrative health and wellness center, classroom and apothecary that brings together practitioners and educators in order to provide comprehensive care which values the whole of the individual.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2016

The Dreamboat Health Collective



Help us get our Dreamboat afloat! Integrated health collective offering accessible, inclusive care.



We believe that our health as individuals, and as a community, is only as strong as the knowledge and access that we have to supportive resources.


The Dreamboat Health Collective is an integrative health and wellness center, classroom and apothecary that brings together practitioners and educators in order to provide comprehensive care which values the whole of the individual. Our name, The Dreamboat, reflects our vision to create a warm inclusive space where your challenges and goals can be held–a place where you can find the appropriate and unique resources necessary for your support and healing.

We are committed to maintaining an accessible space for health services and classes for people of all races, genders, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. We operate a body positive, sex positive, queer, transgender and gender-nonconforming affirming practice.


This collective model is an exciting opportunity to start something innovative and to build it with integrity and inclusivity. We operate within a community network of practitioners and resources which strengthens the care we provide. Ensuring that our work is relevant to our community is central to our mission.  As health practitioners who do not put profit first, we must find ways to create sustainable business practices. We are dedicated to accessibility, including for those who cannot afford out-of-pocket payment for services such as ours. We believe that it is possible for health care providers to make a living wage while serving a broad demographic. Your support will help make this possible.  




  • Fertility awareness consultations

  • Conception support

  • Sexual health classes

  • Know Your Cycle classes

  • Tibetan medical consultations

  • Kunye massage

  • Intuitive bodywork

  • Flower and gem essences

  • Eco-birth control support

  • Full Health Intake and Consultations

  • Customized herbal formulas

  • Lifestyle and dietary recommendations

  • Childbirth education classes

  • Intensive classes on clinical herbal medicine

  • Workshops on herbs and sexual health

  • Herbal First Aid and emergency medical intensive classes

  • Herbal Medicine weekend courses



Full spectrum midwifery care including:

  • Preconception care

  • Comprehensive prenatal care

  • Nutritional counseling for pregnancy

  • Prenatal testing including blood draws performed in office

  • Referrals for ultrasounds

  • Home birth  ///  Water birth ///  VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)

  • On-call availability during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Care for mom and baby through 6 weeks postpartum  

  • Well person care including Pap smears

  • Herbal medicine specific to pregnancy

  • Placenta encapsulation

  • Birth and postpartum doula

  • Referrals to specialists as needed

  • Referrals for childbirth education, breastfeeding and pediatricians

  • Insurance billing service *specific to midwifery care


We are currently a team of three practitioners: Mira Weil, Doctor of Tibetan Medicine, LMT, and Certified Fertility Awareness & Sexual Health Educator; Christian Toscano, Primary Midwife Under Supervision, Clinical Herbalist, Doula; and Anne Louise Burdett, Clinical Herbalist, Educator, Doula and certified Yoga Teacher.

Mira Weil is a Doctor of Tibetan medicine, Certified Fertility Awareness & Sexual Health Educator, and Licensed Massage Therapist.  For the past six years she has operated a private practice in Western Massachusetts, where she offers care that centers on the whole person, and strives to meet each individual right where they are at.  Her practice is sex-positive, body-positive, and queer and transgender affirming.  Combining deep listening, education, comprehensive care and informed referrals, Mira seeks to empower people to receive what they need, connect with themselves, and bring healing practices with them wherever they go.  She weaves together over a decade of grounded education in Traditional Tibetan medicine, bodywork, and sexual health with intuition, magic, and faith in every body’s innate wisdom.  She is currently available for private consultations, in-person at The Dreamboat Health Collective in Greenfield, and Traditional Tibetan Wellness in Northampton, as well as booking consultations online.  She is also offering classes in person and online.  Please see for further details.

Christian Toscano is a Primary Midwife Under Supervision, Doula and Clinical Herbalist. She graduated from Birthwise Midwifery School, a MEAC accredited 3-year program for aspiring Certified Professional Midwives. Christian’s passion for women’s health led her to become a Doula in 2010. Since then she has volunteered as a Doula for low-income women, apprenticed at a women’s clinic and in several busy home-birth practices. She has attended numerous hospital and home births, many of which were successful VBACs (vaginal birth after caesarean).  She is currently working as a Primary Midwife Under Supervision at the Monadnock Birth Center in Swanzey, New Hampshire. Christian’s Clinical Herbalist training began in 2011 with a two-year apprenticeship at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, where she assisted the Director and Herbalist the Ithaca Free Clinic. She currently has a private herbal medicine practice where she wildcrafts, grows and makes most of the medicines offered. For more information visit:

Anne Louise Burdett is a Clinical Herbalist and Educator offering comprehensive primary care, acute treatment, and individualized formulas. She teaches intensive herbal medicine courses and workshops in various locations. She has been studying herbalism for 14 years and running her own clinical practice for the past 5 years. As a clinician, Anne Louise believes in working in a body-positive, inclusive space where all can feel safe and welcome. She operates with the belief that we all deserve and have the right to caring, healing support and related resources.  Anne Louise is committed to working in association with other herbalists and practitioners, locally and in extended communities, to reinforce the idea that we are stronger people by transforming how we take care of ourselves and one another. She takes a harm-reductionist approach, integrating diet, lifestyle and alternative methodology into her practice. Anne Louise’s classes are focused on empowering students to take control of the focus of their learning, the health of their own body and mind, their level of commitment to their community, and use that power to share and create together different models of living. For more information


Your donation will support us in two critical ways. We need assistance with meeting the initial costs of starting and opening a collective business venture. To actualize our dream requires creating the physical location in which to house it. Infrastructure practicalities all require substantial initial investment. In addition, we will need to make sure we have the resources to cover any licensing fees, insurance payments, rent, and other day-to- day costs, while we are building our practice to a fully sustainable enterprise.

Since part of our inclusive dream is to welcome people from all incomes, we are creating a Healthcare Fund. This will allow us to serve everyone who needs care, regardless of their ability to pay, yet still provide a living wage for the participating practitioners. While the Healthcare Fund will begin with your support, it will be sustained going forward through a creative business model that may include sliding scale, free clinic days, and collaborations with local practitioners.  We will use this year to explore how to create a sustainable ongoing model. This is furthering our belief that all of us must take care of our community and one another in order for everyone to thrive.

Here’s the breakdown of where your support will go:

Startup costs and overhead for one year of operations – $10,000

Healthcare Fund – $5,000

Classes and community events – $3,000

Educational materials and donated Herbal medicine- $3,000

Total fundraising goal – $21,000


Become a campaign contributor. Spread the word. Share our story and information about our project by forwarding our emails and sharing our campaign on social media with your people, networks, or forums where interested folks would be likely to find us.  Indiegogo share tools make it easy! Thank you!





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Dream Boat

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