PYTHON: KEVLAR® DUAL CHARGING CABLE - LIFETIME GUARANTEE: The world’s first dual charging cable with Tough Kevlar® Reinforced Braided PVC Skin for superior strength and a lifetime warranty - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 20, 2016 8:21 AM ET

PYTHON: KEVLAR® DUAL CHARGING CABLE – LIFETIME GUARANTEE: The world’s first dual charging cable with Tough Kevlar® Reinforced Braided PVC Skin for superior strength and a lifetime warranty

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 20, 2016


Python: Kevlar® Dual Charging Cable - Lifetime Guarantee

Stop wasting your money on weak flimsy and gimmicky uncertified cables that don’t last. Meet the Python Charging Cable, the world’s first dual charging cable with Tough Kevlar® Reinforced Braided PVC Skin for superior strength and a lifetime warranty.

We have put together a host of amazing perks with a flat shipping fees of only$7 for any reward anywhere in the world. So please make a pledge with just a few clicks then share with all of your friends and join our mission to create thestrongest, fastest, most durable, most reliable and lasting Charging Cable Ever. You can see our upcoming campaign on Kickstarter


What makes Python so strong is the DuPont Kevlar® Reinforced braided PVC throughout the cable. What is Kevlar? It’s the stuff that bulletproof vests are made of. It is the most powerful and strongest material in the world.

Why PVC and Kevlar?

While Kevlar has very high tensile or pulling strength, it has very poor compressive strength (resistance to squashing or squeezing) and combining both Kevlar and PVC together offers us an unmatched strength, flexibility and durability.

The tough Kevlar and PVC braiding material and strain-relief collars allow for super agility, movement, strength and flexibility.


Fact is, Python cables are 10 times stronger than the ordinary cables out there, and we are so confident in the strength and durability of our Python cables that we guarantee it for life. You simply cannot break quality!

Python has passed various strict reliability tests, such as tensile test, bending test, swing test, Loss of mass test, Accelerated ageing test, Pressure test and Heat shock test.

We’ve tested so many cables in search of the perfect cable and in answer to this problem, we set out to create the best charging cable ever!


We know you don’t always have a lot of time to charge your devices that’s why we engineered Python cables to charge your devices at the speed of light. It is up to twice as fast as regular charging cables, which allows you to top-off your battery quickly during those times you’re away from the wall.

Many cheaper cables go with thinner wires to cut cost, and they can’t handle enough current to charge newer, power-hungry devices at full speed. A cheaply made cable can also hamper data-transfer speeds. The many leading brands cables we tested had 19% slower data-read speeds than Python, and the slowest-charging cable conducted 41% less current than the Python cable.

Buying after market USB cables will pretty much always result in getting cheap quality 30/30 cables and your device will barely break 500mAh when it charges, maybe even less. This isn’t the only issue though. After you use a cable for a while it eventually stress near the plugs and causes poor connectivity between your device and the wire.

Python cables Use 18AWG silver-plated copper cables for lower resistance and faster charging than any other cable out there and offer high speed charging at 3.1A, 3.2v – 20v & 18W and data sync up to 10Gbps, which would save you a lot of time to do other things…

Yes you heard it right. 18AWG! And for data we have used a record breaker– 24AWG tightly braided wires so you can charge and sync at lightning speed. Less time plugged in, more time for going out!

The random charging cable you have lying around might not be charging your electronics at full speed.


We also designed the Python cable with dual functions to provide hassle free charging for all Lightning and MicroUSB devices.


Python is Universal, it combines the two widely used connectors into one charging cable that’s easy to share with anyone whether they use an iPhone or an Android device, it’s the only charging cable you would ever need.

MicroUSB cables provide charging power to basically every non-Apple digital device, and they’re used by everything from portable hard drives to smartphones to tablets to transfer data to and from your computer.

Search the whole world and you will not find a single cable that can beat the Python cable and nothing would even look like it. It is our design inside and out from start to finish and with your help we can make Python a reality. The only thing that is missing from Python is shortcuts, gimmicks and cheap material. The rest is a workhorse that is certified, strong, fast, durable, reliable and lasting. Oh and beautiful!

Gone are the days of carrying multiple charging cables for all of your different devices. With the Python cable you can charge everything, including your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Tablets, Headphones, Speakers, Remotes, Cameras and more. Python streamlines your life by giving you one cable for all your devices!

When we were creating the Python cable we thought about all the problems one faces when charging personal devices. One of the biggest struggles we have seen is when the standard 1meter cable is either not long enough or too long!

This is why we had to offer Python cable in several dynamic lengths as Size Matters. A 3 Meter Python is the world’s longest Apple MFi certified cable and all Python Cables are all QuickCharge 3.0 certified.


The Bed Lean is Mean

10Ft/3M Super long lightning cable, long enough for using while you are lying in bed or lounging on your couch and charging at the same time. Get rid of limitation of length.


Shorter cables, though generally less versatile, can certainly come in handy. They’re better at a desk when you don’t want a mess of extra cable length, they are great with power banks or for travel, when space and weight are important considerations.

Python was born out of the necessity for a reliable and efficient charging solution, to de-clutter and to de-stress your life! The tough 3M braiding material keep the Python Cable inherently tangle-free. The 3, 2 & 1 meter cables also come with a complementary leather tie to keep things further organised.




You’d probably struggle to find a case that the Python isn’t able to fit into, thanks to the ultra-slim aluminium finish that’s just barely wider than Apple’s own flimsy plastic connector. If your case uses a particularly small point of connection, then the Python is sure to offer the best fit.

Python Cables have been designed with a plug housing that is small enough to work with every case we tested. No need to take off your lovely case for charging.

The only thing that is missing from Python is shortcuts, gimmicks, cheap material and wishful promises. The rest is a workhorse that is certified, strong, fast, reliable and durable to last a lifetime.


Every Python Cable is covered by a lifetime warranty. If your cable breaks from normal wear and tear, we’ll replace it.

100% Satisfaction • 100% Performance for life, Guaranteed!

Python is the world’s most innovative charging cable using dual charging adaptors that fit into both Micro USB and Lightning devices. Python is also available in dual micro USB and USB Type C adapter or select a single adapter cable.



Apple MFI: each cable contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorisation chip issued by Apple which communicates with any Lightning connector device to ensure 100% compatibility

Our USB-C cable meets or exceeds the following requirements: – 56kΩ Resistor – Vbus IR drop of less than 250mV – GND IR drop of less than 100mV.

Material Kevlar braided PVC by 3M, the most powerful and strongest material in the world, 10X stronger than the ordinary cables, adds durability & reliability in a tangle-free versatile cable.

All Python Cables are all QuickCharge 3.0 certified

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