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Jun 20, 2016 11:13 AM ET

Hawaiian Jellys: The First Footwear Brand To Bridge The Gap Between Comfort and Health

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 20, 2016

Hawaiian Jellys




The First Footwear Brand To Bridge The Gap Between Comfort and Health




What makes the perfect pair of sandals?

They should be supportive, yet comfortable. They should be durable, yet affordable. They should be functional with a keen sense of style. And above all, they should keep your feet pain-free.

Hawaiian Jellys captures the essence of the Hawaiian lifestyle while being purpose-built to alleviate the foot pain that comes with wearing traditional sandals. Perfect for feet of all ages, Hawaiian Jellys comes in a range of attractive designs and styles, and just as attractively priced.

We’ve created happy customers and happy feet around the world with our flagship product, the Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaahs. Now we’re ready to build on that success by introducing our all new, extended line of Hawaiian Jellys footwear to the masses.

Step inside Hawaiian Jellys: where comfort starts from the ground up.

What’s one of the first things that everyone does when they get home?

They take off their shoes! Whether it’s going barefoot or changing into a pair of slippers or flip flops, it feels great to let our feet breathe after a long day being confined.

The downside? Going barefoot or wearing traditional slippers or flip flops lacks essential arch, heel, and ball support on the foot, and is associated with a number of painful health problems, including:

Plantar fasciitis sufferers especially — those experiencing pain in the heel or bottom of the foot — represent a massive and massively underserved market. With 700 million sufferers worldwide, there are few footwear solutions available that are affordable, effective, and look good.

That’s why we created Hawaiian Jellys. Our line of innovative footwear strikes a balance between what looks good and what actually is good for your feet.

Hawaiian Jellys addresses foot-related health problems while also delivering ultimate comfort and superior orthotic support and protection.

How? By combining the best in advanced orthotics, footwell design, silicone jelly, state-of-the-art shock absorbing air system under the heel, and more!

Hawaiian Jellys prides itself on being a wholly unconventional type of footwear — one that feels incredible to wear while ensuring that your feet stay in proper alignment.

Our Signature Product
With our newly redesigned signature product — the Hawaiian Jellys “Convertible” Slip…aaahs —  we have created the world’s first orthotic sandal that can be worn comfortably year round.

Our customers have the freedom to go “top on” or “topless”, a key differentiator that’s also perfect for both leisure indoors and everyday use.

Our “Convertible” Toppers
Toppers come free with each pair but will also be sold in a wide variety of materials, colors, logos, themes, and holiday additions to give our customers multiple customization options.

<iframe width=”620″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/1tzrW88cyDc” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Benefits

  • Specialized heel and footwells to stop drift and create a stable base
  • Advanced orthotic arch support
  • Perfect comfort super soft insole
  • Advanced silicone jelly inserts
  • Special ultra-traction sole
  • Toe bumper to prevent toe-stubbing
  • Thick strap for less movement and more comfort
  • Hidden rare-earth neodymium magnets
  • Comfort Toppers included

Color Selection
Available in a wide color selection inspired by the indigenous fruits and hues of Hawaii. Colors include Black Lava, Avocado, Aouli Sky, Kona Coffee, Dragon Fruit, Lychee, Patriotic and more!  Coconut, aouli sky, papaya, dragon fruit, jaboticaba, kilauea volcano, and more!

We’re following up our recently redesigned signature product with an extended product line that harnesses our “healthy” design innovations to offer something unique for everyone.

Ultra-Comfort High Heels
We’re completely redefining high heel comfort. An advanced airbag system in the heel cushions every step. Our state-of-the-art “Stabilization Bar” helps stop lateral movement when walking in heels. A signature multi-layer/multi-material comfort support rides under the ball of the foot and toes and all of this nestled inside silky kid leather surrounded by six beautiful all-suede exteriors.



Full Suede Ultra-Slip…aaahsA lighter and wider version of our slip…aaahs. A leather-covered vamp comes complete with a softer material over the arch and covered in full beautiful suede for those who expect the best without compromises.

Ultra-Comfort “Crossover” Walking ShoesThis is where versatility meets comfort. Whether it’s for dress, work, or play, our “Crossover” Walking Shoes are designed to deliver best-in-class comfort and orthotic and arch support that stands up to every occasion.


Kid’s JellyBugs™
We put our same orthotics benefits in child’s size to help young feet grow and form correctly while also being fun to wear! We added a hidden magnet in the center of the vamp that allows kids to attach an entire line of fun, collectible Jellybug collectibles to the front of their sandals and switch them out whenever they want. Up next, we’ll introduce an interactive magnetic board game to use with their Jellybugs.

Collectibles include:

Chinese Slip…aaahs
A pared-down version of our classic catered to the more than one billion Chinese consumer market.

We’ve gained a ton of momentum since we started Hawaiian Jellys back in 2011, and 2016 is slated to be our best year yet as we prepare to take our all new product line to people all over the world. Here’s a look at some of our biggest and most noteworthy traction points to date.

Cashflow Positive
We have remained debt free the 5 years we have been in business while branding our products and gaining assets including inventory, tools, IP, trademarks, patents, designs, furnishings, and office space.

Ecommerce Sales
In our first twelve months of operation, we generated approximately $400,000 in sales through our website.

Global Demand
We have sold in more than 20 countries and are expanding rapidly!

Past Private Label Contracts
In 2015 we were approved and signed with the NFL to produce our signature Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaahs™ with NFL team logos.

Approved Vendor
After nearly two years of product testing we became an approved vendor by Costco worldwide (one of only 4000 approved vendors). We delivered over 80,000 pair to them in September, 2015, and are also an approved vendor at ShoeBuy, Zulily, Amazon, FootSmart, Orthopedic Surgeons’ medical offices and SkyMall. We were also featured on the cover of SkyMall for Delta.

Manufacturing & Distribution
We’ve manufactured in China for the last 3 years and we handle distribution in-house and with 3PL logistics companies. We just opened offices and distribution facilities in Shenzhen, China to sell our products through Taobao — four times the size of Ebay and Amazon combined.

Brand New Headquarters
We recently relocated our headquarters from Hawaii to Colorado, and intend to repatriate a large portion of product manufacturing from China during 2017-2018. This will result in lower costs, allow us to maintain more production control, and create more than 250 new American jobs.

Hawaiian Jellys is passionate about creating satisfied, lifelong customers, and we’ve been given some major votes of confidence from them over the past few years. Here’s what people are saying about our brand.

Paul brings more than 30 years of experience to the table heading companies — from manufacturing to new technology to renewable energy. He holds several patents and has been heavily involved in the high tech industry for the past 16 years. Mr. Gerstenberger was the CEO and founder of an ISP and developer of the EcoPals, a group of environmental educational characters for children. He also co-founded and was CEO of Authenticol Systems, a company that developed patents to combat identity theft.

Celerina leads all major operating activities including sales and logistics. She has over 24 years of business management experience, including startups. Her work experience includes holding executive positions at Child-Safe International, Eco-ISP and was co-founder of Authenticol Systems.

Mr. Chan is the former global sourcing executive in the Far East with the K-Mart Corporation. Mr. Chan identifies, qualifies and manages Hawaiian Jellys’ sourcing and manufacturing relationships and all new product development in China. He also heads our operations offices, warehousing/pick/pack and Tao Bao direct sales in China and the Far East.

Contact Information:

Paul .J

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