Constant Advisor is the personal financial advisor for the smartphone generation: a fully automated financial guru in your pocket. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 20, 2016 8:55 AM ET

Constant Advisor is the personal financial advisor for the smartphone generation: a fully automated financial guru in your pocket.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 20, 2016

Constant Advisor




Constant Advisor is the personal financial advisor for the smartphone generation: a fully automated financial guru in your pocket. Constant Advisor continually monitors your financial accounts and goals, and once the numbers are crunched, provides personalized advice, guidance and tips on how to reach your financial dreams.

At the same time, “fintech” (financial technology) has seen $13.7 billion in investments, but no one has made a simple, easy-to-use platform that works for both consumers and financial institutions. 


Your grandpa put on a suit and tie, hopped in his Lincoln Town Car and drove to see his financial advisor when he needed answers about his financial future.

He also orders pizza by looking through the phonebook.

You walk a different path. When you order pizza, you pause Netflix, pull out your phone and get back to your Kimmy Schmidt episode in 60 seconds flat.

You’d like the same simplicity in your finances, but every app you’ve tried comes with caveats: it pushes products you don’t care about, it offers only generalized financial advice and it’s concerned only with your financial present- not your financial future.

Come with us, and we’ll show you what the future of financial planning looks like.


It’s quick, affordable, accessible, simple. It’s finances on your terms.

For the Tech-Savvy Consumer

Constant Advisor is a technology platform for the digital generation, accessible through any computer or mobile device. Instead of meeting face-to-face with a financial advisor, Constant Advisor helps our clients establish goals, monitor progress and implement smart strategies to reach those goals.

For Forward-Thinking Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are struggling to keep up with the digital transition. Current solutions are either too difficult to implement or too incomplete to replace face-to-face interaction. Constant Advisor is a simple, plug-and-play solution that allows financial institutions to implement a multi-channel strategy that reduces costs, increases sales and reaches new customers with ease.


Using Constant Advisor is refreshingly simple. Here’s how it works.

Do you want to reduce your debt? We’ll recommend the right path for you, whether it’s a home equity loan or a low-interest credit card.

Worried about savings? We’ll help you save for retirement or college with smart investment advice.

Track, Analyze, Implement

Constant Advisor will continually monitor your financial progress and send an easy-to-read overview of your network and spending.

From there, Constant Advisor makes it easy to take action on your goals.


Constant Advisor will even send you friendly notifications to help you stick to your goals. Imagine seeing this the next time you unlock your phone:

Smart Recommendations

Since we’re subscription-based, Constant Advisor never pushes products you don’t want or need. Instead, we only recommend financial solutions that serve your goals:

  • HE Loan
  • IRA
  • CD
  • 529

But we also go a step further, advising you on those small financial decisions that, over time, add up to long-term financial success:

  • Consolidate your credit
  • Add an extra $150 to savings
  • Open a 1% CD
  • Save an extra  $100 a month

For the thousands of financial institutions struggling to keep up with today’s digital generation, Constant Advisor is the plug-and-play solution that gives instant, 24/7 access to a client’s entire financial picture.


Constant Advisor has launched on May 9th 2016 

You can sign up for our service at 

We’re well on our way to transforming the landscape of the financial industry. Ready to hear more about our plans? Click the “business plan” tab at the top of this page to find out more!


A CFP by trade and a US Army veteran, Adam has served in the financial services industry his entire career. He’s served as a financial advisor for a Boston-based firm that managed more than $2 billion in assets and for MetLife. As a planner, he saw first-hand his clients’ need for a more modern, convenient solution to financial planning than face-to-face meetings.

He holds a BA from UMass-Lowell, an MA from the University of Nebraska, an MBA from Fitchburg State University and a graduate certificate in financial planning from Boston University.

Justin has served as Associate Director of Technology for Bonza Interactive Group, as Senior Web Architect at Stella & Dot and as Lead Web Architect at Use All Five. He’s repeatedly spoken at the Google Web Conference and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from UMass-Lowell, as well as an MS from Brandeis University in Software Engineering.

Justin has been in web and software development for several years and has worked for companies to include Use all Five and Verse Media.  He has a master in software engineering and has spoken numerous times at the google conference.

Contact Information:

Adam Hogue

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