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Jun 20, 2016 7:28 PM ET

Archived: Amber Lantern is the third solo album by Michigan-based singer/songwriter Timothy Monger. Tightly-crafted guitar pop with a warm glow.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 20, 2016

Amber Lantern: A New Album by Timothy Monger

by Timothy Monger


Amber Lantern: A New Album by Timothy Monger project video thumbnail

Amber Lantern is the third solo album by Michigan-based singer/songwriter Timothy Monger. Tightly-crafted guitar pop with a warm glow.


About this project

I’m a singer/songwriter from Southeast Michigan and I’ve just wrapped up the recording sessions for my third solo album, Amber Lantern. As with my two previous projects, I’m working without the financial backing of a label and my goal here is to acquire the funding to complete the album and get it released. Please continue reading if you think you might be interested in supporting my project. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Amber Lantern was written and recorded over a span of about four years, mostly at my home studio in Southeast Michigan. During the process, the sound, texture, and emotional fabric of the project changed many times, usually to my own surprise. Songs that seemed straightforward to me became complex while mysteries I hadn’t been able to crack suddenly became clear. The sessions were revealing, often therapeutic, and fraught with the frustrations and triumphs that come from trying to balance art and daily life. The result is a vivid and personal album that contains what I consider to be some of my strongest material.

I’ve worked hard on each of my albums to try and explore new sounds and, whenever possible, avoid repeating formulas I’ve leaned on in the past. To make Amber Lantern, I worked with both new and trusted collaborators and notched some creative victories and career milestones along the way. Being a lifelong music obsessive, I will admit to having a sort of “audio bucket list” in terms of recording tricks, instrumentation, or arrangements I’ve always wanted to try. Among other things, I can now claim to my recorded output: a rhythmic breathing track, hurdy-gurdy solo, cowbell breakdown, a cappella song, and (at long last) a part recorded on an old autoharp that was allegedly once owned by Joni Mitchell and has been in my care for nearly fifteen years.

This also marks the first time one of my projects has ever made it to the third album mark and, as strange as it may seem, this has been kind of a hang-up for me. Debuts are a dime a dozen and everyone knows about the sophomore slump, but what about the third album? Lacking a predetermined stigma, number three puts me in uncharted territory. In terms of success, will the third time be the charm? Please help me find out.


As with my previous album, I plan to compliment the digital release with a multi-format physical release that includes limited runs of high quality vinyl and CD’s. Fans who supported my last campaign will notice that I’ve set my current fundraising goal considerably higher. This time, in addition to covering the manufacturing costs, I’m also trying to raise the funds to mix and master the album.

My target goal of $9000 will allow me to fund the following expenses:

  • Mixing the album at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor, MI 
  • High quality mastering at a studio TBD 
  • Creation of a lacquer master and pressing of a limited run of vinyl records 
  • Design and printing of record jackets and liner note inserts 
  • Design and manufacture of a run of CD’s 
  • Promotional tour posters 
  • Stickers, buttons, additional merchandise
  • Distribution fees for the digital release 
  • Packaging materials and shipping costs


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In general, asking for money is a difficult and humbling task. Asking other people to help fund an expensive and deeply personal creative endeavor is borderline terrifying. When I made the decision to go the Kickstarter route back in 2011, I was an anxious mess. And yet, within days of launching my first campaign I had exceeded my goal and was left stunned by the generous outpouring of support from friends, family, and fans. I will never forget that incredible feeling and the enormous weight it lifted from my shoulders.

As I attempt to raise funds for another album, I want to stress that I do not take this process lightly. Your contribution means a great deal to me. Should you choose to support my campaign I will do everything in my power to fulfill all rewards, provide you with a great experience, and treat you with the respect and gratitude you deserve.

Thank you,

Risks and challenges

Should I be fortunate enough to reach my funding goal, I intend to spend the following months working intensively to complete my album and prepare it for release. While I don’t expect delays, there are a variety of factors that could influence my timeline over the coming year. Should unforeseen events arise, I pledge to communicate early and often regarding any changes to the album’s progress or outcome.



Contact Information:

Timothy Monger

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