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Jun 18, 2016 9:14 AM ET

Archived: MyFile-IT Insuring Kids Safety – Provide grants to Schools, Sports Clubs, Youth Camps to provides MyFile-IT App to students free of charge to increase their safety

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 18, 2016

MyFile-IT Insuring Kids Safety

by MyFileIT

To provide grants to Schools, Sports Club,Youth Camps to provides MyFile-IT App to the students free of charge to increase there safety

About this project

MyFile-IT (www.myfileit.com) is a unique and powerful free App in Apple and Google App store. That allows you to create a safer environment for kids as well as making it much more convenient for parents to manage their families’ important documents. MyFile-IT allows you to print and or fill out documents such as; athlete forms, medical forms, concussion baselines, membership Id’s, birth certificates, emergency information, permission slips, insurance information, and much more. Then simply take a picture via your phone / tablet of your family’s important personal documents. Now index and save the documents in the cloud using MyFile-IT secure HIPAA compliant individual virtual file cabinet vault. It’s that easy to do! Now you can share the filled out documents with teachers, coaches and staff and know that the documents will be received like permission slips and insurance information and not left in the child’s backpack. There is no cost to the organization like schools, sports clubs, camps, day care, and other organizations to use MyFile-IT.

MyFile-IT enables you to be able to share your documents securely with schools, sports clubs, camps and other organizations for a suggested charge of $3.99 per user for unlimited use for a year. This will allow you or who you shared your documents with to access your documents almost anywhere 24/7/365.

Parents will know that if their documents are shared with the staff of school, camp, sports club and other organizations they will have access at the tip of their fingers to share these documents in case of an emergency. They can also share these documents with the appropriate people and reduce the chance of bad information resulting in the wrong treatment.

Parents like it because it’s simple to use. They have one safe place for all their important documents and it’s easy to update them. They also know that documents have gotten to school, sports club, camp, or other organizations and to the appropriate person. Documents can be viewed immediately as well as MyFile-IT allows anybody (teachers, coaches, staff) that the documents were shared with the ability to view and send the documents in case of an emergency to any email address.

The MyFile-IT App can save lives and better insure the safety of children and adults in the case of an emergency. The app will make care quicker with a less likelihood of a professional having incorrect information, which could result in the wrong treatment. MyFile-IT wants to be able to offer our Mobile App to every organization, adult and child in America. MyFile-IT does not want any financial barriers that would cause this possible life saving App from being used or distributed in organization such as schools, sports clubs, youth camps, day care and other organizations. In this case MyFile-IT has decided to reach out and raise money from the community on a Kickstarter to solve this problem.

For your donation, you will receive one unlimited subscription to use MyFile-IT for a year to help keep you or a family member safer. MyFile-IT will also divide your donation up by the cost of a single subscription ($3.99) and provide that number of free annual subscriptions as a grant to schools which then will be distributed them to parents/guardian of children. In addition your donation will help to continue market and develop MyFile-IT to be even better.

Risks and challenges

MyFile-IT greatest challenge is marketing. All the people we have talked to about MyFile-IT think it’s a great idea and that everybody should have the MyFile-IT protection. Many people and organizations think MyFile-IT is great convenience product because it makes managing documents so much easier and safer.

We need to create the same feeling of need that the insurance companies do with having an insurance policies. “You can not leave you home without it”, MyFile-IT protecting you. You need to act now and sign up.

We need thousands of users to make our pricing model very profitable.
This will come from marketing schools, sports clubs, camp, daycare and other organization.

The good thing is that we are not just a idea. We have built our first version software and mobile app and it’s completed and working well.

The next goal is to get a large users base using MyFile-IT. We are doing a lot of test marketing of different campaigns to see which ones will work best. The other challenges is building a strong team to bild the company nationally and raise more funds to be able to have more sales people in market place. If your interested contact us.

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