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Jun 17, 2016 8:22 AM ET

Help Link TV send an independent news team to report from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in July 2016

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2016

Link TV Elections Coverage






Help Link TV raise $30,000 to send an independent news team to report from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in July 2016.



What will Link TV do at the conventions?

  • We will send our TV journalists to Cleveland and Philadelphia to ask the hard questions and provide alternative perspectives on the race for our country’s highest office.
  • Link TV will talk with international journalists and see how Al Jazeera, the BBC, Russian TV, China State Television and others are covering the U.S. presidential campaigns.
  • Our special “Ballot Brief” website will track the issues and break down the official party platform planks, so you can compare what each candidate has committed to do if elected.
  • The Link TV team will dig through the media chaos for the truth behind the rhetoric and the real stories shaping this election, so voters can make a more informed decision at the polls.

Help send Link TV to the conventions!


Where will your contributions go?

Funds raised through this campaign will support the Link TV production team’s coverage of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.  By helping with the travel, lodging and production costs in Cleveland and Philadelphia, you are helping to support fresh, unbiased coverage by Link TV’s award-winning political reporters who will let you know what’s happening from the convention floor, and on the streets outside.  Plus our collaboration with international media partners will provide you with a more global perspective.

Call 747.201.5816 to donate over the phone.


Other ways to help. 

If timing is not right and you are unable to make a financial contribution today, you can help by sharing our campaign through social media.  Anything you can do to spread the word will help!


Thank You!

We greatly appreciate the role you play in helping Link TV continue its unique mission of connecting Americans with people at the heart of the news, organizations at the forefront of social change and the diverse cultures who make up our increasingly global community.  Thank you from the entire Link TV team!





Kim Spencer

Kim Spencer is Senior Programming Executive of KCETLink Media Group.  A producer of more the 60 documentaries and news specials, he was the co-founder of Link TV and served as President for 11 years.  Spencer helped create the Peabody Award-winning daily news program “Mosaic: World News from the Middle East,” the weekly “Latin Pulse,” the documentary series “Bridge to Iran,” and is currently Executive Producer of “Earth Focus,” the longest-running environmental program on American television.  He has covered many political conventions over the years, and coordinated Link TV’s election reporting in 2004, 2008 and 2012.


Val Zavala

Val Zavala is anchor and executive producer of “SoCal Connected.” Since joining KCET in 1987 she has won 15 L.A. Emmy awards. She has covered major issues in southern California politics, education, government, demographics, healthcare, environment, economy, and arts and culture. She has been honored for her community service by numerous organizations including the California Chicano News Media Association, and Hispanic Americans for Fairness in Media among others. She was a John S. Knight Journalism fellow at Stanford University in 1993. She received her M.A. in journalism from American University and her B.A. in Latin American Studies from Yale University.
Link TV

Link TV broadcasts programs that engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world.  Founded in 1999, Link TV provides a unique perspective on international news, current events, and diverse cultures, presenting issues not often covered in the US media.  We connect American viewers with people at the heart of breaking events, organizations in the forefront of social change and the cultures of an increasingly global community. Link TV is a service of KCETLink Media Group.  For complete background information, program schedule and Internet streaming, go to
KCETLink Media Group

KCETLink is a national independent, nonprofit, digital and broadcast network that provides high-quality, culturally diverse programming designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining and transformative ways.  With a commitment to independent perspectives, smart global entertainment, local communities, and opportunities for engagement and social action, KCETLink depicts people and the world through a lens unavailable elsewhere in U.S. media.










Good morning, Last Tuesday, you were among the first to read about the launch of our crowdfunding campaign to help send Link TV journalists to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this July. One full week has passed and we are happy to report that gifts continue to come in every day. We are currently at $4,923, which puts us at 16% to goal. Thank you to everyone who has been able to make a contribution and share the campaign on social media. Check out the updated video we just posted and please share with family and friends! There is no shortage of election coverage in the mainstream media this season. So how will Link TV be different? First off, we bring you the unvarnished reporting of independent journalists, like Laura Flanders, Amy Goodman, and the team at “Democracy Now!,” we let the unheard voices of diverse Americans be heard. We’ll also bring you special reports on how the international media are looking at this year’s election of the “President of the free world.” And Link TV doesn’t just cover the ‘horse race’ — we’re interested in the issues underlying the campaigns in our special Ballot Brief analysis. With your help, Link TV journalists will continue bringing you the real facts from real sources directly from the national conventions. We are accepting contributions over the phone, by mail, and on the website. All gifts will be included in the total. Anyone can simply call us at 747.201.5816 or they can mail a check payable to Link TV to the following address: KCETLink Attn: Marcy Rodriguez 2900 W Alameda Ave, Suite 600 Burbank, CA 91505 Make sure to visit our crowdfunding website to see the progress as we get closer to our goal of $30,000. Thank you for your ongoing support of Link TV — as a viewer, as a generous contributor, as a citizen looking for the truth! Kim Spencer, Link TV Co-Founder

Contact Information:

Kim Spencer, Link TV Co-Founder

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