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Jun 14, 2016 4:30 PM ET

Archived: TREASURE STATE INTERNET & TELEGRAPH: Fiber optic internet installed 10x cheaper than traditional telecom – Our custom-engineered new tools make the installation process faster and less intrusive—imagine getting 10x faster internet at 1/10th the cost.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 14, 2016




Fiber optic internet installed 10x cheaper than traditional telecom.

We’re building the necessary fiber optics infrastructure to deliver connection speeds of up to 10gbps to every home in the Northwest and beyond, starting in Montana. We’ve figured out how to take what was a hugely expensive undertaking to install fiber optics and made it 10x cheaper than traditional telecom companies. Next step is to share our success with the rest of the country.


Eric Fulton


Our custom-engineered new tools make the installation process faster and less intrusive—imagine getting 10x faster internet at 1/10th the cost. We’ve already connected Helena, MT – 100 homes installed with 800 more in the pipeline. But in order to scale and cover the rest of the U.S. with our grids, we need to innovate outdated tools. We’re raising funds to build those tools first, then cover Montana in fiber second, and the entire country next.


  • Fiber optics installation 10x cheaper than telecom companies.
  • Already installed in 100 homes & offices in central Helena.
  • 800 more homes & offices in the pipeline for the next 9 months.
  • Already cash flow positive after $100k investment.


Very smart and hard working guys! They will do you right and if there’s a problem, they will work until it’s fixed!!

Maria M.

40Mbps download and upload. Ridiculously fast. Love it!!

Mike H.




We’ve Made Fiber Optics 10x Cheaper

Telecom companies often say they don’t update their networks with fiber optics because it’s too time-consuming and too expensive. But we’ve figured out how to circumvent the extraneous costs that huge internet corporations can’t avoid. It’s simple: we dig smaller, more acute trenches. That means less manpower, less time, and less cost.


Telecom Companies vs. TSI & Telegraph

Telecom companies are stuck with legacy infrastructure they laid down in the ’80s. Meaning they still install unnecessary add-ons like landlines—and it’s the customers who are forced to face the financial burden when they get bundled with the landline they don’t want. We don’t do that. If you want fast internet, that’s what you get.

What the Telecom Companies do

  • Use same construction method from the 80s and 90s
  • Dig huge trenches resulting in higher labor costs
  • Use expensive construction techniques (bigger trenches need bigger machines)
  • Outsource large portions of their construction

What We Do

  • Run a strand of fiber to every house enabling vastly higher speeds
  • Leverage advanced construction methods to bring down cost
  • Cutting smaller trenches save us labor costs (several workers vs. 1-2 workers)
  • Install our own fiber, saving on contractor fees



100 Customers and Counting

At 10x cheaper and faster, we’ve hooked up 100 Montana homes so far and have 800 already in the pipeline. And the state of Montana gives us a leg up: because we’re an internet provider and not a telephone company we have the same access as the big companies but with none of the fines or regulations.


We’ved hooked up the Blackstone Apartment (left) and Old Distillery Lofts (right) with fiber optic internet from us.)

Montana, then Everywhere Else

We started TSI & Telegraph because we were just two regular guys who wanted to faster internet—so we picked up a couple hammers and shovels and made it happen. With news of our services spreading fast, we’ve gotten emails from people saying “I have $50,000 and want to do this in my town. Tell me what I need to do to make this happen!” With the new tools we’re developing, we can pack up a container with our tools, and deliver our fiber-optics installation services anywhere in the U.S.


Help Us Rebuild the Grid

We are beyond grateful for the help we’ve had this far, and look forward to the support we will receive in the future. It started with an idea, took hold in reality, and now it’s time to grow and share high-speed internet with as many people as possible.

Our mission is clear: fiber to every home in Montana, and then beyond.

It’s a massive undertaking, but one we’re ready for. Help us change Montana and set a precedent for the rest of the United States; high speed internet is achievable, and if we can do it in Montana there’s no excuse for bad internet anywhere else.

Eric & Matt




Eric Fulton

CEO / President / Treasurer
Experience in consulting, information security, and systems admin. Started TSI&T as an internet provider using fixed wireless radios. Now focused on developing a fiber network for high speeds.

Matt Gorecki

CTO / COO / Secretary
Wanted access to fiber optic internet as a user. Now currently making that dream a reality with TSI&T.
Contact Information:

Eric Fulton

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