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Jun 14, 2016 2:57 PM ET

Easily Grow Any Plant Indoors: Urban Cultivator indoor gardens can grow pristine, healthy, organic vegetables, herbs and microgreens in any kitchen.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 14, 2016

Urban Cultivator



Easily Grow Any Plant Indoors


Utilizing the skill set and technology developed to create the highest quality grow boxes, Urban Cultivator indoor gardens can grow pristine, healthy, organic vegetables, herbs and microgreens in any kitchen.

Thanks to our technology, residential and commercial kitchens alike can be outfitted with a completely self-sustaining garden that requires no sunlight and virtually no maintenance. It’s truly set it and forget it.

So whether you’re a carbon-conscious shopper who wants to save a few trips to the farmer’s market, a chef who wants to utilize only the freshest ingredients possible or a medical marijuana user wary of harmful chemicals and grow techniques, our technology makes fresher, healthier plants as simple as pushing a button.

Both companies are at the forefront of massive, sweeping changes in a growing landscape: as cannabis legalization grows more and more inevitable in the US, and as the demand for healthier, organic produce upends the entire food industry, Urban Cultivators and BC Northern Lights will provide the technology to usher in a new era of gardening.


The trend has picked up such momentum that the largest food companies are scrambling to pick up smaller, organic brands to keep pace*:

*source: The Washington Post

Scooping up in-demand organic brands isn’t new, with major acquisitions going back to the dawn of the organic food movement 20 years ago.

And if organic store-bought brands are a threat to Big Food, imagine the possibilities of putting a fully automated indoor garden in homes and restaurants throughout America.

“Legal US pot sales soar to $5.4B in 2015: Report” MSNBC

Two Industries. One Incredible Opportunity.

Together, the organic food market and the legal cannabis market exemplify the shift that’s come to define a new era of consumption- one marked by consumer choice and demand for fresh, locally grown ingredients.

There’s no going back.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate indoor garden, satisfying consumer demand beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.


Our mission is simple: we want to provide for each and every family access to healthy and organic herbs, vegetables, and microgreens, while reducing our carbon footprint. We want to create a wholly sustainable culture where delicious, fresh food is the focal point.

Since 2001, BC Northern Lights has established itself as a leader in quality grow boxes, winning tons of industry awards and capturing the hearts of quality-conscious growers.

That same technology and know-how is used in our two indoor gardens, the Urban Cultivator Commercial and the Urban Cultivator Residential.

This game-changing indoor garden gives customers three size options to grow fresh herbs and microgreens anywhere.

We even provide the soil and the seeds. Just pop them in the mini greenhouse, adjust the settings, and in seven days enjoy the freshest microgreens and herbs you’ve ever tasted.


Urban Cultivator mini greenhouses have been wowing chefs all over the country, and they can’t stop singing our praises.


Astonishing Flavor

Year-Round Freshness

If some of the greatest chefs in the world are amazed at the Urban Cultivator’s ability transform their kitchens, imagine what it could do for consumers around the world looking for healthier, fresher ways to eat.


The most revolutionary aspect of the Urban Cultivator is just how easy it is to grow fresh herbs and microgreens any time, year-round.

The bottom line: having an Urban Cultivator means you can harvest fresh produce seconds before it hits your plate. Every seed is non-GMO, with no sprays or chemicals added.

When you eat food from the Urban Cultivator, you’re eating 100 percent organic. And because the foods are so fresh, they’re also higher in nutritional content.


BC Northern Lights has been capturing the hearts of legal cannabis growers since 2001, with five complete products on the market and more than 12,000 units sold.

In 2010, we launched Urban Cultivator, and we’ve sold 1,500 of our residential and commercial cultivators since then.

Our Customers

Company Highlights (Urban Cultivators)

Company Highlights (BC Northern Lights)

Our Ambition

Urban Cultivators has the ability to transform the way the world consumes food. We want our product in restaurants and homes all over the world, but the potential application goes well beyond that.

What if small villages in Africa could grow their own food, regardless of the climate and soil conditions? What if we could eliminate the need to transport food across the country, and the huge carbon footprint that comes with all that transport?

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is certain: we’re going to change the way the world thinks about food.

Ready to hear more about our vision? Click the “business plan” tab at the top of this page to find out how we plan to accomplish what’s never been done before!


Tarren Wolfe, Founder & CEO
Tarren Wolfe is the visionary behind the two companies and carries a proven track record of building businesses, bringing almost 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. He founded BC Northern Lights in 2001 and Urban Cultivator in 2010, working with engineers to develop the proprietary and patented processes and both companies.

Linnea Wolfe, Founder & VP of Marketing
Linnea Wolfe is an investor and part owner of Urban Cultivator, carrying 20 years of experience in the horticulture industry with companies such as Agrium, and building and developing sales and marketing teams.

Kevin Morris, CFO
Kevin Morris has proven success in building and leading efficient and effective teams and has established a culture of accountability and candour to                       deliver on our business objectives.

Davin MacGregor, Operations Manager
Davin MacGregor brings his manufacturing experience from 10 years in the cabinetry and sheet metal industry. He’s been instrumental in building relationships with all of our vendors.

Ali Ghadyali, Mechanical Design Engineer
Ali Ghadyali has studied CAD/CAE/CAM Ninja and has fourteen years of experience in design and manufacturing.



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Tarren Wolfe

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