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Jun 13, 2016 9:31 AM ET

Archived: Odorless Halax: The biggest game change in the toilet seat industry – a mid-priced, naturally odorless toilet

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 13, 2016

Odorless Halax – Opening soon






Halax welcome you to participate in the biggest game change in the toilet seat industry for eons! Halax brings a mid-priced, naturally odorless toilet to everybody.





Halax is a 2013 established company that is commercializing a Finnish innovation that makes any toilet odorless. The IPR protected innovation, Odorless by Halax, removes the smells from toilets in a natural and eco-friendly way with no chemicals, filters or motors. The carefree naturally odorless Halax is a true functional innovation within a product group that hasn’t seen much improvement since the emerging of the water saving flush button – except for the design and surface materials of the toilet bowl have become easier to clean. A toilet seat has for years been just a toilet seat; there are no significant functional differences between products made in different factories.

Our Solution

All attempts so far to solve the disturbing and unpleasant smell in toilets have been expensive, unhealthy or unecological. The original Halax innovation incorporates the creation of negative pressure to the bowl of a floor standing model. The original innovation has later evolved to include also the wall hanging models of toilets in which the negative pressure is created through an IPR-protected double pipe that is situated inside the toilet machinery. 

The Halax toilet ventilates itself by simply channeling the air directly from the seat through the exhaust system consisting of a 32 mm pipe without spreading into the indoor air. The bowl of the toilet seat forms a negative pressure and the smell is removed through the pipe directly into the bathroom exhaust channel. This prevents the unpleasant odors from spreading into the bathroom air.

Our current situation

Since its foundation, Halax has been focusing on the development of its original innovation and its business model, protected IPRs, started a subsidiary in Asia and sourced with different parties and resources in business. Now it’s time to move on from the development phase to commercialization and international growth. Halax will be launching mid-priced and fashionable wall-hanging toilet seat model that is made in the EU in the end of 2016 in Finland. The floor standing Halax toilet will be introduced to the Finnish market in early 2017.

Halax will go international by licensing the odorlessness feature to selected willing manufacturers of toilet seats all over the world. The Halax odorlessness feature is easy to add into any manufacturers production process without expensive investments. Halax believes it will find a well-suited local manufacturer in every market. Halax’s odorlessness feature can be made into a general product feature of all toilet seats of all manufacturers; e.g. compared with ‘Intel inside’ in the computer industry.

The funding round

Halax issues shares through Invesdor’s crowdfunding platform to seek equity funding of minimum 610.400 € and maximum 808.780 €. The funds will be used to operating expenses and working capital based on Halax’s business plan and financial projections to help with the commercialization of the toilet seats. The round is currently in preparation and will be opening soon. Like this pitch and you will get an email notification once we are open for investments!



Equity offering



Equity offering

Company name Halax Oy Finland
Investment range 610.400 – 808.780 €
Equity offered 26.58 – 32.42 %
Price per share 152,60 €
min investment 7 shares
Number of existing shares 11,050
Pre-money valuation 1.686.230,00 €
Start date To be announced
End date To be announced
Location Helsinki, Finland
Field of business Consumer products
Development stage Seed
Reference number 701




How can I participate?


In addition to investing in the company, there are various ways that you can help the entrepreneurs out.

Perhaps you know some key people that you could introduce the entrepreneurs to, or maybe you have advice that is relevant to the company’s business.

Just telling a friend, or sharing the pitch on social media is a big help.

You have the power to help make the dreams of these entrepreneurs come true and to support Northern European growth entrepreneurship.

A little help can go a long way. So think outside the box, and think of how you can support this important cause!


NOTE: This funding round is not yet active, but it will open soon. The final pitch will contain more information than the preview. All information is subject to change, so do not base your investment decision on the preview version. Hit the like button on the right to be notified when the pitch goes live!



Contact Information:

Halax Oy Finland

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