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Jun 13, 2016 5:02 PM ET

Archived: Hyperfair enables real world business through virtual trade shows and events in a browser based 3D environment where people, using an avatar, meet, interact, and do business

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 13, 2016

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San Francisco, CA 94101, US
Web Service Software



Hyperfair enables real world business through virtual trade shows and events in a browser based 3D environment where people, using an avatar, meet, interact, and do business.

Trade shows were always a catalyst for business networking.
Using a 3D game like environment, Hyperfair gives users the freedom to move and interact as they would in real life. Attendees can view booths, chat, exchange business cards, gather exhibitor materials, and watch both live and prerecorded content. Exhibitors showcase their products via video, 3D images, and brochures, while interacting live with potential customers.

Hyperfair recreates those real world dynamics typical of a physical event.This is the vision, to disrupt and democratize the trade show events industry by allowing everyone to attend, exhibit, or host an event from anywhere in the world.



Products / Services

Virtual Career Fair

A virtual career fair allows you to host a recruiting event quickly and easily, while attracting employers that couldnt invest in traveling to a live event. Job seekers can then log on from home and instantly be interacting directly with employers.

Virtual Expo and Conference

A virtual expo allows you to host an event quickly and easily that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Exhibitors and attendees will be fully immersive in the 3D gaming environment keeping them entertained and engaged as if they were attending in person.

Virtual Trade Show

A virtual expo allows you to host an event quickly and easily that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Exhibitors and attendees will be fully immersive in the 3D gaming environment keeping them entertained and engaged as if they were attending in person.

Virtual Office

A virtual office allows you to provide your stakeholders with a place to meet you and learn more about your business, view and interact with 3D products, watch presentations, and generally do business with you in an immersive and innovative way.

Virtual Marketing Event

A virtual marketing event allows your company to showcase its latest products, features, designs, or services to anyone with an internet connection in a fully immersive 3D game like environment. Hosting such an event means showcasing your company directly to stakeholders in an innovative and fun way.



Chief Executive Officer
Marco Campanari

Marco CampanariMarco Campanari is co-founder and CEO of HyperFair, Inc., an innovative startup founded in 2010, with the vision of disrupt trade shows taking them virtual through a web based 3D platform where people with avatars meet, engage and do business. He is a serial entrepreneur and previously founded MediaWebView, an Italian telecommunication company developing technologies in the field of remote video control via the web. Marco was born in Italy, holds a M.D. in management engineering at the Politecnico of Milan university, and moved to San Francisco after founding HyperFair.




Chief Marketing Officer
Paola Giangrande

Paola GiangrandePaola has extensive experience in the internet industry. She is responsible for marketing and communication strategies keeping the company image updated and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Prior to this, she worked in marketing consulting and previously as internet analyst, focusing on internet portals and vortals.




Chief Technology Officer
Max Bonfanti

Max BonfantiMax Bonfanti is founder and CTO at Hyperfair, which he founded in 2010 with the idea of disrupting the trade show industry. Prior to HyperFair, Max founded SB3 in 1997, the first company to adopt the newest technology in the field of advanced prototyping based on the stratasys FDM 2000 system. In 2005 Max founded Soluzion Inventive, an engineering company that he ran until 2009. Max earned a degree in electrical engineering from Politecnico of Milano in 2005, and a computer science qualification in 1989. He is fluent in Italian and English.




Chief Operating Officer
Andrea Ballarini

Andrea Ballarini is COO of HyperFair, a San Francisco based startup founded in 2010. The company developed a platform for hosting 3D online trade shows. He was responsible for managing the start up phase and is now in charge of the US operations.

Prior to that Andrea served as a management consultant for a major consulting firm inspired by the belief that a great team and a great technology can change the way people live.

Andrea obtained a MS degree in General Management from Bocconi University in Italy and he studied at London School of Economics.

Experimenter, chef, musician, sailor, rocket-spacer, explorer, design-addicted. Sometimes very Italian.




Marco Condello

Marco CondelloMarco is a passionate creative designer with an extensive skill in designing 3D objects and sleek





Business Development
Laura Pozzoli

Laura PozzoliLaura is responsible for event management and developing new business relationships in the EU market. She has an extensive background in business development, with a great attitude to tackle concurrent tasks and projects as requested. She is fluent in 5 languages.




Vincenzo Guerrisi

Vincenzo GuerrisiHe is an experienced software designer with excellent experience in various programming languages. His work focuses on tools, gameplay systems and social media features.




Emanuele Corsano

Emanuele CorsanoHe holds a special interest in all things relating to software engineering, programming, math, logic, evolutionary computing and multimedia. He specializes in various programming languages with a particular focus on Unity and Mono. He is a leading contributor of Hyperfairs core technology.




Lorenzo Thione

Lorenzo ThioneLorenzo Thione is the co-founder of Powerset, Inc., an innovative search startup founded in 2005, with the vision of bringing to consumers a more natural and effective type of Internet search than conventional keyword search. Funded by notable Silicon Valley VCs and angel investors, Powerset was acquired by Microsoft Corp. in 2008 to complement and innovate on its own search technology and offering. Currently, he is a Principal Program Manager in charge of the Powerset division of Bing, Microsoft’s innovative “Decision Engine”.

Lorenzo is an active angel investor, board member and advisor in several startup, including Dolores Labs, an exciting and energetic San Francisco startup building a scalable platform for human-based computing and crowdsourcing, Crowdflower, and several others at various stages, in the US and abroad, like Kidlandia, Etacts, 8Coupons, and iBrii.




Maurizio Vecchione

Maurizio VecchioneMaurizio is a high technology serial entrepreneur and investor. His career spans over 20 years inspired by the belief that material sciences, wireless, and lifesciences are and at an inflection point and are poised to again dramatically change the way we live and work. He is currently Chairman of technology accelerator Synthetica, a position he has held since the firms’ founding in 1998. Maurizio has been involved in strategy formulation and capital formation as well as led product development and commercialization for over a dozen early stage companies, primarily in connection with technologies incubated in government and university R&D, spanning software, internet, wireless and life-sciences.




Business Development
Regan Catanzaro

Regan CatanzaroRegan is responsible for securing new business and developing and maintaining strong customer relationships through out the event planning process. She has specialized experience in the corporate sector working between Europe and the US in investment communications, sales and distribution, and information systems.




Claudio Spinelli

Claudio SpinelliClaudio has been with Hyperfair from the beginning. He brings a creative and cross-disciplinary approach to software development grounded in a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design earned from the Politecnico of Milano University, Italy. He is a graphics programmer specializing in 3D, animation, interaction, with a deep knowledge in graphics, animation, and coding. With his creative vision, Claudio is responsible for the overall look and feel of the platform and its environments.




Pasquale Scarmozzino

Pasquale ScarmozzinoPasquale has been with Hyperfair from the beginning. He served as CTO in Marcos previous startup. He works directly with different departments in the company streamlining processes by optimizing systems and infrastructures, facilitating work sharing and communication. Pask oversees large projects ensuring all of the internal elements are running as smoothly and as effectively as possible. He is Hyperfairs quality control core.




Max Manni

Max ManniMax is an expert web developer with an extensive background in designing web portals. He likes everything connected with internet technologies and HTML, which is his second native language.




Wyatt Rosental


Torello Querci

Torello has an extensive experience in Net/Mono. He is a Database Architect and DBA specializing in a number of programming languages, operating systems and networks. He is responsible for the systems upkeep, improvement, and optimization, and loves to debug and optimize





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Marco Campanari

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