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Jun 11, 2016 12:34 PM ET

RITA LAGARTINHO – PARADRESSAGE, a type of horse riding, adapted to people with disabilities

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 11, 2016






This campaign aims to raise funds to continue my path in Paradressage. I intend to continue working to reach the international level but for that I need financial support.



This campaign arises from the need of financial support to continue on this path in Paradressage.

Paradressage is a type of horse riding, adapted to people with disabilities. It materializes in the execution of tests in the ring, according to a set of exercises and figures to execute according to a defined path. There are 4 degrees which correspond to the athlete’s ability : grade 1 – exercises performed by step and / or trot ; grade 2 – the most difficult run trot exercises ; grade 3 – exercises performed by step, trot and canter and grade 4 – with a high degree of difficulty and greater demand.

The support for disabled athletes is still very scarce. Existing entities do not have sufficient means to respond to all requests, and the lack of sponsorship means that this campaign makes perfect sense.

Thus, I intend to get financial means to ensure my presence in the next few races. I also want to promote Paradressage and show everyone that nothing can dissuade us from our dreams.


My name is Rita Lagartinho de Oliveira, I’m 20 years old and have cerebral palsy. I am a Paradressage athlete. My interest in horses and horse riding started to grow when I begun practicing hippotherapy by medical advice.

In 2010 I joined João Cardiga Equestrian Center and discovered the “other world” of riding. A fabulous team showed me that physical limitations are not an obstacle for the equestrian competition. I am a sports lover and, therefore, the possibility of developing a therapeutic activity in a sporting and competitive activity left me quite excited.

Thus, even while doing therapeutic riding, I started to participate in some event. I felt the adrenaline of the competition and realized that it is possible to overcome obstacles. In 2014, I was asked to integrate the paradressage team of João Cardiga Equestrian Center. Important measures have been taken for this “adventure”, namely the adaptation of a cell and the enrollment in CDN and Poule trials. The Center has provided me access to a mare and I^started training four days a week.

I know that without work nothing is achieved, which is why I endeavor every day to reach my personal, academic and sporting goals. My dedication has allowed me to be twice runner-up and makes me believe in the possibility of being able to represent Portugal in the paralympic games.



The amount presented doesn’t match the total amount spent in a Paradressage season, however it will be key to my presence in the next races.
The deadline for achieving this objective will be a month.

Budget for 8 possible national events:
– Registration and boxes in evidence 880 euros
– Horse Carriage for national events 160 euros
– Accommodation and food in national territory 400 euros
– Displacement (fuel and tolls , estimated ) 310 euros
– Commissions ( 5 % + VAT ) about 107 euros

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