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Jun 10, 2016 7:17 PM ET

Archived: All In Studios (Pty) Ltd – The Credits Prototype development: Our mission is to create social and digital platforms for creatives to collaborate in the creative and cultural industry

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2016

The Credits Prototype development



The Credits is designed to provide creatives with an information network which will enable them to create and collaborate across the creative and cultural industry.



About This Project



All In Studios (Pty) Ltd is a pre revenue concept development studio.

Our mission is to create social and digital platforms for creatives to collaborate in the creative and cultural industry.


The Credits is a digital platform aimed to facilitate collaborations amongst creatives.

We believe that by providing an information system to the creative and cultural industry, historical barriers will fall as creatives discover new partners to create and innovate with. 

Strategic Objective:

To provide access to the full range of products, services and experiences offered by the arts, culture and entertainment sector in order to grow the demand and supply of goods and services.  

At All In Studios we can only attest to that which we know and being part of a generation of internet children we can only act to solve the problems which exist in our environment.

The creative and cultural industry is a youth driven industry and this market will only continue to grow as globalised children become courageous creatives and entrepreneurs.

It is our desire to help stimulate this climate as the industry transitions from being an emergent to a world leader.

This is the ultimate goal for our efforts in this industry; a generation’s pursuit of African excellence.

Our first milestone of R18 000 will enable us to develop a fully functioning prototype of the website from where we will derive multiple iterations of the platform. 

Our dream goal of R25 000 will allow us to execute focus group testing specific to our initial niche target market.

This will then enable us to move to another funding round to develop an app for the website and get ready for market entry.

Aid us in this pursuit by pledging a donation to the continued development of The Credits Prototype.

The Credits

Curating Collaborations


The Team

The team at All In Studios believe in Nakama. Directly translated from Japanese meaning friendship but interpretation allows a deeper meaning: We need each other to achieve our dreams.

African proverb:
To go fast go alone, to go far go together.

Contact Information:

Curating Collaborations

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